So it's been a week now. Time to rest, reflect, and re-collect. The giddiness has (mostly) worn off. Now we get used to saying "TWO-time Stanley cup champion Los Angeles Kings!" Wooo. Give that a taste.

I feel confident now in saying that the first one was "better". 2012 just erased so many years of heartache and misery, all in one fell swoop. I've only been a Kings fan since 1993, so there are those who suffered far longer than I did! McSorley's stick, OD's penalty, Blake's beating us in '01, 14 consecutive playoff losses staggered over fifteen or so years... all washed clean. When the Kings got thumped in the WCF finals last year, it sucked, but ya know, not too bad. You can't win every year, you know?

This one... well, to be honest, I keep looking over my shoulder, thinking someone is going to take it away just for being greedy. TWO cups? You want TWO cups? Not really fair is it? Think of all the poor Canucks fans. I mean, laugh at them too, but think about how much it sucks. One of my buddies is a Canucks fan. He texted me Friday: "I hope you die." (No, don't worry, he's okay, we're okay.) To win two cups in three years is just selfish. It's exhilarating, but I alllllllmost feel bad for everybody else. It doesn't really get better than the first one, though, you know? Can you die happy twice?

I think last time for me was all about the outpouring of emotion, the tears and the relief, that never again would I be cheering for a team that eternally failed. This time... I'm just kinda mellow. Oh yeah, you know, two cups now. Sweet. Even if the team goes into a tailspin of suckitude for twenty years... you know, that time, two cups. You know. Wow. That was sweet. If anything, I was forced to learn that it really ain't over 'til it's over. Down 0-3 in the 1st round? Gonna win the cup. Yep. That's my attitude now. "What? Down 12-1 in the third period? Yep, we'll win. Sweet."

Funny thing is - my kids are 5 and 6, so championships and cup parades are all they know. They think this **** happens every year. "Can't wait to go to the parade again next year, Daddy!" I give my head a shake and try to explain to them how totally alien this is. Can you imagine? They're growing up in a generation of Kings fans who only know the team as excellent and a model for the rest of the league to follow. They're going to be like Yankees fans. They feel entitled to a championship run. If that doesn't blow your mind, nothing else will.

So dudes and dudettes, I'm just chilling out. Two cups, you know. All summer to pontificate on that point.

Friggin' sweet.