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Thread: what they're saying: kryptonite kings edition

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    Cool what they're saying: kryptonite kings edition

    52 hits.

    oh how the blues must hate the los angeles kings. me gusta.


    -Jaden Schwartz plays
    -Jaden Schwartz shoots
    -Jaden Schwartz scores?

    -Carlo Colaiacovo observes, thus hurting himself.
    -Eye strain? Pops a pupil?
    In all seriousness I see this as a big game for us for 2 reasons
    1. Its the Kings, who have owned us the last two seasons/playoffs. They play our game and play it well. I know they don't have Quick but Scrivens has been unbelievable for them.
    2. Can we bounce back from a disappointing game. Last time the Sharks crushed us we came back and beat the Hawks two days later. The fact that we have not yet lost two straight in regulation is huge IMO, that ability to bounce back is huge come playoff time.

    -I'm not going to lie, I have next to no confidence about tonight's game. May be because of the past 2 years, may be because of our last game, or it may be that I'm just having a really crappy day, but I see a 4-1 loss tonight.
    -I see the opposite Falco. I have a feeling we put a beatdown on LA tonight. I think it's bizzaro world this year where we get dominated by San Jose,but dominate the Kings. They better actually show up for the first this time and not get cocky if they get a lead. Also, I'm calling Steen with a hatty, because why not?

    -Colaiacovo in for Cole
    Change my prediction from 4-1 to 5-1
    -Smart move. Put our most fragile defenseman out against one of the most physical teams in the league. I don't see how this could backfire at all.

    -Kings are always a tough match for us. Hopefully our boys are energized after that hammering by the Sharks on Friday. I say Schwartz with 1 goal and 1 assist tonight, he's been on fire lately and he's really feeling it. Hitch better give him some PP time tonight.

    -Well both teams are coming off bad defeats, The Blues playing a bad first against a top team and LA losing to the lowly Flames at home.
    Should be interesting...

    -Trickasenko incoming

    -Let's go, Blues! Crush the lineage-based-oppressors-of-the-people-notable-for-inbreeding.

    -(sharks fan): I can't believe that I'm doing this, but I gotta root for the Kings tonight.
    So, erm, go Kings go!

    -Come on St Louis. A win tonight would be greatly appreciated by most BC hockey fans.

    -After some deliberation, I have changed my prediction again. It will still be 5-1, but we will have a major injury coming out as well.
    Man I cannot remember the last time I had such little confidence. Feels bad.

    -I see this as a statement game from the Blues. They have started to fall back a bit from Chicago and are playing against a team who has embarrassed them twice in 2 straight playoffs. I expect a big game from St. Louis.

    -Feeling good about this game for some reason, time to stake all the vcash. Starts 11:30 pm local time the week before finals time for some multitasking

    -Uh, Blues only visit to Staples Center during the "regular" season. Uh uh yeah like I'll believe a Blues win in LA when I see it. Until that happens, the Kings will need some more Blues TP for their bunghole.

    -Let's Go Blues! Get big win number 19 tonight baby!! If the boys play like we know they can, we'll win this game!

    -All-in, 3,091 fake monies on the Blues to win! Went all in on Boston, Dallas, Minnesota, Colorado and now L.A.
    All-in mojo, for a hard fought Blues victory very late tonight!

    -Game starts too late for me on the east coast. Wife and I will wait til tomorrow to watch. Gonna be really hard to hold myself back from checking the boards and twitter all day tomorrow, especially since that drubbing in San Jose.
    I think we prove to the rest of the NHL tonight: not only are we resilient and can bounce back from a bad loss to win a big game, but that we are past the boon that is the Kings.
    Put 2000 vCash on the Blues...

    -Saw today that the Blues haven't won in LA in their previous 8 games there. Hopefully they can break that trend tonight. Go Blues
    -They hadn't won in Denver in 8 games either, this is a different Blues team.

    -We might win. We might lose. Just don't get Muzzined.

    -How frustrating is it that Colaiacovo is playing in Cole's place? I thought we were done with this garbage, but once again, it shows that Hitch will play a veteran over a young-un every time.

    -Hi guys. I'm a Coyotes/Habs fan and I hate the Kings. Mind if I post here and root against the Kings tonight?
    -All Kings haters are loved here.

    first period, starting with kopitar's penalty for holding:

    -Take advantage of the early PP.

    -PP already lol

    -Steen draws a penalty right away! Let's score early!

    -Kings blocking a ton of shots. Dang...

    -What was Stewart doing on that 3 on 2?
    -He tried to guide it in with his purse
    -He's just doing what he usually does, being disappointing.

    -Kings suck.Also, someone needs to be on their ass for getting that close to Halak.

    -Damn is it just me or does this seem much more fast paced then we have seen so far this year?
    -I think this one ranks with the Chicago games.

    -Well, 6:10 in. We're getting out played pretty badly so far. LA's hitting hard, and they're disrupting everything we do.
    We hold the puck way too long against a team like LA. Get it off the stick as soon as you can. A good example is Stewart on that 3 on 2, but it's happening all over.
    Get it and get rid of it. Otherwise, your eventual pass is covered or you potential shot is blocked.

    -We're really getting pushed around... :O

    -The Blues need to kill of this early penalty. Not good to allow the home team to score first.

    -Damn we look shaky to start the game, our defense is all over the place. And whatever Stewie was trying to do on that 3-on-2 was just stupid, shoot the damn puck.

    -Fred Murtz if you're here, could you please get a GIF or video of Colaiacovo in his 'Sad Box'? It was a shot of him in the penalty box for his penalty around 13:22 left in the 1st.
    It was, like all Colaiacovo things, adorably sad.

    stoll goal:

    -Saw that coming

    -Well, we left Brown alone to screen Halak all day.
    Barrett Jackman, what is it you say you do here, exactly?

    -Atta way to clear the crease, Jackman.

    -Tarasenko had his stick held and couldn't get back to cover.

    -That's very smart, let Brown stand in front of the net, without being touched.

    -Dustin Brown was just standing right in front of Halak, screening him, unmolested, as Jackman stood by doing nothing. And, so, a goal is scored against The Blues.

    -Blues-Kings is the most lopsided matchup I can think of in recent memory. We have no answer to their game. None. If we lose, we can't blame it on Quick standing on his head, like we usually do. LA just shuts us down.
    -LA is our kryptonite. I don't see that changing anytime soon.

    -Wow. Too many people on this team just refuse to shoot.
    It's incredible.

    T-hey just have no composure with the puck in this building.

    -Our D looks lost.

    sweet baby jesus, is that a second goal? IS THAT A TWO GOAL LEAD?!:

    -Someone on the Blues said that we do very well against teams that are predictable. Guess that explains why they own us so bad.
    Hooray, another Kings goal. Time to turn this game off; it's already out of reach.

    -Typical Blues/Kings game...


    -Our nemesis.

    -Welp. This isn't looking good.

    -Our D-men just standing around.

    -Too bad Halak has the weakest glove in the NHL.

    -First Stewie chooses not to shoot, now Berglund, and then the Kings score. Typical game against the Kings.

    -Yep,turning this off.

    -Again, Toffoli standing infront not being touched.

    kopi for tripping. i hope taking penalties isn't his new thing:

    -Powerplay for us. 10 bucks says the Kings score a shorty.

    -Backes loves being tripped

    -Has anyone told the Blues to shoot?
    -Nah. Apparently we'd rather make blind passes to areas of the ice that are obviously covered.

    -****in joke.

    -Their PK is aggressive, holy hell!

    -Should be an interference on Steen, but it's obviously going to be offsetting minors.

    -Shattenkirk needs to figure it out. Steen needs to be locked up. Dude is a workhorse.

    -Watching these games, I don't understand how LA can lose against anyone, ever.
    -I know right, I just had that same thought. But apparently they just lost to Calgary before this game...How the hell does that happen
    -The only thing I can think of is that LA easily beats well-coached teams, but teams that play fast and loose give them trouble. Clearly, Sutter isn't surprised by anything Hitch can cook up and they pick apart our system with ease. And since 'playing the system' is all we can do, we get spanked.

    -Nice pass Backes. This team kills me. You'd think that after two playoff series they'd know that everything soft will be picked off.

    -At least it isn't 4-0

    -Geeze, LA is just better in every single way. They are just bigger, stronger, tougher on the puck, more aggressive, not nearly as sloppy, and always in the right position. It's depressing to watch these games.
    Gotta love Berglund holding onto the puck with 4 seconds left in the period, Jesus Christ dude.

    -This is ridiculous. We are supposed to have this great D and get run over 2 straight games..this one against a team that struggles to score. Wtf.

    -This looks like a completely different team, getting pushed around, not creating any scoring chances. I mean you'd think they'd know what they're in for when they play LA by now, how can they still not be ready for what they'll be up against, when they play LA.


    -That period made me physically ill.

    -I look forward to drawing the wildcard matchup against LA this year.

    -Did Stewart just say basically everything was fine? Lol

    -One bad road period. Deep breaths people, let's see how this team responds.
    -More like the 50th bad period against LA. I hate overreacting to one game but every single time we play, LA exposes what is wrong with our team. It's extremely frustrating how they just easily toy with us.

    -(re: "LA is just better in every single way"): And yet, they lose several more games to teams The Blues beat easily. Can it be said that The Kings take it easy and "cruise" in the regular season, to save energy, and turn it on in the playoffs, knowing they are built for the playoffs?
    -I think it's more indicative that the Kings play down to lesser teams.

    -Keep your heads up guys. We go back to playing the East on Thursday.

    -Well hopefully, they come out and get themselves back into this game. Man these California teams just make us look average, to bad, to scared it seems.

    second period, starting with backes for tripping:

    -Another important penalty to kill off. Let's do it!

    -just started watching the game. how has it been so far? i listened to the end of the first on the radio and it sounded like richards jumped steen?? what do you guys think, just saw backes facewash a guy after tripping him. has it been pretty nasty??
    -You know pretty much every Kings/Blues game in recent memory?
    Yeah, it's been kind of like that.

    top titty does it again:

    -Cola ****ed that up horribly.

    -Good night.

    -Kings are playing like this game counts. We are not. There is the difference.

    -Jesus ****ing christ.


    -What the **** happened to this team?

    -As usual no answer when we face LA.

    -This team is a joke right now.

    -Always liked Toffoli in his draft year. Put up points at every level. Not the biggest guy. Hopefully Rattie can follow in his footsteps.

    -What the hell happened to our once-upon-a-time impenetrable defense?

    -And The Blues kill of the penalty in great style, but can't skate the puck out of their zone or clear it, and give the puck up and The Kings score again. I'm totally disgusted by The Blues' play so far, as I was in their terrible start vs. San Jose.

    -At least the ridiculous myth that we'd have beaten LA last year with Halak is taking a beating tonight. Sure, sure.
    -but...but...we`d beat them with Miller, right?!?
    -We couldn't beat them with a literal brick wall covering the net.

    -Love watching our defense just stand there.

    -Yeah Halak is the answer to LA!
    Tyler Toffoli is a player. Every time I watch him, he is always in the tough scoring areas.

    -Kings announcer just said that Backes has a "bit of a reputation for going down easy at times." I'm guess he's projecting from Brown?

    -I hate being one of those fans, but SHOOOOOOOOOOT

    -I love Hitch as much as anyone but at what point does the finger get pointed at the coaching staff's direction for their inability to design a game plan to combat LA's absolutely overwhelming forecheck that results in 70% of LA's goals against us.
    -I do not disagree with this because I was thinking the same thing somewhere around goal #2 . At what point do we recognize that Sutter absolutely owns Hitch?

    -This hockey is flat out unwatchable. No organization whatsoever.

    -This is disgusting.

    -Remember how blasé Stewart was in the intermission?

    -The Blues basically run their team by capitalizing off their opponents' mistakes. My problem is, what if they play against teams that are playing mistake-free hockey? What if the other team is winning and playing conservative on the rush?
    The Blues lack this vital ability to actually create offensive chances. They can cause their opponents to make mistakes with a good forecheck, but they can't create chances from scratch. The Blues basically cover this by putting the puck on net and crashing the crease but that's a pretty limited playbook and bound to be covered by even a decent physical defense.
    I kind of enjoy these losses because it at least starts to define what the Blues are actually capable of, what flaws the organization has, and what they will do when faced with adversity. They'll either mentally prepare for these sort of situations in the future or Armstrong will get closer to pulling the trigger on some trades.

    -LA has 3 game breakers in Richards, Carter, and Kopitar. We have.... Steen who's been cooling off, and yeah that's about it.

    -I know,lets just dump it! Not down 3 or God. Is it too much to ask to see any heart,creativity, or crispness ffs.

    -Was it just me, or was that an obvious trip to Steen there at the blueline?

    -You don't win these games by making trades. You win them by getting a new coach that implements a system that Sutter doesn't counter easier than scissors counters paper. Unfortunately, that means that we probably start to lose a lot of the games that *aren't* against LA.
    LA is just a hard counter to us. It's the price we pay for being a hard counter to a lot of other teams. There's no way around it as long as these teams have these coaches.

    -get yah hat-trix here!! c'mon get ya hat trix. come one come all st louis blues hockey is giving away free hat trix!! form a line single file!

    -We don't hit anyone.

    don't call them "the queens":

    -Blues have been outworked. LA thinks its playing game 7 of a final.
    Man, they work hard. Kudos to them on their effort. The Blues have to match their work ethic or they wont ever win a game against these fools.
    Until the Blues can match the effort level of the queens, they wont get around them or win a Cup.

    -The Kings are spanking us, both today and in recent history. You don't get to call them "the Queens".

    -Yeah no ****, if they're "The Queens" then what does make us

    -I do, and I did. Guardian of the internet, I witnessed a Blues team outwork and outplay this team in 6 straight games last season and they lost because they didnt get a bounce here or there.
    I can call them Queens all that I want. Im not on their board. Maybe you shouldnt be so sensitive.

    -It's not being sensitive. It's embarassing when a team's fans are cocky, even as their team is being annihlated.

    -Not to mention, it's embarrassing getting our ***** kicked by Queens. I hate to think what that makes us. They're they better team, they deserved to be called The Kings tonight.

    -We're obviously losing because Davis Payne is an assistant coach for LA.

    -I wish I was there to boo their ***** off the ice.

    -Lol at the McFlurry Minute.

    -The problem with this game is the Blues got embarrassed last game, and are supposedly off to this amazing start because they're so motivated by the loss against LA last year. The motivation coming into this game could not have been higher. So this game could not be more disappointing. They were good enough to win last year but couldn't finish. Now they look worse.

    third period:

    -Why is Steen playing center now?

    -Morrow with the first real hit I've seen.

    -it'd be nice to see an offensive zone faceoff win

    -When I watch the Blues at their best,they are nasty,borderline dirty. This crap these past 2 games doesn't cut it. You can't use finesse,biggest problem I've seen.

    -Berglund sucks at being the center outlet in the zone. He never has his stick on the ice, and passes just go right by him.
    Remember the first game we played against LA last year? The intensity of that game was off the charts compared to this garbage. We don't look interested in ANY type of message sending or retribution (scoreboard/play-wise) for getting punted out of the playoffs last year. Literally ZERO drive to fight through anything, get to the front of the net, ect.
    Just depressing.

    -(i've been amused by those ads as well. jack in the box ain't even trying to lie): Those Jack in the Box commercials are the most blatantly stoner-focused I've ever seen.

    -Some of you guys are way too worried about being objective for reputation's sake on this board that you wont point out the obvious or even root for your own team.
    I dont like it. Be objective, but be biased. Whats the issue? You are not forced to sit around posting about how much better LA is than STL or how Crosby is the best player in the NHL right now.
    Maybe that is the weakness of the Blues and their fans. To always give in.
    -To be honest, I think you're flat out wrong. We've been enjoying the hell out of the season to this point. We've been clobbering teams. But then we lose two games in embarassing fashion to a likely playoff opponent (San Jose) and follow up by getting embarassed by the same ******* team that has humiliated us for two seasons in a we have every right to be upset. We're not giving in, it's just that the record speaks for itself.

    -Jesus, just give Toffoli his hat trick already.

    -This game is a carbon copy of the playoffs the last two years. We just can't score against this team.

    shattenkirk finally gets the blues on the board:

    -Great pass by Frank.

    -Don't celebrate that. **** you Shatty. You played awful,don't celebrate anything.

    -Hey a goal.

    -Oh Bernie. Getting points lol..haha

    -Oh man it would have been a game had Backes been able to bury that.

    -Really could've used that Backes.

    -Ok now im pissed. This is 2 games where we do this. Why. Why are we waiting. Grrr.

    -I was hoping they would wait until the final 5 minutes to start playing.

    -So, did we start trying or did the kings get lazy?

    -A little late, but it's good to see some hunger.

    -Actually makes me angrier.

    -Hey, let's not try until the last 4 minutes, went that be fun?

    -Who cares. Way too late. I'm a little more pissed that they came within one goal.
    I mean, what were they waiting for.
    -Exactly, we just cruise and then we look like the dominant team we can be. Why do they do that? These past 2 games were all about drive. Period.

    -I'm glad we decided to pad our stats before losing. Get bent.

    -They better beat the islanders like they stole something Thursday after this ****.

    -At least we made the last minute somewhat interesting. On to the Islanders.

    bra-f***ing-vo. one of my favorite things i've ever read while doing these threads:

    -Queens is like saying Blosers or something childish like that.
    -And that's what your favorite team is called sometimes.
    -Well sure, but the core of the objection as i saw it was to the childish, insecurely masculine need to feminize or homosexualize an opponent.
    -Also, the idea that either of those are a negative.

    -Just think if Backes would have made the shot on the turnover...
    -Just imagine if the team would have been composed the whole game. Wooooaah.

    -God I hate the Kings...

    random post-game comments from fans of various teams via

    -Well, all this talk by the media, fans, and my own internal fantasies about a Cup year for the Blues has been great, but this game really brings it sharply into focus: no matter how great you are during the year, All Is Still To Be Revealed. I'd rather the Blues limp in as a lucky last seed and skate the Cup at Scottrade rather than finish with the greatest record in NHL history and lose to the Kings for the 3d year in a row. From what I've seen so far this year, we will have to hope other teams take out the 'Nucks and the Kings, despite all the improvements. Even Quickless they handled us pretty easily until the very end. Blaming bad bounces etc. is missing the point. GG Kings especially considering your best player is out.

    -One thing for sure , if you want to watch good solid hockey right now you beta check out waht's cooking in California, this Ducks- Kings-Sharks menage à trois is absolutely thrilling !! Obviously can't wait to see Kings @ Ducks tomorrow

    -Good win for the Kings against a very tough Blues team. This Pacific race is going to go down to the last few games, i know it!...and Toffoli is slowly gonna start being on people's radar for Calder. Kid is a stud...

    -heavy tough good game

    -Great game by two great teams. Fun to watch.

    random comments from the reddit gdt. the comments don't appear in chronological order so i'm way too lazy to try and figure out where they should go:

    -I enjoy your goal horn

    -Jesus is Toffoli like 10? That's worse baby face than Oshie.

    -Dat slow zoom on Hitchcock's face.

    -How can we break that up but we can't score a lousy goal. Hurry up and heal that groin, Quick, cause I like the new guy even less.

    -what is this? a powerplay for ants?

    -You know I think the only real reason I'm so enthusiastically watching this game is because I should be studying for a final exam tomorrow, f*** metallurgy GO HOCKEY.

    -(mine too!): Hitchcock and Peter DeBoer are some of my favorite coaches to see reactions to.

    -My life goal is to win a staring contest with Jamal Mayers

    -As much as I love to hate the Kings announcers and the Cartman Go Kings Go, I love the broadcast because the arena is mic'ed up so well.

    1. GDT: Game #2 6: 12/2/13 St. Louis Blues @ Los Angeles Kings 9:30 p.m. CST - HFBoards
    2. St. Louis Blues at Los Angeles Kings - 12/02/2013
    3. Game Thread: Blues (18-4-3) at Kings (16-7-4) - 12/02/2013 - 7:30 PT : hockey

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    Thanks Rose. Hopefully you get to do a back to back.
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    Brah-ette! Thanks!

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    I actually really like Blues fans. I think they have a lot in common with us. Under the right circumstances (i.e. not to the detriment of the Kings) I could see myself rooting for the Blues in the playoffs.

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    Woke up, and this was the first thing I wanted to see. Great work, "dude"!

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    Default what they're saying: kryptonite kings edition

    Awesome as always!!!

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    Let's go, Blues! Crush the lineage-based-oppressors-of-the-people-notable-for-inbreeding.

    I almost shot the hot chocolate outta my nose
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    I don't want to live in a world without these threads follwing a win....Thank you
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    Damn, St. Louis fans, stop talking about Brown on that first goal! Geez!!!
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    The one thing that I can honestly say is that Blues fans are some of the least hater fans in the league. They're on par with Wild fans. The're generally articulate and give credit when their team is not playing well and/or when the other team is playing well. Maybe my sample size is small since I only get to see the reactions of the fans after a Kings game and they're full-o-tantrums with other teams. Who knows...

    As always RCC, thanks for putting this together. It always brings a smile to my face.
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    Now go away.

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