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Thread: what they're saying: bruins edition

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    Talking what they're saying: bruins edition


    -Looking for some redemption tomorrow night. Hopefully Looch is back in business, we could really use him barrelling down the ice. Tuukka's due for a bounce back game, his slumps don't usually last long. Hopefully Claude has been drilling the PK hard into them. We had the right idea against Anaheim before the game fell apart. LA is a big tough team so the B's will be engaged physically and they often play better that way. It'll be a tough one no doubt but the B's are capable of getting a win out of it if they're smart and focused.

    -not feeling good about this one.
    could see quick shutting us out.
    think our only chance at a win this week will be sat against the decimated sharks team.

    -This a big boy game, hopefully our boys bring their big boy pants.

    -I'm scared

    -Bruins need this one, I have a feeling Iggy will light it up tonight.
    4-2 Bruins
    -You may just be right. 60pts in 62 career games vs LA (according to Yahoo sports).

    -LA scares me more than any other team.

    -Quick has looked really good in his two starts since coming Back. Jeff Carter looks like he is about to go on one of his scoring streaks.
    But I think the Bs 5 on 5 at the Honda Center the other night was good without Lucic. Bruins will take this one 4-2 if they stay out of the penalty box.

    urious to see how the ice is tonight at Staples center.
    I was reading a thread on LA's board about how bad their ice is and the puck bounces a ton. Must be difficult keeping the ice decent with both the Lakers and Clippers playing there as well.

    -LA and Boston are 1 and 2 in the league in terms of being stingy in giving up goals. Hopefully our D turns things around tonight and starts adapting better to life without Seids. Should be a great game.

    -Bruins need to win this game or else i will throw something out my window. I will even vieo tape me doing it and post in on youtube for everyone to see.


    -Boston fan living in Portland... Can we just hate California? Because I sure as Hell do.
    -I don't mind California. It's Californians that piss me off.
    -I came here to make the same point, f*** the west coast and their smug hoity-toity existence. Now lets play some old time hockey and kick some west coast ass before we all get sued!

    -I just realized this is the Cartman arena.
    -Honestly, it sounds like Roseanne is saying "Let's Go Kings" in one of her many whiny voices.
    -Aw f***. I don't hate the Kings, but I f***ing HATE Cartman yelling "Go Kings go"
    -Literally worse than the holocaust

    -This 10:30 start time is utter crap.. 10:00 is bad enough, are they trying to make it impossible for us to watch the whole game?! Ugh. 4 am comes real quick days!!
    -They do it for the people in LA who bought tickets and are going to the game, traffic is a nightmare there so they always play at 7:30. It's rough on people living in the east who aren't nighthawks like myself.

    -I am so pumped for this game.

    -Late game tonight, but I wouldn't miss it for the world. Lets go B's!!!

    -I'm a big Quick fan, went to school with him, but sorry man I hope we put some pucks past you

    -Reporting from my first Bruins game at last! Woo!
    -Awesome! Give Dustin Brown an evil glare for me.
    -You got it. I'm definitely more frightening than Chara.

    -Checking in from the Staples Center, I hate $12.25 beers too.
    -That has to be the highest in the league.
    -Jesus. That's ridiculous.

    -Stupid late night games. Can't believe we haven't played a game since we faced Winnepeg. Dethrone the kings!
    -Um. We played Anaheim the other night?
    -Shh. That game never happened to me.

    i liked the sutter celebration because it featured the sutter fist pump. and the sutter fist pump is awesome. someone post the gif in this thread, please!:

    -Coach highlights on a jumbotron are boring...

    -FFS let's get this show on the road. You don't get a home ice advantage from stalling until all the B's fans pass out back home


    -Why are they giving out boots?


    -Talk about quiet, that place sounds dead.
    -The few kings games I've seen the crowd is always kinda quiet. Buncha squares.
    -Too much plastic surgery? :DDD. I like LA. I wish their fans were more in it...seeing as their team won a cup recently.

    -Is it a NESN stream? All I can find are Kings broadcasts.
    -Kings guys are ok....listen to them often

    first period:

    -The amount of shots that have redirected off of a stick is too damn high.

    -I can't watch. This is scary.

    -Not looking good so far-can't get in the zone the Mings D is stopping hem in the neutral zone very time.

    -Krejci turning into a one man hockey team.

    -Krejci taking a scenic tour of Los Angeles.

    -It's amazing how evenly matched these two teams look.
    -Just wait. It's going to start getting nasty shortly.

    -I wasn't planning on staying up but I took a 3hr nap to make this possible. I hope it's worth it.

    -I think the best way to play a team that plays a heavy/check game is to come out hitting and banging first. Establish a good for check and bang the body.

    paille penalty:

    -Shouldn't you have to trip to warrant a tripping call?

    -There calling that a penalty? Are you ****ing kidding me?

    -Here we go with the ******** penalties for the 44th game in a row

    -Are you ****ing kidding me. Looks like another **** night of reffing. He was just skating. Where the **** is he supposed to put his leg?

    -Hopefully we survive.

    -Stellar reffing continues in Cali.

    -Could it be that we just survived a PK?

    OMG A GOAL!!!:

    -oh for ****s sake
    ****ing boychuck

    -here we go again

    -Terrible turnover by Boychuk

    -F&^%^$%$% unreal

    -Complete and utter failure.

    -That is some shoddy defense.

    -God f***ing dammit.

    -DAMNIT. This better not be a sign of things to come or else I'm getting s*** faced.

    -This ice is so s***

    -Two games in a row with goals off turnovers in our own zone

    -I wouldn't doubt if we lose all 3 games this trip..

    -Tuukka has to make that save, I'm sorry. Bad angle. Looked like it went under his arm?

    -I lived in Whittier California for 7 years.. I miss it.. Loved it out there.
    -Beautiful area, I lived in Westminster from age 0-13 ('73-'86). I wonder every single day why I left.

    -No need for the negativity folks it's only one goal.

    -So far this west coast trip has been no fun. And games starting at 1030 is a joke...

    -Okay Johnny Rocket, you owe us a goal now for that blunder.

    -We were the better team for a couple minutes, then we get a **** penalty that we kill off. Can't make mistakes like that in those situations against teams like this.

    -As Jack just said that is the 20th time we allow the opposing team to score first.. 15 of those times we came back to win.

    -This ice is garbage!

    drew doughty sure loves taking penalties:

    -Now that was a trip.

    -Doughty just nailed Marchand from behind. No call.
    -If Marchy were a player without a reputation they would have called that.

    -You can't let a goal scorer like Carter walk in like that with the puck. Bad defensive coverage all around.

    -Dumping the puck in on the PP is the worst play in hockey.
    It's pathetic.

    -3 on 1 in favor of the Bruins along the boards and LA wins the puck.
    Such a joke. Pick it the **** up.
    -You are too angry. Have a frappe.

    -This is one exciting power play.

    -Stop dumping the ****ing puck in.
    Jesus christ.

    -Chara, get your big ass in front of quick.

    -Zero. F***ing. Shots. That's bad and we should feel bad.

    -No shots on goal while on a powerplay? Really?

    -How the s*** did we manage to get 0 SOG on a PP

    -I don't know if it's the uniforms, but LA looks alot bigger than us.
    - Black makes you look smaller/thinner tho.
    -I miss the old royal purple and gold kings unis

    -Is Boychuk drunk wtf

    -(he really was a machine tonight): Stoll 7-1 on faceoffs, geesh.

    -This PP is really sucking. Otherwise, I like what they havw done this period......turnover not withstanding.

    -Awful period so far.

    -to brighten everyone's spirits, here's Zdeno Churro imgur: the simple image sharer

    -friggin terrible. stupid iginla's butter stick
    -Is that a Canadian candy?

    -If Iginla took an actual **** at the red line he would look worse, but that's the only way.

    -There getting some nice shots on our goal.. There skating is deadly.

    -Iginla must have been drinking last night

    -Iginla's 3rd straight pass right to the Kings.

    -good shift. hopefully they can finish strong and get some momentum heading into the intermission

    hamilton for tripping:

    -******** call.

    -I dont see anything heavy about our game.

    -WTF how about calling the damn possession

    -OMG, the friggin reffing sucks so bad

    -Dougie's gotta not do that-our PK combined with the last minute of the period worries me.

    -There is no way that this team can advance to the Cup finals with this group of D..

    -really going to need a better period #2 if they are going take any points from this game

    -Man we look horrible. What's going on?

    -Playing a faster team
    ****** ice being handled poorly by B's, fairly well by Kings
    Playing a top-3 defense means they cant get set up in the offensive zone
    how's that?

    -Well the good news is Tuukka looks good out there.
    The bad news is shots are 13-5 Kings.
    Needs improvement.

    -man, Stoll 9-1 on faceoffs, Soupy 0-5. Need to do better.

    -Tuukka looks pretty good tonight. Gotta get a goal while it's still 1-0, we can't afford to put ourselves in a hole now...

    -Bad period, but were only down 1 people. Better than absolutely dominating and being tied lol. I like it when they keep it close but play awful, this team generally plays a real solid 20 minutes per game. So we still have that to look forward to.

    -Doing some Jell-O shots in hopes that it brings the bruins luck this second period. (Also in hopes that it makes me sleepy when the game is over)

    -Alright guys, second period. Let's see some magic. Please, boys!

    it's too soon for rally caps. i'm f***ing exhausted. i should just go to bed.

    second period, starting with dougie yes-that's-his-name hamilton's brilliant penalty:

    -Hamilton's going right back in the box......

    -Hamilton back in the box. Dumb penalty Hamilton

    -God damnit Beaker what the f***. GET OUT OF THE BOX BEFORE YOU PLAY HOCKEY.


    -lol Dougie

    -That was ridiculous.

    -That is stupid.
    Stupid stupid stupid. Not often you say that about Dougie.

    -Ok, who called for more ice time for Dougie?


    -I am done.

    -This is going to be a long night.

    -Shoulda went to bed.

    -This roadtrip is looking like a disaster.

    Oh good lord. That SUCKS.

    -PK continues to suck the balls of a donkey. Too ****ing easy, this is ****.

    -The fat lady is starting to hum.

    -The west is laughing at us
    -Were also 8-3-2 against th West with wins over the Ducks and Sharks doubt there laughing at us

    -Chara standing there like the 8.5 million dollar pylon.

    -Lots to dislike there.

    -What was Chara doing on that one?

    -Awfull goal to give. I wonder who Rask will blame for that one...

    -When did Rask start too suck this hard? Pathetic...

    -Tuukka looks like he has no ****ing idea what is going on.

    -Yeah. It would be nice if Tuukka made a big save sometime.

    -bad goal all around, chara got burned, rask has to have it though. Problem is the Bruins have no backup goalie to give Rask a legit break to regroup. not know how to process this many kings goals:

    -**** this. I am out.

    -Time for a goalie change.

    -Go to hell.

    -Rask looks fed up with this team right now and playing that way

    -This is comical.

    Rask is effing ELITE lately.

    -Should've pulled Rask after the 2nd goal.

    -FINALLY Claude pulls Tuukka. I don't know what the hell has been up with his game lately...

    -This is embarrassing.

    -here comes carl. that makes me feel better

    -OK CARL johnson! you can save this! you can do it ocho jojo.

    -Well, at least now I can go to bed early and not feel like I'm missing something.

    -Dear lord. We are disgustingly bad right now.

    -I feel like Chad Johnson is the special kid they put in the game just to be nice.

    -Goddammit I feel like I watched this game Tuesday night.

    -I blame CJ for this crap. why was Rask starting this game to begin with?

    -what was that about tuukka looking good?

    -This is ridiculous. Embarrassing..

    -I can't believe that just happened.

    -jesus.... see what happens when we lose seidenberg?

    -Desperately seeking Seidenberg.

    -This is depressing

    -Click on Listen to 98.5 Live.
    3 Goals on 18 shots on Tuukka Rask. Rask pulled for Johnson.
    Close link, weep silently and go to bed.

    -Wow. We f***ing suck.

    -F*** California. Goodnight all.

    -Woke up, checked the score, WTF is happening?!?

    -I'm not one to usually get frustrated and "give up," but this is too much. I can't retain my sanity while watching this game, so im calling it a night. See ya'll on saturday.

    -They are overworking rask imo. This is the problem a team has when they do not have a reliable backup.

    -Screw this and Tuukka ******** 7 million dollars...

    -Olympics my butt.

    -This one is over. They're not getting 4 past quick.
    - I don't think so.. Not with our offense and the system we play.
    -Unless he reverts to early-season Quick.

    -Florek is gonna score.

    -Playing Rask's song "I don't care" "I love it"

    -Bruins don't have the talent level to beat the top Western teams. We have good youth, but too much of it.

    -How can you blame them for starting Rask for a lot more games when Seidenberg is out? Do you really want Johnson playing games with the way our D is now? Honestly people.

    -The kings are just controlling this game. We are not coming back unfortunately.

    -What a bummer so far.

    -This game has made me so sad I can barely drink.

    -Looch is, at best, sleepwalking thru this game. At best.

    -Worst part about it is that we are so ****ing soft.
    Even Lucic....

    -Idk about all of you people but I don't think I've even seen a scoring CHANCE for the Bruins yet..

    -This team is over rated without top notch goaltending they go no where ...

    -Anything can happen in 33 mins, games not over yet.

    -Claude refuses to use his timeouts....
    -don't they let you utilize unused regular season TO's in the playoffs?

    -We look so soft compared to the Kings.. I can't believe what I am seeing.They are winning all the battles along the boards and everywhere else on the ice for that matter.

    -its pretty pathetic that this team comes out sloppy & uninterested once again.
    I don't accept this effort.

    -Dougie "Yes That's His First Name - Dougie" Hamilton

    -It's amazing watching the Kings make nothing but tape-to-tape passes while the Bruins are putting EVERY pass behind the intended target.

    -I'm about to reach through the TV and cave the guy's face in who's been slamming on the glass the entire night.
    As if this game isn't already frustrating enough.

    their fraser gets one:


    -YES FRASER! Now we just need to have any zone time. Ever.

    -Great finish by fraser



    -There we go.
    Great play by Dougie.

    -Wow beauty pass by Sods. Nice play by Hamilton as well, as well as the finish by Fraser.

    -There you go !!!
    Don't quit on the B's yet folks !!

    -Damnit. I was about to go to bed again.

    -1 goal at a time boys

    -Plot twist

    -I think that was the first time this game the Kings didn't get to walk through the neutral zone untouched and it resulted in a goal to no surprise.

    -Were getting another goal I can feel it..

    -Honestly, I don't care if they start Johnson against the Sharks. Give Rask a damn break already. He needs to mentally clear his head now. Johnson has been pretty solid so far.

    -I can't believe LA hasn't taken a penalty. There's been a lot of iffy plays.
    -They had one in the first. Trip on Doughty.

    -LA just the much better team tonight...much in a slump

    -Too me that's a coaching issue.. It took 3 goals to wake this team up.. I hate that now there competing.. How about competing from the moment the puck drops at the start of the game.

    clifford/mcquaid fight:

    -Darth Quaider!

    -God that fight ruled.

    -Nice to see Quaider stand up for Krejci.
    -Don't believe it. A bunch of people 20 minutes ago told me this team is soft.
    They aren't liars, right?

    -Wow!!! That fight was epic!!

    -Both of them missed on a couple of those punches

    -Clifford had some goofy exaggerated moves, lol. **** off refs

    whoa, simma down there marchand:

    -Marchand penalties happen so much, I think I'll incorporate them into my drinking game.

    -Marchand is a effin clown!!! I am tired of that crap

    -Another stupid penalty by Marchand. The guy is useless on the ice this season.

    -Clode is PISSED

    -And the refs clearly have only swallowed the whistles when the Kings commit penalties.

    -He might get a call from the league over that. I hope he does.

    -Time to start running Kings players. We're not getting a fair shake and we're not gonna win.
    Time to sack up and crush ppl.

    -Wow, that was a stupid ****ing move. I bet he's frustrated with all the non-calls on the Kings, but you can't do that.

    -He's like a child.

    -I'm sorry but Bartowski's stick was held RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REF no call. Then an interference not called. Marchand gets pissed and they called that. NHL reps are friggin biased against certain teams.

    -Marchand needs to calm down. What are you trying to do there? Take a seat.

    -Marchand is beyond frustrated....non call against Williams when Marchand hauled he was being held call...
    Sorry...but he is getting ****ed over by refs...this game and last game too...

    -Must Darryl Sutter constantly look like someone near him stinks? Bet it's Dustin Brown.

    -Drew Doughty tried to kill Soderberg.
    -I missed the hit-was it hard and clean? Hopefully it doesn't injure him-I am about to see my Spooner and the Swedes line and don't want Doughty to ruin it.
    Maybe LA would give us Doughty for Caron and a first-he could fill Seids' shoes and then some.

    -(really though, i'd love that job): How do I get a job as a penalty box dude?
    -Be an old guy with an awesome mustache.
    -Go to and search 'penalty box dude'. Submit resume. Profit???!?

    -(sadly, yeah it is): Kings intermission crew not talking about the game??? Just talking about twitter and ****..... Really??? Always like this???

    -I really, really hope we get both Loui and Thorty back Saturday...SOMETHING to put fire and motivation into this team. This is just so frustrating to watch.

    -Im surprised LA is looking to lay people out. Just letting the Bruins cruise through this is probably the better plan. When Iggy is irritated, you know the other guys are pushing the envelope.

    -Was a slow start, I liked how they played from the mid-point on. I think they'll make this a game here.

    -We'll take it to OT.

    -That hit on Krejci was borderline, IMO. It was late and high.
    If it was a Bruin hitting a King, it's likely a penalty.
    -no it was not... it was a clean, good and hard hit!
    I would like to see some bruins forwards make some of those hits (lucic normaly does but isnīt 100%)
    hits like that can help to get the team going..

    -At least we're not as bad as the Leafs

    -Don't see how Rask could have had 2 of those. 1 of them nobody could save, total screen. 27-12 shots is pretty bad. Carter has 9, that's his career high, and he's got a period left.

    third period:

    -King playing for the kings. Lol.

    -Looch's face looks a bit green. I hope he is feeling OK.

    -David K with a nice hit on King. King is a big guy

    -Huge save by Quick.

    -Nice save on the Yeti.

    -Wow what a save by Quick. An early goal would have been huge.
    -That's the type of save we didn't get by Rask on tat road trip.
    -And last game it was Hiller .... who do we make look good next ... Niemi ?

    praise for bob & jim:

    -Ah. Thanks. I've got the Kings feed tonight.

    -I hear they have good announcers. True?

    -Yeah, pretty good. I haven't cringed once.

    -Better than I thought they would have. One of the better I've heard

    -Yeah they're pretty good alright. But I can only say for tonight's game

    -They are one of the best....

    voynov for hooking:

    -They need a power play goal here. No doubt about that.

    -penalty on LA? They can make those calls now?

    -Here's our chance

    -And the refs actually send a King to the box.
    Now the Bruins have to do something here.

    -PP looked good and actually made the PK work hard for that one.

    -I just enjoy watching David Krejci play hockey. It is a pleasurable thing.

    -YIKES...Dougie got smoked

    soderberg for interference:

    -That.........that is a horrible call.

    -How the **** did he get a penalty

    -(yup, that must be it): now I know why the west has been dominating the east. they get every ticky tack call

    -Really? I mean ****ing really?

    -Man, that is a weak call.

    -WTF???? The reffing in this league is laughably bad.

    -The Bruins need to get out of California, and fast.

    -It always seems like it such a struggle for this team to score.

    -PK looks good on the plus side

    -wow! whole half sections full of B's fans

    -hope Johnson saw the correct way to go post to post

    -B's doing a lot of fanning tonight.
    -No excuse but the ice looks like complete ****.

    -What is wrong with the Spooner line? Falling all over the ice.
    -Kings are playing them much more physical than the other teams they've faced. They try to use their speed to get away and have to blast through the coverage and down they go



    -At least Detoilet is getting their teeth kicked in tonight.........that always makes me smile.


    -Game set match.

    Jesus christ.

    -Horrid absolutely horrid defense. Show some ****ing awareness.

    -We'll that pretty much shoved the dagger in.
    Dougie is being eaten alive his game. His youth is showing.

    4-1. you gotta be f***ing kidding me

    -Glad I stayed up when I have to wake up in 5 hours for work.

    boychuk for hooking:

    -Sarcastic Claude is my favorite Claude.

    -Julien is just laughing at this point. I would be too.

    -Lmao... okay, refs. Okay. We get it.

    -Another weak call.

    -And another penalty against Boston.
    Refs sure blow.
    6 PP opportunities for Kings.
    2 for the Bruins.

    -This is a f***ing poorly officiated game. Yes, we made stupid mistakes. But we've been penalized three times as much for the same exact stuff the Kings have been pulling.

    -Pretty impossible to win with a 6-2 disparity in PP.

    -Stop smiling Claude and friggin scream at the refs. Get kicked out..Show disgust..
    And that is what a good goalie does for you..

    quick stops marchand:

    -To add insult to injury we get a penalty after giving up one and get robbed on the shorthanded chance by quick

    -Marchy was robbed!

    -March skated himself out of that one.

    -One team got the saves when they needed it, and one didn't.
    Sometimes it is an easy game to explain.

    -Urgh, **** Quick.

    -Not like we deserved to win or anything, but this is the worst reffing display I've seen in a while.

    -Quick did everything Rask didn't tonight. Big momentum saves.

    -Kings sure get away with a lot of interference. Bruins...not so much.

    -I'd hate to see what this place would be like if the Bruins were a legitimately bad team

    they like mike richards in boston:


    -Ok maybe we can get one here 4-2 is less shameful

    -Down 4-1...
    But it's never too late to punch Mike Richards really hard in the face,.

    -Jump Richards for 4 years ago

    -Richards is such a turd.

    -Nice slash by Richards.
    No surprise. One of the dirtiest players in the game. He is just smarter about it.

    -Quick has definitely been good tonight.
    The lack of scoring isn't entirely due to poor forward play-quick has stopped some really solid shots.
    This PP is not off to a good start.

    florek's first nhl goal:

    -Well this will at least be slightly more interesting for 2 minutes.

    -There ya go, kid.

    -Florek with his first NHL goal.
    Nice job by him.

    -I swear, with better ice, we'd have 2-3 more goals. Pucks bounce over Bruins' sticks with gaping nets over and over.

    -Might as well have been on a basketball court tonight, worst ice I've ever seen.

    -You know what, this has not been a good road trip thus far.

    -Gotta put on your big boy pants against teams like LA and Ana. Boston will be MUCH more competitive once they get everyone back and Rask comes out of his slump, which he will. It will also help if we can get someone to semi-replace Seids. Defense just isn't cutting it as is.

    -After the Sharks game, win or lose, the Bruins better run like hell out of California..the west certainly isn't very kind to them.

    -Goes to show a mediocre offense like ours doesn't bode well against a good defense like LA.
    -Mediocre is really the nicest way to put it. Our offense is pure garbage.

    -If we don't beat San Jose I'll cry. See you guys Saturday but I'm working the bar, won't fully be here :(

    -I'm going to go cry myself to sleep in the most manly way possible.

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    2. Game Thread: Bruins vs Kings Jan 9th : BostonBruins

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    an early treat! thanks rcc! this will be good

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    I was hoping for some commentary on the song...

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    I had a family of Boston fans sitting in front of me: Dad, Mom, and his two daughters (middle school?) all wearing Bruins jerseys. After the Kings went up 3-0, a fan was still standing take a picture of something while play resumed so kind of in the way of their sightline. The father, apparently frustrated at the game and upset he couldn't see, threw a piece of trash at the guy in an effort to get him to sit down (at this point I begin laughing along with a few other fans). The guy turns around, somewhat in shock that someone threw something at him, looks around to see who it was but is unable to detect who. Apparently he didn't believe a father would throw something at him while sitting in between his two daughters and wife. The man who was struck then sits down, and the father goes into a classic rant about how terrible Los Angeles fans are and this would never happen in Boston, no respect for the game, blah blah blah. While many of us continued to laugh, he finally finishes the rant. About 10 seconds of silence goes by and his daughter then turns to him and says.....

    Daddy, he's a Boston fan.

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    Their whining is on Vancouver's level.

    Plus, when they do the stupid "Tuuuuuk" chant when Rask makes a save. Copy Canucks fans much?
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    While it seems like most of you are allergic to the "like" button, I just want to personally say thanks for looking anyway.

    Rink Dawg

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    Admittedly, I've never really had the opportunity to play ice hockey, so pardon the question. How do people know how bad the ice is through their television sets? Is there something visible about the ice that proves this? I always thought it was just whining by fans, but maybe there's something to it?
    mugs likes this.

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    Cartman is LITERALLY worse than the Holocaust?

    First off, I can't believe that the definition of the word LITERALLY has been officially changed to mean anything BUT literally... And how stupid do you have to be to make a comment like that?

    Thanks for the great morning read!!

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    Yea, and the Kings skated on great ice. I laugh every time I hear this. Do they understand both teams have the same issues. The puck does bounce a lot because the ice is soft at Staples. Watch a game say in Edmonton and notice the puck won't bounce, or roll on end so much.

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    Sounds like Vancouver fans are relocating to New England.

    Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah!

    Some nice comments about Bob and Jim, though.

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    Wicked awesome WTS! Thanks rcc.

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