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Curious if anyone on here was a Kings fan when the team started in the 67 expansion? I don't mean alive in diapers - I mean old enough to remember the franchise starting up. It's hard to find the older fans these days but I think it's fun when we do - lots to learn and I love the history / memories of the old timers.
You make an interesting observation. I myself only have a few hazy memories of Kings games on TV when I was a kid back in the '70's. My dad occasionally watched but being from Chicago originally he was a Blackhawks fan so watching the Kings on TV didn't happen very often. I didn't really discover hockey until about 1980 or so. The Kings would play Edmonton and Bob Miller would talk about some phenom named "Wayne Gretzky." I didn't start to regularly go to Kings games for several more years.

Kinda interested in how and when other Kings fans got their start...