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Thread: what they're saying: ottawa edition

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    Talking what they're saying: ottawa edition

    yawn. another win. nbd.


    -I would be happy with at least a point.
    -I'd be happy with a goal. Leafs played their best game of the year and lost 3-1. This will be my only Sens game this year (besides the Classic in Vancouver) so I'm hoping for some good hockey.

    -I like afternoon games, too bad we suck at them.

    -We need to stop Martin Jones. This is getting out of hand.
    -Worried not I am. To Earth eventually must drop little Martin.

    -I can see LA lighting us up. Sorry, but that's just the more realistic result.

    -Will LA be more affected by the afternoon start maybe? For them it's like playing at 11:00 in the morning.

    -Hmmm.. LA kings... and an afternoon game.... and Sens fighting with each other in practice.... all = a major loss.
    We never do well in afternoon games
    We never do well against the Kings
    5-2 L

    -I hope I'm wrong but we're probably going to get manhandled by the Kings.
    -Without question.

    -I'm keeping my expectations real. I can take an L as long as we don't beat ourselves. Ottawa needs to show up.

    -Ceci vs. Toffoli. Someone in the broadcast should clue into that sub-story.

    first period, starting with king's goal 21 seconds in:

    -wtf anderson

    -That's some funny **** right there.

    -We lost.

    -It's funny because somehow I knew that would go in
    Holy **** Anderson


    -And just like that, Ceci's first minus.

    - wtf lmao

    -Is this real life

    -yep, this is exactly how i thought it would be so far.

    -Trade Anderson. As fast as possible.

    -Pull Anderson right now, I'm serious.


    -Amazing. Anderson deniers are so out to lunch though right?

    -Sooo, I just tuned in, had only missed the first 40 seconds, but the score...

    -Yeah. Craig Anderson, I'm glad you play professional hockey in a league full of professionals.

    -How are we supposed to win games with our goaltender letting in shots like that?

    -Can someone describe the goal?
    -Patrick Lalime
    -Empty netter.

    -Give it a rest with the Anderson complaining

    carter's "unassisted" goal:

    -game over boys.



    -Our #1 goalie everybody

    -I'm an Andy fan, but I'm totally on board with pulling that swiss cheese right now.

    -Bad defense by Ceci bad goal by Andy, again

    -lol this is too funny

    -good god. andy should have had it but damn, way to let carter have all the time and space in the world.

    Bye everyone!

    -This is LA. They turned price into swiss cheese. What did you guys expect in this game?
    -A Save?
    -I don't care what they did to Montreal, there's no excuse for the 1st goal. That was awful. It wasn't a snipe, Ceci was in position, there's no excuse. That was just awful.

    -He's given up on the team like he did in Colorado. I wouldn't play him another game if I had the choice.
    -Playing poorly doesn't mean you've given up on a team. Why are so many of you idiots?

    -being down by two is nothing new, they can come back as long as they get the next one.

    -Ceci was overpowered with two players on him, and Carter is a pretty good goal scorer...

    -Condra with his classic fly byes again....****ing hit em

    -Well Ottawa was winning the first game against LA 3-0 after the first period and still lost so maybe they wanted to try the opposite..
    Feeling a little better with Lehner in nets, but this Jones guy has some unbelievable stats for having only played four NHL games.
    -Uhhhh no, they were losing by that score, came back to tie it, and then lost in OT.
    -Shoot, that's right. Well now we're losing 3-0. Deja Vu.

    -Kings haven't allowed 3 goals in any of their last 17 games.

    -Not shot PP, our specialty

    -Gryba demolishing Brown made me feel good inside.

    -0 battles won on that PP, probably the worst execution of a pp in a while from us.

    then kopitar makes it 3-0:

    -Ceci -3 wooooooow not even his fault but still

    -Someone call Buttman, implement a mercy rule ASAP.

    -I quit.

    -This game's bumming me out. LA's got some great defence and even better goaltending.
    This is part of why so many fans are hesitant to buy tickets this year. Imagine paying hundreds of dollars to be watching this right now?
    Guess it's easier when you have money to burn, but most of us don't.
    There they go again.. that must be one miserable building right now.

    -welcome to the bigs Ceci!!!!

    -Lehner with his version of a softie.
    He's quit on the team.

    -Guys I'm done.

    -I hope we lose by 10+ goals, maybe will get a trade done that way.

    -I am not even angry being that I already knew beforehand that this was going to happen.

    -bad play by Conacher on that goal. He set up their point really well.

    -Kings are just in different league
    men against boys

    -Funny story, I bought tickets for this game with my friend who`s an LA fan, paid 120$ and I finally was able to re-sell them this week for 85$, good ****ing thing I didn't go to this game.

    -I hope BM is on phone now. This team is a bust.

    -I hope the fans who decided to go to this **** boo these losers off the ice. What a ****ing joke.

    -I don't see a comeback against the kings. It's just too bad they only needed about 30 seconds to win this game

    -Wow, seams everywhere. Sure, the goals should have been saved, but the Kings' breakouts through the middle and board work are just terrific.

    -Why do they match Ceci against Kopitar??
    Minus 3 for him and Phillips already

    -Our defense isnt even AHL quality right now.

    -I dont know about some people, but this is what I expected. After Buffalo outshot and outchanced the sens I expected a blowout against L.A. Not disappointed

    -We had no chance from the start when you let in a beach ball against a top team in the first 30 secs lol

    -Channel 1054, heartwarming Santa movie guys...

    -We are a mediocre team, and we get cruelly exposed as such by playing top Cup contenders like the Kings. Monday night against the Blues will be bad also...
    -While we are mediocre so far this year, this afternoon it has been out goaltending. It could very well be 0-0 still. We haven't been outplayed
    -Um, yes we have. Badly.

    -I know the the "trade Spezza" thing is controversial but the guy brings absolutely no intensity. Karlsson isn't defensive enough to lead us anywhere and Ryan won't be a Senator after next year. I'd say this franchise is screwed

    -Get a late goal in the first and it's not impossible to come back.
    Who knows. Maybe the Kings fall asleep after taking a huge lead so early

    -Too many wide shots by this team, most of the time L.A hits the net
    -And with the way our goalies are playing today, that's pretty much a goal.
    Have you noticed how aggressive Jones is when playing shots? A good foot or two outside the paint. Both Lehner and Anderson sit in their crease. No confidence.

    -What a gross period of hockey.

    -Shots are 8-9.
    L.A has 3 goals on those 8 shots, all of them weak in nature
    Are we really going to pretend that this is the team's fault?
    The goaltenders have let us down again.
    -Its not that simple. Perhaps winning a board battle or preventing tape to tape breakout passes or not getting separated from the puck so easily might have given the Sens a chance.
    The shot totals mean nothing, LA is dominating even if it was 0-0 heading into the second.

    -Games like this really remind you how far this team is away from being a legit contender.
    Monday should be painful too...

    -LA's now gone 18 games without allowing a first period goal? Wow.
    Yeah games like tonight make me realise how little I actually care about this team making the playoffs. It would be nice for them to get a little extra revenue and what not, but this team's chances of actually winning the Stanley Cup are so ridiculously slim. This team is far from contending.


    second period:

    -If MTL and the leafs had combined 2 goals against Martin Jones, the sens will not score on him
    -They actually scored a combined one goal

    -Can we at least get a goal?

    -Beauty save by Lehner

    -Neil is just throwing checks at everything that moves, Love it!

    -The olympics are going to be awesome, 2 weeks off from watching Ottawa Senators hockey.

    -Dwight king has one of those faces you just want to lay the lumber to

    -at least they look pissed?

    -Ottawa going through the motions again, way to show up for this one boys. That'll make everyone happy!

    -How can it be possible that our coach has lost all sensible brain cells in a span of a few months?

    - Brown is a bum.

    -Brown the *** on a 180pounds kid

    -How many goals do you think the blues will score on us?

    -Brown is in my top-5 most hated players list. What a ****heel.

    -Martin Jones is unreal.

    -Who the **** is this goalie? Get out the way!

    -We are going to get shutout.

    -All of our shots come from beside the net/impossible angles

    -So far we have 6 give aways vs LAs 1. I don't think much has changed all season.

    -Ottawa's getting a lot of shots but not really quality shots. L.A's defense is great

    stupid corvo:

    -Corvo! Good timing

    -Finally, no shutout.. Corvo!
    Awesome pass from Conacher? Looked like he kicked it behind himself.


    -Needed that.

    -Thank you Joe! He's so good at sticking it to his old teams.

    -There we go! It's about ****ing time!

    -SENS are back!!!! Playoffs here we come!!!

    -Martin Jones is really hard to beat. Despite the goal, I'm impressed by his composure

    -This could of been a good game if we didnt have those softies, too bad. Maybe this will actually give Lehner a real chance and taking over the tending for a while.

    -L.A is crazy, after that goal they went beastmode, they must have felt embarassed after the sens scored on them

    -No chance we score 2 more goals.
    -Not when sens have 8 giveaways vs their 1. I believe that is coaching.
    -(there was lots of whining here about bobby ryan's lack of TOI): yup especially, when the best players can't even play.
    -The ice time distributed amongst forwards is disgusting

    -Are the Kings just taking less chances because they're ahead, or are we actually playing just as well as them this period? I only just turned the game on so I don't know either way.

    -that was a fine period

    -The game should be tied 1-1 at worst. I lost confidence in Anderson. Might be time to roll with Lehner for a while.

    third period:

    -Sometimes the Sens best period is the 3rd,maybe they can do something here.

    -Maclean is a ****ing idiot. I swear he'd rather be loyal to his grinders than win a game. Neil and smith on the pp over Ryan

    -I love how the ref in the corner doesn't get the call but the far one yes, awful lol

    -Maclean dont want to score, putting neil smith and greeining on the pp

    -Greening, Neil, and Smith together on the PP. Was I hallucinating?

    karlsson adds another point to his collection:


    -King KARLSSON!!!!!!!!!!

    -Hahaha, we're within a goal! Karlsson?

    -If we can escape with at least a point, that would be huge!

    -About time Ottawa got a soft goal. The team looks like they care today.

    -Penalty not called that could have really impacted the game.

    -Well at least we did better than the habs or the leafs.

    -LA isn't playing that well. We definitely have a chance to take this.

    -The Kings are definitely rattled. Lets make them pay for playing sloppy.

    -One kings fan said this game was no challenge for them. let's make him eat his words.

    -Nice to see the Sens make a game of it. Kings fell asleep a bit and its a game again!
    Anything can happen in a one goal game

    -Makes you wonder what kind of game it would have been with goaltending in the first

    -Wow, Doughty is a slow skater!

    -Fans are alive again. Terrible icing call.
    Come on Senatrolls. Make the Kings stupid twitter look stupid.

    -Looks like the refs retired their whistles for the night.

    -Is there something wrong with Ryan or Maclean just hate him?

    -Lol Condra is so bad it's funny, 3 times can't get out of the zone and creates turnovers

    -Guys have stopped skating a bit. Need to crank it back up.

    -Come on sens.

    -We can do this let's go boys

    drew has one of those moments where it looks like he decided "enough is enough" and takes matters into this own hands and dances around every guy on the ice like it's nothing and gets the puck to the net and doesn't score but it's okay because someone else is there to tap it in. this time it was stoll:


    -Oh boy, was that every easy. LolSens.

    -Ugh, and just like that we suck again. The mistake was ever believing to begin with.

    -Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooo

    -Oh Joe. You stopped skating.

    -Uh oh-Doughty is good

    -just skate right in, no problem.

    -I'd love to see Doughty do that at the Olympics. Great player.

    -Yuck. 4 soft goals against now.

    -Great effort from the guys tonight
    Shame we have no goaltending

    -L.A. was just messing with the sens. They were up by 3, why over exert themselves if they don't have to. Then it gets close, they start trying, GG.

    -That was all on the defense, allow the rush, don't cover the rebound.

    -Oh come on! Corvo was underneath ****ing Toffoli. Pathetic call.

    -Pathetic call

    -blech....not the way to tie up your man, Corvo.

    kopi gets another goal:

    -Well, it's over

    -Never seen Condra play that bad
    Game over, good try but if only they could start at the beginning of the games...
    Score doesn't reflect the game that much... If Jones didnt make back to back key saves when it was 3-2...

    -Lehner have a chance on that one too?

    -Welp, that's game. At least we weren't shutout?

    -So so so SOOOOOOOOOOOO EASY! Karlsson being ****ing lazy...
    -That was just bad. He froze like a deer in the headlights when the 2-on-1 appeared. At least go down to try and take away the pass.
    The goalie is screwed if the pass gets across.

    -And Lehner is going to get the loss, way to blow this game Lehner.

    -All i have to say is, god bless to whoever is going to the game on monday.

    -Would be nice if the team would start skating again. But noooooo....just stand still and watch the Kings do whatever they want.

    -Team full of passengers.

    -pretty goal

    -Every time Kopitar scores against us a little piece of me dies inside.

    -Hahaha, what fun. Can't win afternoon games, can't win Saturday games, can't win vs West teams, can't win in the shootout. #fearless

    -I actually thought Ottawa looked OK for most of the game but it may have just been a case of L.A. only playing hard when they had to.

    -Down by 2 late in the third? Better give Neil, Michalek and Greening more ice-time.


    -Neil with more ice time then Ryan smh

    -Good riddance, **** you kings.

    -Regehr throwing that kind of hit with 5 seconds to go.

    -Hard to get a W when you let in 2 softies like that. LA is a better team, but I thought we fought pretty hard to comeback.

    -Nice dirty hit by Regehr with a couple seconds left in a 5-2 game, then smiles and laughs about it
    -Watch their skates on the replay. Mika's left skate catches the back of Regehr's right boot as he tried to jump around him. He was off balance and fell as Regehr was sealing him off. Wasn't dirty at all.

    -Spezza was wonderful today. Saw good things from the team today. LA is a good team, we were missing Methot, and Cowen is coming around. We need one of our goalies to get on a roll and we'll have a chance.

    -Well looks like the Kings are about to be one of eastern Canada's most hated, respected teams.

    this is the first time i've ever come across this and it deserves its own section:

    -I think Brown is one of my favourite Captains in the NHL. He just seems more interested in Hockey than any of the fame/money etc that comes with it. Really cool dude.

    1. GDT: LA @ OTT | Sat. Dec. 14 | 2p.m. EST | SNET-E, TVA, FS-W - HFBoards
    2. Game Thread: Los Angeles Kings (21-7-4) at Ottawa Senators (13-14-6) - 14 Dec 2013 - 2:00PM EST : hockey

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    Cool, thanks.

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    Thanks, Dude.

    -Hmmm.. LA kings... and an afternoon game.... and Sens fighting with each other in practice.... all = a major loss.
    We never do well in afternoon games
    We never do well against the Kings
    5-2 L
    Somebody ask this guy what his lotto numbers are...
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcc View Post
    Hey Canadian Teams, have you heard the old Klingon proverb?

    Defeat is a dish best served by the Kings.
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    Yet again, a Canadian hockey team, who's fans don't cry and whine, no wonder everyone hates the Canucks.

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    Thanks Rose.

    -I quit.

    and they don't even know how to spell Quite.
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    Thanks, "dude". Always a pleasure to read.

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    Doughty is slow.....and fat
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thud View Post
    Yet again, a Canadian hockey team, who's fans don't cry and whine, no wonder everyone hates the Canucks.
    I was thinking the same thing.

    Its kind of weird actually. Most Canadian fans really understand the game... I dont get why Canucks fans are so clueless.
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    Still let's not go too overboard on the credit.
    They made exactly one oblique reference to perhaps the most blatant missed interference call in hockey this year because their team got away with it.
    Don't turn around, wo-ao!
    Der Kopitar's in town, wo-ao!

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