Once a criminal always a criminal. And you as his personal reference might be one of the most comical things you've actually been apart.

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Guess that’s the difference between living through it and looking at looking at it retrospectively.

He is and always will be the douche that destroyed well over a decade of hockey in LA.
Bruce spent 5 years in a Federal prison - PRISON - for his crimes - and it wasn't a "country club" like many are lead to believe - read his book (i did) - he did his time - he paid his debt to society - you've never made a mistake and been forgiven for it? (like cheating on your wife, for example) - If it wasn't for Bruce McNall, there would be absolutely no hockey in California. The Ducks wouldn't exist (hate 'em all you want, McNall is the reason they're here, period) San Jose wouldn't exist, Phoenix wouldn't exist.

"Boots" destroyed Nashville, Len Barrie set back Tampa Bay and the list goes on and on.

I've known Bruce for a while now and he recently did something for me that went beyond the call of duty and shocked the hell out of me. He's been a great part of my life. If what transpired with the Kings didn't happen, Staples wouldn't have been built and Downtown L.A. wouldn't be what it is today, a BOOMING community. His "screw up" is the direct result of this great adventure by Uncle Phil.

Cut the guy some slack.