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Thread: what they're saying: the neverending shooootoooooooout edition

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    Wink what they're saying: the neverending shooootoooooooout edition

    big congrats to mister martin jones for his first win. and for looking so damn cool, calm, and collected in the shootout. i normally hate shootouts but that one was a fun one to watch.


    -Kings had a game yesterday, beat Blues 3-2. Hopeflly they are tired, but i wouldn`t count on that.

    -Go Ducks!
    I'll be there. Who wants to come up to the 400's with me to throw stuff at Jim Fox

    -Hopefully the team is rested and motivated. And healthy. Ish. This one is important.
    Go Ducks!

    -I'm stoked for this game, and hoping we show up ready to compete tonight. Penner with the hatty?
    Take it to 'em boys!

    -I suspect this is a loss. I just hope we put up a fight. Get healthy, guys.

    -Hiller starting?
    -They just won't give Andersen a chance, man.

    -According to the Kings thread, they'll be giving Martin Jones his first NHL start, tonight.

    -Oh Lord, a goalie that needs his first NHL win, we tend to be very generous with handing out "firsts".*

    -Jones going for Kings. I don't know who that is. My knowledge of the Kings depth chart is purposefully lacking.

    -Ducks vs Kings at Anaheim is never a home game unfortunately.

    -i can't believe we're icing such a bad lineup again anything with beleskey on the 2nd line, and jackman in the lineup sucks

    -I went into Kings thread to see what goalie was starting and lost some brain cells, 90% of their analysis, "Ducks Suck."
    -Just pretend the Kings' board is like actual LA and never go there.
    -Jesus guys
    Some of these posts are why Kings fans tell us we have an inferiority complex lol
    -This is correct. Just let it go.
    -Not me... I just think back on how they were unwatchable for 8 years lol
    -They're still largely unwatchable. The only difference is that their own fans can tolerate it because they're winning.
    Sutter hockey just isn't all that great. Hit everything at 900 miles an hour. It's not a complicated system to beat: small gaps, short, quick passes, and courage to take the hit. Not easy, but not complicated.

    -Going to get drunk tonight which depending on the score will either be bad or REALLY bad.

    -I'm pretty sure goalies that Debut against us normally do very well.
    I think our energy will be very good tonight with a rocking house full of home and away fans.

    -I just realized if we win we are up 4 games on kings if we lose we are tied with them.... Big game.

    -I know we will have a gameday thread coming up. And I know we have survived a bunch of "tests" and we are still hanging in there.
    But this one is different. The Kings aren't that far removed from their cup win.They are pretty healthy. They are playing very well. Their replacement goalie has been very good. They are big and fast. Guys like Kopitar are second liners.*
    This is an important game TO ME. I hate the Kings more than any other sports team or figure I can think of and this includes the San Francisco Giants. When their fat, nacho-eating fans come into our arena and bigmouth it up it takes every ounce of patience and tolerance I have not to just start scissor kicking people in the scrotum. I can not stand their slovenly know-nothing fans or players on their team like the filthy Dustin Brown, who, even 20 years go would have had to change the way he played or had his ass literally beaten out of the league.
    *I hate the Kings.

    -F* the kings. I don't think I hate any hockey team as much as I do them. last night, i would rather have the Blues go up a point over the Ducks if it meant the kings lost.
    tonight is going to be a tough game. they have a full and healthy lineup, and are hard on the forecheck. I don't plan on going to tonight's game simply because i cannot stand the obnoxious kings fans that pollute the Honda Center. I'd rather make money off those monkeys (already more than doubled on my tickets) than spend time there in a game like this. only if I was assured an ass whooping of the kings would I ever watch another Ducks x kings game.

    -Gonna be a fun one to watch tonight! 2 points would be really important tonight with the yotes and kings chasing us in points right now.

    -Calling the ducks getting a quick goal and a hat trick
    -Yes, Getz will get the hat trick.
    Here's my theory on why Getzlaf is scoring more this season. The balder he gets, the more hats he needs to collect. What better way than to score a hat trick?

    -Please win ducks... Seriously.

    -I hate it when we have to play the Kings...between diving Brown, dirty Stoll, etc. & whether the refs are gonna be fair, gives me awful anxiety!
    We've got to match their speed so we need to start out fast & don't give them any room. Hope our guys are rested & ready for a heated game!

    -I would absolutely LOVE to get the two points, but an injury-free game for the Ducks is a win for me tonight. These current Kings scare me. They hit hard and play dirty.

    -I really have to make myself go to the game tonight. I really dislike the Queenie fans. They get drunk and become more out of control than usual. Oh well, I will be there to support our Ducks.

    -Looking for a big game from Penner. I'd love to just get the two points. But if we don't win, I'd be satisfied with Stoll getting demolished and Brown getting called for diving a couple times.

    -I'm hoping Boudreau let Jackman know that he's responsible for Nolan when he starts douching it up.
    -Yes, this game would be a great one for Jackman to endear himself to me. At least five guys he could drill that have it coming.

    -Don't have a good feeling about this one.
    But I never do when we play LA.

    first period:

    -Heh. Darcy Regier carrying the puck. Not Robyn Regehr.

    -Having Beleskey back is so nice

    -hiller's man berries with the save?

    -Neither team looks particularly good right now.

    -We can't carry the puck in or dump it.
    They mostly just look out of sync.

    -Kind of a cluster**** so far.

    -kings are really good at pressuring the rush / clogging up the neutral zone. getting entry will be tough all night.

    -Wow. Jones got lucky there. He went for the poke check, and Koivu just hit him.

    -Wow, not a bad first stop there Jones. Saku had that one!

    -Wow, we look terrible right now.

    iffy call on doughty, he bitches out the ref:

    -Doughty whining... I thought only Getzlaf did that

    -Perry trolled Doughty so hard right there

    -Yes there we go breakout the slump and Drew is in the box C'mon DUCKS!!!!!!

    -Wow great endurance I guess it wasn't a bad pp only 1 shot though..

    -That was a pretty good PP. Good puck movement. Just not a whole lot of clean looks.

    -Decent PP, but not enough shots.
    Horrible call on Doughty too

    -Damn, that Kings PK was dead on it's feet there, shame that we couldn't get a goal.
    Hopefully get some sustained pressure on Jones

    -Why do these guys always seem to play so bad against LA? It's like they're intimidated by the Kings.

    -kings came out ready to play for the most part. ducks need to wake up a bit.

    -the SOG looks liek we're lucky to be tied

    -Just being near Sutter is sucking the life out of Penner's game.

    -A lot of stick work by the Kings. Kind of iffy on that.

    -Man is it annoying listening to the Kings feed. Probably the two worst announcers in the game. I guess, look at their audience. But still.

    koivu for hooking and beleskey for retaliating roughly:

    -I didn't see what the penalty was.

    -Called a hook, but they didn't show it.

    -Solid PK

    -Makeup call. We all knew it was coming.

    -beleskey got crosschecked in the back and somehow he gets a penalty

    -Lol...more makeup calls

    -The Kings announcers say that he threw a punch after the other player went to the bench.
    -He did. More of a halfhearted push as he went by.
    In other news, I was in the security line for over a half hour and missed almost the entire period. Not happy.

    -Apparently Beleskey punched Nolan after Nolan cross checked him in the back

    -Fantastic kill to end the period.

    -Whats with us getting penalties for no reason lately? Weird.

    second period, starting with big boy penner for holding:

    -Ugh...stop taking penalties!

    -Stop taking penatlies!!
    Sheesh. What the hell are we doing

    -Bad penalty for Penner to take.

    -That was just stupid by Penner.

    -Okay Voynov they saw your acting job

    -Pancakes almost killed him. Like the Frankenstein Monster, Penner grabbed him by the head, and flung his near lifeless body down to the ice. Barbaric!

    -LA has to be deflated, time to dominate!

    -Absolutely no offense so far this game.

    -you're not going to beat the kings with stretch passes thats exactly what they want

    -can we get some offense now please.

    -Hayward: "The Kings have worked very hard tonight and just haven't been rewarded for that hard work"
    *How about the little element that Hiller has been better than them???
    *What a dumbs*** statement from Hayward.*

    -We look awful. Getting dominated right now

    jeff carter scores, getzlaf gets an assist:

    -Getz-Carter making their Olympics audition. See the chemistry?

    -Dammit Getzlaf...

    -Damn. You can't give Carter that puck.

    -Getzlaf gives away a Christmas present to carter

    -wow what a stupid turnover

    -The Kings goal was crap. The hybrid icing was a bad call.

    -Getzlaf, you better make up for that.

    annoyingly, getzlaf gets it right back:


    -And he makes up for it. YESSSS

    -theres some redemption LOL

    -Getzlaf, thank you for making up that play.

    -Getzy redeems himself there. Good move by Bruce to get him right back on the ice following that turnover.*

    -Haha! Talk about fixing your mistakes!

    -snot rocket sighting

    -Goal & snot rocket...that's our captain!

    -It'd be nice to have a Selanne sighting...

    -Selanne can't seem to do anything right anymore

    bob has some trouble:

    -LOL at calling him Magnus again. Friggin Miller.

    -wow you'd think the best broadcaster ever would get his name right this time

    -Kevin Young ‏@kevinyoung90 1m
    btw, Bob Miller called Lindholm "Magnus" again...

    -AGAIN with the Magnus.

    -Yeah, his name is Magnus, isn't it? I mean Bob Miller isn't senile or anything. He can remember names.

    -He's a hall of famer...with dementia.
    And he has a little dwarf sitting on his lap as he calls games. He's bound to make mistakes as his little puppet keeps spouting stupid bull **** all game long.

    -Beleskey-Bonino-Jackman has been really good tonight.

    -Martin Jones seems pretty good.

    -Whats up with teemu other than his old age...

    -Ben Scrivens looks like he should've been on The Golden Girls

    -1-1, middle of the 2nd. Time for the Kings to lock it down and play for the shootout now.

    perry and voynov go off:

    -Perry for Voynov. I'll take that.

    -Well, that was a stupid set of penalties.

    -Voynov probably doesn't want to fight Perry

    -Alright 4-4 at least Voynov is gone.

    -Big saves by Hiller! Quit turning the damn puck over.

    -Hiller just saved Vatanen's butt.

    -Perreault has been borderline difficult to watch tonight.

    fistric for cross checking:

    -That's a weak call.

    -Freaking divers

    -What a terrible call.

    -Apparently you can't touch a player now

    -dwight king is a very soft man. Slight pressure and he befriends gravity all the way down.

    -The refs really hate us.

    -These officials are an absolute joke.

    -shot differential is about 20, pretty bad effort, boudreaus system sucks against them

    -Could our 2nd line be more useless lately
    -It would be difficult.

    -We really suck against the Kings. I hope and pray we don't meet them in the playoffs.

    -I like the Stadium Jersey, looks nice in the intermission.
    Sue me.
    -You and me and that's it. Lots of pince-nez fashion critics lurking in the guise of beer-drinking sports fans on these boards.
    -Have you been drinking? Stop typing all smart-like.
    -Seeing the jerseys in different lighting, I think they look better. It really didn't help that Getzlaf looked like he was wearing an extra small.

    third period, starting with perry's goal:

    -Slick move by Perry.

    -perry is so crafty

    -Wooooooooooooooooo! Corey ****ing Perry!

    -BOOM! Go Pears!

    -****ing hands.

    -Gumby with the go ahead goal. sweet!

    -Sick. Friggin Perry, how's it feel to be owned by the league's dirtiest guy?

    -Great play by Magnus.

    -haha, Magnus again

    -stool drives Hiller's head into the ice. classy piece of ****

    -I think the Kings are going to start to bring the physicality a lot more. Knowing our luck, the refs will "let 'em play".

    -god stool is a *****

    -Why ice that Lovejoy...?
    -I just knew Lovejoy would ice it there

    derpstin derps it in the net::

    -Damn faceoff losses...and of course it's Brown.

    -That toothless **** head diving turd ties it.

    -and there's the hiller softie

    -Sigh. Well the Kings have bagged their limit now.

    -Classic Hiller. Awesome saves, terrible goals.

    -Hiller's played well these last two games, but he's also given up two butt ugly goals. Killer.
    -Not just ugly goals, but the worst timed goals.

    -we're being outshot by a 2 to 1 ratio, sutter's system eats boudreaus up alive
    -I don't think it's really that simple. Sutter's system is doing a good job of exposing the injuries to our blue line. I think the Ducks would look better with Beauchemin and Souray.
    -you can check the history of the previous 2 years the kings tend to either outshoot us, or limit our shot attempts
    -Or could that be defence's lack of skill having troubles dealing with some top players. Guys used to playing against 3rd/4th lines are up against some stars.

    -people seem to forget we are holding our own, with top teams in the league, with 1/2 our regular d and a lousy forward silf out to injury.

    -too many mistakes, that's all the kings wait for is for a dumb turnover

    -If no points for Selanne tonight thats 13 games his cold streak now. Can't keep playing him in a important position.

    -I dig that Beleskey never passes up an opportunity to finish a hit.

    -Bench the 2nd line please.

    -My god does Stoll ever need a beating.

    -King of icings...Ben Lovejoy.

    -Angry engaged Penner is awesome

    -What's up with all these ****ing hail mary passes!?

    -penner is a mack truck on ice

    -Did Penner just BACKWARD check?!

    -Man Penner using his big body frame, I LOVE IT!

    -I'll go ahead and make my predictions for the shootout:
    *Kopitar: backhander trying to slip it through 5 hole
    *Carter: backhander
    *Brown: Shot on the stick side
    *It's going to happen if we reach the SO. This is the Kings pathetic game plan

    something happened to jones and he went flying back. i dunno, i missed the play. but i'm assuming that's what they're talking about here:

    -Pears, stabbing pucks through goaltenders.

    -LOL looks like all King goalies are required to attend the Quick Brown School of Being a B****

    -Jones already knows the Dustin Brown game plan I guess.

    -Even their goaltender dives.

    williams goes off for slashing:

    -POT ONE in regulation and send the stinking Kings home!

    -PP. We need to finish this.

    -Brutal call. Gotta feel for LA on that one.

    -So, Perry`s stick is a diver?

    -and kings fans hate of perry grows ever larger

    -At least this ensures the Ducks stay ahead in the standings.

    -(these kinds of comments are so irksome. if it weren't for some mistake then yeah, your team would be winning. duh.): If it weren't for the Getz/Hiller brain farts this thing'd be over.

    OT & SO. perry's special exploding stick strikes again:

    -Wow. They are going to hate Perry so much.

    -Ugh they just had to help out LA by giving us a 5 on 3

    -Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Suck it!

    -WOW I can't believe we're getting the calls.*

    -Perry using all the fragile sticks he has.

    -If they don't score here. I'll be disappointed.

    -Perry cutting his sticks?

    -wow...c'mon guys. 2 man advantage. end this thing.

    -The powerkill at it's finest.

    -WOW, floppapataumus...

    -ducks made a giant mental error wasting so much time, and then of course our 5 on 3 epic fails as usual ZERO SHOTS

    -A round of applause for the worlds worst 5 on 3. lol

    "two minutes for having a big ass":

    -Someone smash Stoll please

    -Dude ran into Penner!!!!!! *CAn't give Penner a penalty for being BIG.

    -Lol... what a dive.

    -Stoll with a great dive. Typical Kings bull**** play. Pathetic

    -and stool dives to help the queens out. I guess it works. brown has taught them well

    -Stoll is such a diver how is it interference if he runs into someone standing still??

    -C'mon Penner, you should be able to become thin air, how dare you stay in place!

    -That was scary, did Donuts really pass that?*

    -That's how you run a 4 on 3, not passing it around the perimeter crap.

    -OMG, OMG!!!

    -And that is why Kopitar is so good.

    -There just isn't any way to respect the Kings. Because that's true, they clearly have the worst fans on earth.

    -Screw the call, they should have scored long before that.

    -Are we at Staples Center tonight?
    -No they just brought the refs with them from last night.

    -51 shots against and a blown 5 on 3 we deserve to lose
    -Are you ****ing kidding me?
    Hiller gives up a pretty weak goal, and Getzlaf basically gift-wrapped their first one. We deserve to lose?
    -51 shots to 28 the kings have vastly outplayed anaheim tonight

    -Shame that this game is being decided by a shootout.

    -We all know, SO's are how the Kings "win" games now...

    -Kings don't appear to be tired at all.*
    -Easy time with the Blues last night. No travel.

    -Kings in a shoot out? Who would've thought....

    -No way we win a shootout, right?

    -Kings probably have got about 25 shots from just attacking rebounds, an area where Ducks sorely miss Beauch/Souray/Sbisa IMO

    -Come on, shootout God.

    -Seem to be trying a little too hard. Hiller has been awesome though

    -Win it for Hiller, let's go boys!

    -Hiller is on fire, tonight.

    -Surprised brown didn't dive there

    -Come on, guys. Give Hiller some help.

    -This is great.

    -OMG this is too crazy

    -These attempts are so weak

    -Some weak attempts from Anaheim.

    -Oh, well. It was a fun game.
    Great job, Jones.

    -So lame. Those attempts were pretty much all terrible.

    -Of course. Kings are shoot out experts...

    -Ugh we stink at shootouts now. *I thought the Kings outplayed the ducks tho. *Great game tonight

    -What an abysmal effort by the Ducks. 51 shots AGAINST? We should be able to hold any team to at least 35-40 and then with the firepower we've got, we need to win 2\3 of all the shootouts, if not all of them.

    -Poor Hiller, he deserved a win.

    -game was lost on the failed 5 on 3, they look like they never practice it but none of the sissy media will question bb about it
    kings are better than us right now, if not for hiller its a blowout

    -A goalie can do only what he can **** you kings. Gonna kick your ass in the playoffs anyways jerk offs
    -This embarrassing post has made it to the Kings board. Way to make us all look like idiots with your dumb post.

    -Lame. I wish one shooter had made the goaltender move.
    Oh well. I changed my mind from last season about playing the Kings in the playoffs. They're really not too impressive.

    -Okay so Jones was good, but half of our shootout attempts were pretty terrible. You can't miss TEN TIMES on a breakaway. Against ANY goalie.

    -Very lucky Hiller was on and the Kings were on a back-to-back or this would have been ugly. Not enough pressure on a NHL-virgin goalie, stupid penalties (as well as stupid calls), and wasting more power plays.
    Really great game (enjoyability-wise), regardless. But this is literally exhibit A for why the shootout is nonsense. Call the game a tie.

    -Losing at home against a team starting their backup's backup. Ugh.
    -Jones isn't a bad goalie.
    -He sure as **** didn't play like a rookie backup, that's for sure.
    -guy was steady as hell. showed no nerves during the shootout. not sure how much of that was our shooters not doing anything though.

    -So apparently if Anaheim wins with their good, young 3rd choice goaltender (Andersen) it's ok, but if Anaheim loses against a teams good, young 3rd choice goaltender (Jones) it's the end of the world.

    -I was texting with my dad about the game, and the phone autocorrected "saves" to "sadness."
    Hiller made great sadness tonight. Even my phone has a damn agenda.

    -Kings fans have gotten worse... didn't think that was possible.
    -That's on you. You never give them enough credit for diving right into "******-bag" mode.

    -If bob miller called him Magnus again, he's purposely doing it. Just having a little fun before he's "asked" to retire.

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    3. Ducks Vs Kings 12-3-13 - Game Day 13-14 - Anaheim Ducks Message Board

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    Awesome,great game and great outcome! Go Kings!

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    Default what they're saying: the neverending shooootoooooooout edition

    It's always good to beat the Ducks! I usually don't care for the shoot out, but this one was pretty fun.

    Thanks, rcc!
    i have no idea what i'm doing

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    -Man is it annoying listening to the Kings feed. Probably the two worst announcers in the game. I guess, look at their audience. But still.
    This must be from Hayward's children?

    The Orange snobfest is strong in Anadump.

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    Thanks Rose.

    Shoot outs suck. What the hell is exciting about them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by x-wingcamewest View Post
    Thanks Rose.
    Shoot outs suck. What the hell is exciting about them?
    generally i agree with ya. but watching jones look so chill while turning away 9 shooters really did it for me today.
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    DooD! Thanks!

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    Those fans are something else, I sat in sec 222 and some of the comments were just
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    It was a good game and what an impressive performance for Jones! He looked so solid during the shootout, and it was great to see the reception the Kings gave him when it (finally) ended.
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    After reading Vancouver and San Jose, I had forgotten just how moronic ducks fans were..... Now I'm back to thinking they are the most uneducated hockey fans in the league, but what do you expect after listening to Brian Hayward for 20 years?

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