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    Default Getting to the Game: Tips and Tricks for Taking Transit

    With the home opener a week away, I thought I'd start up a thread for those who are interested in the transit options available for getting to the game. Veteran transit riders can share their sage advice, and transit newbies can get help figuring out the best route to take and find out about all the good reasons to take transit to the game: don't have to pay for gas or parking, no DUIs, avoid traffic or let someone else navigate it.

    Plus, those of us on the Westside get to look forward to the eminent opening of Phase 1 of the Expo Line, which will travel from Culver City to L.A. Live in about 20 minutes. And Phase 2 just got under way and will extend the line to Santa Monica by 2015.

    Here are a couple quick resources:

    • First, here's your frequent service bus map showing all the routes that run at least every 15 minutes. Also, check out this interactive Metro Rail map for info on park-and-rides.
    • Metro has a trip planner here, but Google Transit is honestly the easiest. Quick note: If you're taking a city bus run by an agency that isn't Metro, make sure they share their schedules with Google. Most do, but occassionally I'll find one that doesn't.
    • Another great new feature is NexTrip, which will tell you when the next bus is arriving at the stop of your choice using the bus' GPS.
    • Once you get into the rhythm, consider following the Metro Twitter feed @MetroLosAngeles and checking out the agency's blog at for news and service alerts.

    Anyways, if you've got questions or an itch to try transit, fire away and I'll try to help talk you through it. It's not scary or complicated -- after all, 2 million transit trips are made in L.A. County every day -- but it's nice to have a helping hand.
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