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Thread: what they're saying: i-love-when-the-canucks-lose edition

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    Wink what they're saying: i-love-when-the-canucks-lose edition

    keep it up, scrivens!


    -I'm gonna say 3-1 Kings (empty netter) just because I'm going to the game so it'll be a boring one.

    -Drew Doughty is weiner. You know the smug fat kid from childhood that would rat you out all the time and sell you out for a quarter? The kind of kid you wanted to punch in the face but knew you couldn't because his parents would try to sue you? That's Doughty. A true rat.
    I don't think we match up well to the Kings and their checkers. Too many big bodies that wear us down and a new wave of skill in their line-up.
    They'll likely beat us pretty handily. I'll say 3-0 Kings.

    -Here is a bit from doughboy in today's Province on the Sedins
    If that isn’t enough to contend with, the always-quotable Drew Doughty re-affirmed his disdain for the Canucks by lauding the Sedins and then questioning their play without the puck.
    “When they’re not creating offence, they’re kind of slack on the defensive end,” the Kings defenceman told L.A. Kings Insider.
    hate to say it, but there is some truth in that

    -im glad to hear this, maybe they'll find out about the quote and come out and score 3 goals in the 1st
    -I reeeeeeeeeally thought we were done with this myth.
    -What's with Doughty's obsession with the Canucks? It's almost Captain Serious level.

    -I hate the Kingth

    -Just win, that's all I'm asking

    -3-1 Kings
    This team is stale and I'm starting to wonder if we really are just a .500 hockey club. Lots of hockey still yet to be played this season but our record against playoff teams is garbage. That is concerning.
    -Ugh. Stale is exactly the right word. Was hoping Torts was the cattleprod these guys needed, but I'm starting to think a change of scenery might be the only thing to wake up some of them.

    -Lol Doughty. Dude is obsessed with the Canucks. Especially funny because he plays worse against us than maybe any team in the league.
    -He reaches Crosby-esque levels of "off his game".
    -Most penalty minutes against us, worst plus minus, only one goal in 20 reg season games... it`s not pretty.

    -(ding ding ding!): I have a feeling if we get that elusive second goal that we'll walk out with at least a point tonight. LA can't score right now either so the chances of a 0-0 game are probably higher than a 2-1 game for either team.

    -Looks like Jeff Carter will be back vs Canucks tonight

    #Canucks Henrik didn't really take the bait when asked about Doughty's comments. Said he'd heard about them and was a little surprised
    -Henrik should challenge Doughty to a fight and (hopefully) drop him with one punch. It would be the last time he hears crap from other players through the media if he did that.
    -It's long been a dream of mine for one of the Sedins to surprise the world with hitherto unexpected fighting skills. It'll never happen, but's a dream.
    -Could you imagine if one of them cross checked somebodies teeth out 10 years ago, how much different their rep would be around the league.
    They'd be gods.

    -Wow the Kings avg offence is worse than us this season. (avg 2.50, ours is 2.56)
    That is hard to believe...yet their doing so much better in the standings.
    And get this: In the 9 games LA played where they scored 0 to 1 goals they've gotten 2 points in 4 of them and 1 point in 2 of them...thats like 10 extra points. If they went at our pace in those games, they should be 2-3 points below us in the standings.
    This pretty much proves that our goaltending is a problem.

    -Well they're not known to score a lot of goals. They play some suffocating hockey.

    -I forgot that Quick was injured. A glimmer of hope!
    -Not really. Scrivens has apparently been possessed by the ghost of Terry Sawchuk.
    -Seems not if Scrivens plays as he is putting up league leading numbers.
    1.37 GAA - #1
    .946 Sv % - #2 by .001
    3 Shutouts - #1

    -Well, we can only hope that the clock strikes midnight for this Cinderella story ...

    -I remember back when we were winning ugly and people were complaining about the "way" we were winning.
    Good times.

    -Chances the kings have atleast one dirty play against the sedins ?
    I'm going 85%

    -Dustin Brown will dive atleast once this game.

    -I'm just hoping that we break Scrivens' unsustainable good play. It's our only chance at winning. It would be nice if teams pulled a Bobrovsky against us more often.

    -Just need Lu to outduel Ben Whoever and the game is ours.

    don't even talk to us about embarrassing intro songs. like, just don't. like, shut up and appreciate what you have.

    -I can't be the only one who thinks the new intro song is really cringe worthy?

    -It's a little embarrassing to be honest.

    -horrendous. i hate having we are all canucks shoved down my throat every single game. the voice is so painful.

    first period:

    -I would like to see Kassian drop the gloves with Brown and watch him beat Brown into next week.
    Of course I am not advocating violence.

    -Did Shorthouse just tell Garrett to do Kegels?
    -I hate shorthouse... never even played in the NHL, let alone hockey at all hardly, and yet has the gall to talk down to Garrett, a former NHLer

    -Stanton has probably saved 2 goals already

    -well i can see kassian getting benched again tonight if he keeps this up

    -I wonder what our record is against goalies making their first career start Vs us

    -Another boring game
    -Less than six minutes in. How can you make that determination already?

    -Excellent 4v4. Sedins can dominate.

    -Whatever flaws that Booth has, at least he goes to the front of the net... I wish some of his teammates would be more consistent in doing the same thing.

    -My god, I'm falling asleep.

    -KB is struggling right now.
    -Maybe he should have two hands on his stick when he's handling the puck in his own zone with an opponent nearby. I mean, I never played in the NHL, but..

    -The team still struggles with high pressure teams, they want an extra moment to do something with the puck, but teams like the kings wont allow that.
    You have to think quick and move the puck up quickly. Burrows just got his pocket picked, assumed he had way more time and space to skate.

    -Canucks look absolutely terrible right now. You'd think a team that has lost 6 of their last 7 games and 5 points out of a playoff spot would come out with a bit more urgency.

    -The team looks sluggish/lazy and slow. They need to pick it up and that's were the skilled youth plays a role. Thats why we are losing we need to trade for youth.

    -GDT is dead no one around
    -Just like the team ok.

    -Keep passing into the opposition's legs.

    clifford scores:

    -Niceeee goal!!

    -wow no tripping call and we get scored on ****

    -Bad pinch by Stanton there. Leads to a goal by the Kings fourth line.

    -Oy Vey.

    - Another odd man rush; Luongo gets undressed.
    Where have I seen this?

    -can Luongo not ****ing fall down for 1 goal ..

    -Refs have to call that. Ridiculous inconsistently.

    -Sitting row 13 section 108, blown call on the tripping. And Lu with no chance on that goal. Poorly played by Garrison.

    -Garrison fails to take the passing lane away on that.

    -("HIS GROIN SURE IS TOAST." like... i'm just picturing toast between luongo's legs and it's an image i want to erase, but i can't): every goal that goes in on luongo is due to his poor ability to move laterally, his groin sure is toast. its amazing hes as good as he is with no kick off strength due to groin or whatever

    -Another odd man rush.
    I can't even remember the last time we had one ourselves.

    -terribly played by the lu & the canucks, AND the zebras
    this will be a long night

    -This years team gives up the first goal 90% of the time. Its an ugly stat

    -Ugh can we get an actual GM that will do things instead of Gillis always acquiring bottom six players and giving away 2nd rounders. Technically we have lost 8 straight and got lucky in a Columbus game.

    -1 ref 0 canucks

    justin williams goes off for tripping:

    -Oh joy, a PP
    Lets see how we **** this up

    -Sedins not starting the pp! Drama??

    Did anyone go in the slot, or even shot it on net?

    -****** PP and LA easily gets a great chance by just keeping it simple and finding the open man. **** Sedins. Stop being fancy fancy and just get things clicking

    -The kings give you no space, no time, as soon as you get the puck in the slot you have to shoot it. Dont know why were holding onto it trying to deke at times. The team knows who they are playing.

    -Sad period.
    Entire team needs to be better. As usual.

    -Kings don't even have to try. We're so easy to defend.

    -Would we LOL if Scrivens gets a 35 save shutout tonight?
    -Scrivins is tearing it up in front of the kings defensive system, he has had shutouts already this year against other teams. Would not be a shock.
    -Yep. He's this year's Brian Elliott.

    -This team looks like a seller at the deadline to me.
    -ntc. :/
    -Except everyone worth selling has an NTC or sucks or both.

    -Canucks get muscled off the puck pretty easily..

    -It's like watching the Canucks when they first acquired Lui, except they should have more offense. Ugly and boring.

    -if fans are this incensed at this point of the season, I don't want to be here when April comes around.

    -If we're not going to score goals.. can we at least keep them from going in against us? Seems like we can't do either.

    -Just think last year we played like crap and it didnt matter, we had the oilers, flames, and worst team in the league the avs to beat up on, minny was the only decent team we worried about and they were the 8th seed in playoffs barely making it.
    As expected things are getting much more difficult.

    second period, starting with muzzin high-sticking daniel sedin:

    -Daniel lost a tooth

    -I could honestly put up with this for the rest of this year and next. Get 2 top 5 picks and really build a goid young team
    Chicago was horrible before drafting kane/toews
    Pitsburgh was bad before drafting Sid/Geno

    -broken tooth for danny. **** that sucks

    -Yep, the Sedins are soft, aren't they, Pauser? Daniel just got a tooth chopped out of his mouth and didn't ****ing go down.

    -Danny just pulls the tooth and shows it.
    What a softy.
    Also, amazing call ref. No blood eh?

    -Wow. 2 minutes.

    -Do you really want to watch 4 minutes of our PP.???
    I dont.

    -Daniel is telling the tooth, so that should be a double minor

    -Dan Sedin's tooth diving.
    Hey, **** off ref! lose a tooth 2 mins? blood scratch=4 mins. joke.

    -We'll finally be able to tell them apart!

    -Holy **** Edler learn how to slap

    -that seems to always happen with edler

    -Edler breaks his stick #1 0000

    -no wonder ticket prices are so high. Elder breaks 10 sticks every game

    -"Canucks PowerPlay brought to you by Subway."
    I'm never going to Subway again.

    then sedin for interference:

    -Ah yes, the nightly call a penalty on Sedin in the offensive zone. Not that I disagree, of course.

    -This ref noted Sedin hater

    -are you serious?????

    -Not quite sure how that was called.

    then mitchell for roughing:

    -Thank god Mitchell put himself above the team there.

    -gg Willie, just gotta put your hometown team back on the PP

    -Seriously, a 4 on 3 should be a gimme for most teams. Come on. Just score.

    -Willie - "I taught you everything you know and that's how you treat me"
    Edler - "We need you down to three to score dude, sorry..."

    -This is where the Canucks get burned lame plays like that. Too much passing and not enough shooting. Glad the fans are booing and saying shoot.

    -The refs have been lots of bad thus far.

    -They're waiting for the extra man to come out, and it's stupid. Just get some SHOTS

    then garrison's BRILLIANT interference:

    -THAT is a ******** ****ing call

    -For **** sakes

    -LOL why would he do that??

    -garrison you dumbass

    -Garrison and Mitchell having a dumb-off.

    -Torts has killed some players confidence in the past and it sure looks like Torts has destroyed Garrison's confidence as he no longer even wants to shoot the damn puck.

    -Garrison refuses to shoot and then takes an extremely dumb penalty.

    -we should have kept Salo and Ehroff if all they wanna do is shoot from the perimeter.
    Edler is complete trash.

    -This is a mental game, and I think it's pretty clear that the Canucks are not all there. They are spooked, unconfident, and don't believe they can get it done.
    This may be worse than I thought.

    -They do know that to score you need to shoot the puck... right?

    nolan lays into henrik sedin:

    -Ugh, Hank is hurt.

    -Someone stick up for sedin ffs

    -Hank looked to take a head shot there, need a replay though.

    -There goes the ironman streak

    -Unacceptable officiating. Really just sours the rest of the game for me.. Bleh

    -Remember when LA was total inferior to Vancouver? What a role reversal now. They toy with Vancouver.

    -Nope, that hit was fine, no head contact. Hank probably just winded.

    -So someone goes for your star captain and no one goes after him? Nice.

    -Who is going after Nolan?

    -I don't see what's wrong with that hit. Did he even touch his head?

    -LA always targets the Sedins, this is the type of game that you put Kassian with the Sedins and tell Kass to watch their back.

    -the league needs to review that?
    are you kidding me garrett?

    -what the hell is garrett talking about? that was a clean hit

    -No suspension, no penalty deserved. Nothing wrong with the hit.

    -This game might get ugly if the Canucks man up and get mad about the Kings taking runs at the Sedins.
    That's a big IF.

    williams throws some soft punches, goes off for roughing:

    -LOL Williams mad. Williams try to smash.

    -Wow that was absurd.

    -wow edler, you're just gonna take it like that?

    -stand up for yourself Edler, like getting the powerplay really matters at this point

    -That last 20 seconds of carnage was the most entertaining the game has been so far.

    -Williams the big tough guy

    -What a poorly made team we've ended up being.
    Not enough skill to score. Not enough toughness to physically beat teams. Mediocre everywhere. Just sad.

    -Also thought the Nolan hit was clean, thats one where the players police themselves, NOBODY runs our captain… at least thats how it should be.
    My ideal response, hammer Kopitar.

    -I dont like nolan but i would love him on my 4th line, him and reaves, two guys who hit everything and work their ass off.

    -Good Williams and Brown getting pushed around.

    -The Canucks have to start putting away some of the PP chances to force the other teams to back off.
    -That's what I thought. The PP is absolutely horrid and LA knows it so they will take any liberty they want. Punch a guy? Run a guy? High stick? Who cares Canucks won't score on the PP and they wont retaliate. Zzzzzzzz

    -Our inability to score is absolutely baffling.

    -You know we're ****ed when Daniel is missing gentle passes.

    -oh look more perimeter play

    -Its unbelievable how many hacks whacks and runs the Sedins take and the other teams get away with. Its like open season out there on laying lumber.

    -And why the **** does Edler try and pass it through 3 LA bodies on the PP when he has room to skate down into the zone?

    -Kings with a nice PK. Pressure on the points is extreme.

    -Cmon do something to Brown!!!

    -WTF is Brown trying to do there?

    -we always make backup goalie look like all star........come on he not that good
    -Actually, Scrivens has been solid for the Kings lately. But us not scoring is inexcusable at this point.
    -He has a GAA well under 2 and a SPCT over .940.
    Whether it's him or the Kings' defense, your comment is inapplicable tonight.

    -looks like LA is defending this 1-0 lead

    -Lol Dave Booth shoots with his sleeve touching the boards. Not a great angle really

    -Why no emotion? Kesler laying there and taking it like his first week in prison. Who cares if you're penalized? Get riled up and do something. We got fight for goals and wins.

    -the softness of this team is frustrating....its difficult to play tough and stand up to other teams with our key offseason signings being Richardson and Santerelli...
    way to make the team tougher gillis

    -Sutter has really helped Robin Regher resurrect his career. He's playing great in LA. Tough. Mean. Hits like a truck.

    all hell breaks loose at 14:32. torts almost explodes:

    -Oh look, some emotion!!!!!

    -There's the response right there.

    -At the very least, we are showing we won't take any ****.

    -holy **** if he went after doughty that would have made my night

    -****ing ******* linesman locks up kassian so their goon can go nuts on stanton. Pathetic.

    -Lol Nolan tuned up stanton pretty good.

    -Stanton getting the **** pounded out of him by a fifth liner like Nolan is the response? ugh.
    -That 5th liner scores on us every game

    -god damn't refs I wanted to see Kassian vs Doughty.

    -And Stanton of all people takes on Nolan

    -well if you can beat them .. kick their ass

    -There's the response on Henrik's hit. Happy now?

    -kassian has those crazy eyes in the penalty box.

    -Love how the refs will stop a fight between Kass and Carcillo but won't give Danny the 4 minutes.

    -This is pathetic officiating. Kassian didnt do **** all.

    -This is a chicken **** move by the refs here.

    -kassian get a misconduct lmao he didnt even fight

    -Kassian is ****ing pissed. And rightly so.
    -he did kinda start it all.

    -Doughty looked really brave in that scrum, I only noticed him trying to hide behind the ref while Tostitos was chasing him.
    Nolan is obviously a brave guy fighting Stanton (half his size)
    LA Kings: definitely a brave team
    -Nolan is 6'3 while Stanton is 6'1, if you are going to complain about that have your facts straight. In scrums guys will just pull out whoever is closer.

    -That wasn't a response. Nolan hammered on a non-fighter.
    -BS , we got a line brawl going
    -And how exactly did Nolan pay the price for taking a run at our captain and one of the most skilled players in the world?

    -Someone find a clip of that.
    That ***** Doughty was throwing punches at Sestito then ducked like a ***** when he came after him

    -What?! How are we on the PK

    -Same old nhl reffing...bush league.

    torts freaking out at the ref a bit
    assistant pops in for half a second just to add in his own yelling

    -We try to act tough. We get beat up.
    Sestito should have fought Doughty whether he wanted to or not.
    We are seriously useless and mediocre at every aspect of hockey.

    tanev scores:

    -wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oo

    -**** YES!!!!! Man did that hit ever wake this team up!

    -Oh my ****ing god, a goal?!?!?!

    -Suck it Queens!

    -We scored!!!!!!!!!


    -Physical play leads to a goal-take note Gillis

    -Tanev learned how to shoot!

    -I love Willie so I wish they'd hit Regehr more hahaha

    -**** you Los Angeles

    -That goal was all Weise.
    He hits Mitchell hard. Mitchell starts angrily chasing after Weise and boom.

    -That is the most surprised I've been by a goal in a long time. I actually started rolling my eyes when I saw Tanev winding up to shoot it. Went it went in I yelled "Holy ****!"

    -now canucks go back to a different style iwth the lead instead of what was working. hah i just know it

    -Loved how the canucks are targeting that ape Mitchell

    as if this period didn't contain enough penalties, richards goes off for roughing:

    -Dumbass richards. We're prbably not gonna score anyways though.

    -Hahaha the guy who ate the Green Men is having a chat with Richards

    -LOL the fat guy is beaking Richards.

    -Ugh. Winning this game just prolongs any real change.

    -I have to say, this second period overall has been pretty fun to watch.

    -Is it just me or do these teams not like each other...

    -Mike Richards. What a ****ing clown. Has his stick stuck up Kesler's crotch for an entire shift.

    -I hate period-divided power plays. Final 15 seconds just get cancelled out.

    -I don't see why Burrows got the penalty as well. Regehr was the one who hit him.

    -Game favors LA. Good teams can win scoring few goals. Van doesn't have adequate goaltending anymore, they were a team that could lock down and win close games.

    -Canucks outshot the Kings 13-2 in that period.
    The Canucks would already be home and hosed if they could get the PP working.

    -Probably the first time the teams playing with some emotions in 2 years. Good to see

    -Painful, but exciting to watch - basically describes my feelings on this team right now. Painful that we're still tied with LA, should be winning by a couple if our PP wasn't so terrible.

    -He's right that this game does favor LA though, especially since you're going to see LA get at least twice as many PP's in the third. We've had 6 of them to LA's 3. Refs are gonna want to even it out.

    -Somebody needs to be a hero and win this game for us.

    -Win or lose I don't care. Canucks better continue to hit everything that moves in the third and continue to stand up for themselves. Wayyyyyy too often have the Sedins been pushed around in the past with no response. It's good to see them protect their stars, especially since Keith got off scott free. The powerplay sucks so they might as well strike back.

    third period:

    -I would love to hear the chirps between the penalty boxes.

    -You've gotta wonder what Sestito and Carcillo are talking about hahah

    doughty. interference.

    -Oh man, enough PPs.

    -Yeah Doughty to the box!

    -Please, please, for the love of God, SCORE!!!

    -At least we cannot blame refs (for once on here) if we lose
    -I have never read one post from you where you do not blame the Canucks for being a horrid team for any issue they are having.
    -My point exactly. I blame where the blame is due. There is no referee conspiracy, when we lose its because we didnt score as many goals as the other team. Simple

    -This is just too painful to watch.

    -We need a 5 on 2 pp

    Like, it's unbelievable.

    mitchell for holding:

    -Awesome, another PP
    time to not score again

    -Mitchell is having a terrible game actually.

    -Oh, Willie. Still slow as ****.

    -Damn Mitchell is ugly

    -holy **** the canucks are getting the game handed to them on silver platter.
    score a PPG!

    -holy crap, someone (mitchell) holds a sedin and a penalty is called! is this bizarro world?!

    -Well, no one can blame crappy reffing tonight.

    -This is blowing my mind. I was positive the Kings were going to get a bunch of "even out' calls. How can we be THIS BAD on the PP? 8 powerplays, man. WE HAVE TO GET ONE HERE

    -puck go home

    sedin scores and celebrates like he just won a playoff series in OT:

    -wow finally!!

    -Ooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmffffffffffgggggggggggggg g

    -We did it! We scored a pp goal!

    -Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! Here we go, boys!

    -Plan the parade!!!!

    -sick celebration by henrik. he really hates the kings.

    -Wow, Sedins really wanted that one, celebrating like it's the playoffs.

    -You know we can't score for s**t when there is a CONFERENCE FINALS ESQUE goal celebration feeling in a regular game.
    -So true... I'm laughing so hard right now.

    -some king just threw a huge hit. who was it?

    -2 goals, canucks are done for the night now, hope kings dont score another

    -Please dont loose this game, but it feels bit to much like the san jose game, refs will even up calls, and i hope it does not end in heartbreak.

    -Cue a quick Lu meltdown now.

    -Love the emotion from Henrik after the goal. Showing some great character after the Nolan hit, keep it going boys!!

    -Really need Luongo to shut the door now, he hasn't been getting tons of work. Hopefully he's still sharp

    -does nolan sticking his leg?/knee out on hank get a review? saw a replay of mike gillis going down the stairs and getting mad?

    -that celebration was soo like 2010 when hank scored the gwg in l.a game 6.

    -kings will goon it up, canucks will retaliate and get a penalty. book it.

    -great hit by kass

    that EPIC kassian/carcillo fight:

    -Yeah, I'll say it. Not a good time to fight.

    -Ugh, **** you Kassian.

    -that was… id rather watch the WWF.

    -LoL all that for that.

    -I knew Carcillo was going to go for the take down.

    -that is what kassian needs to do when they play these type of teams

    -Now, I know I wouldn't really want to fight Carcillo in real life but man that was pretty weak to miss with the first punch and bail out.

    -nice dive by stoll. haha

    -stoll milking the hit like he's gotten coaching from brown

    -stoll is such a faker. but then i thought he was faking when Torres got him to and he wasn't so you never know with him.

    -You know LA is getting a PP soon.

    -I'll just say it right now: This is exactly the situation where Luongo has to just shut the door. No excuses.

    -This is eerily reminiscent of Game 5 vs. LA

    -kinda sucks to trade off kass for carcillo
    -(for real though): If they mated they would have the ugliest kid in the world

    -Kings always manage to tie it seems. Regardless this game turned out to be a hell of a lot more fun that I anticipated it to be.

    -Lu has to be cold as an ice cube, and still comes up with that sweet save. Kings have like, 4 shots in the last two periods

    -Luongo really served up juicy rebound - good reaction to save the follow-up shot.

    -One of the more entertaining games of the year.

    -Power move from booth

    -holy **** so close

    -Booth creating problems for the Kings. We need that power move.

    -Booth has been a beauty tonight.

    mike richards to the rescue, with a little help from carter and king:

    -good ol canucks


    -And THAT is what a lack of finish gets you.

    -God damn it


    -mike richards scoresss

    -Seen this heartbreaker developing.


    -I saw this coming and Torts isn't very happy either.

    -OH FOR **** SAKES
    **** YOU

    -I'm going to go smash some old Christmas decorations if we lose.

    -Edler went for the big hit, cost him dearly.

    -Every ****ing time.

    -Both our dmen in the corner

    -Why did Edler go for the hit there? Ugh.

    -Who the **** lost their man on that?

    -**** off Edler. **** off.

    -canucks will be playing super safe now and lose cuz of it

    -Typical, can't bury it all ****ing game and then leave Richards wide open.
    Anyone who blames Luongo for that should just give up watching hockey.

    -Luongo is the worst goalie in hockey in the last 5 minutes of any game. Terrible. ****ing horrid.

    -Scrivens had just made a series of saves on tough shots a few seconds before.
    -And he's Ben ****ing Scrivens. A guy who if not for Quick's injury, probably would have played 10-15 games this year. That guy is owning us.

    -Just gift wrapped the kings a point

    -And we give LA a valuable point to keep their lead on us. Joy...
    Let's see if we give them two!

    -(so do the kings, though): This team loves handing out free points like candy.

    -This team isn't making the playoffs. Giving up way too many points to other teams in the division.



    -Great, OT. I'm so excited.

    -Of course we give a point to a pacific conference team

    -does Edler have any fans left in Vancouver? Why did Gillis gave him that horrible contract and that NTC???

    -So sad to see how far this team has fallen...

    beeeeeautiful effort from voynov, kopi cashes in:



    -Yup that's awesome

    -Winners win.
    Losers lose.

    -wow 40-21 shoots Vancouver has upper hand advantage.
    If the Canucks can just get a guy like Vanek, this would easily be a top 5 team.

    -Of course. **** this ****ing team.

    -so long playoffs

    -Ahhhhh….. WHYYYYYYYY.

    -LOL, is anyone surprised?

    -#%$#@#@%R*@! So disappointing.....AGAIN.

    -hey look who was out there again, Edler!

    -We were 3 minutes away from a victory and this **** happens.
    What a ****ing farce this is

    -Team is full of chronic chokers

    -We had 9 powerplays and lost the game.
    Hahahaha. Ouch

    -If there is something the Nucks are good at it is losing in spectacular fashion.

    -If you had told me during the Stanley cup final run VS Boston that Vancouver would win ONE SINGLE PLAYOFF GAME in the next 3 years, I would have laughed a *giant* laugh right in your face.

    -It's not Scrivens, the Kings just limit opportunities. I've always said Quick is overrated.

    -Team just seems crushed and quits whenever they give up a late tying goal. This has been going on for awhile now.

    -They didn't give it up.
    LA is just much better.

    1. GDT: Game #2 6: Vancouver Canucks vs. Los Angeles Kings - Monday, Nov.25th 7:00PM - SNET-P - HFBoards
    2. Post Game Talk: Game #2 6: Canucks lose 3-2 to the Kings in overtime - HFBoards
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    So much win...
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    Interesting to see the change in tone now that the Canucks aren't considered cup contenders.
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    Thanks RCC !

    My most hated team ahhhh refreshing .

    **** the Canucks !!

    Beautiful read ...... LETS GO KINGS !
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcc View Post
    -so long playoffs
    These types are always my favorite, among every fan base in every sport. Regular Season Game No. 26 of 82, the definitive nail in the coffin on making the playoffs. So dramatic. Haha.

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    Ahhh nothing beats this early morning delight.
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    Thanks Rose.

    And when will this damn team of ours win in regulation?

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    Default what they're saying: i-love-when-the-canucks-lose edition

    "If you had told me during the Stanley cup final run VS Boston that Vancouver would win ONE SINGLE PLAYOFF GAME in the next 3 years, I would have laughed a *giant* laugh right in your face."

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    "Any player in a Kings uniform, including Martin Jones, could have potted that one."

    That one made me crack up.

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