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Thread: what they're saying: rangers edition

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    Wink what they're saying: rangers edition

    well damn. how about that f***ing road trip right there?


    -They're starting Scrivens again?

    -Kings have been playing some clutch hockey as of late. Scored with like 6 minutes remaining at the Pebble in a 0-0 game, and came back from a 3rd period 2-0 deficit against the Piles. They scored the winning goal of that game at 1:33 of the third.
    Play them like they did in LA and this should be a win. Gonna have to switch between the third period of this game and KC/Denver, hopefully the Rangers are winning by a nice margin after 2, haha.

    -No starting goalie, no best goal scorer
    We're only half of that right now so hopefully we can take it

    -That Brown-Kopitar-Williams line is daunting, the best puck possession line in the league. The three of them are one, two, and three in the league in Corsi For Percentage.

    For the Kings.

    -Kings playing well, will be out for revenge. Don't sleep.
    I'll be there with my idiot friend from LA.

    -Take advantage of their injuries, yo. I don't want to go back to .500 ever again.

    -Hopefully the one King trumps a whole line up of Kings.

    -Scrivens is gonna have a tough night, I call a 4-2 win for us.

    -Easy Win

    -Scrivens going for his second shutout in a row

    -Darryl Sutter said he wants to get Martin Jones into a game. LA's third game in 4 nights.

    -Owned these dudes last go round. They're going to be looking for some retribution. Should be a good game. Predicting that Hagelin will have a good game. Just a feeling.

    -(yes he can. do you even know who sutter is???):
    Jones will have to wait. Sutter said on Friday he wanted to get Jones into a game. Quick is out 4-6 weeks. Scrivens can't play every game.

    -Isn't Scrivens the backup they got from Toronto for Bernier?

    -Winning tonight would be huge and show the validity of this recent streak imo.

    -I'm calling a borderline dirty hit by Brown tonight.

    -Andrew Gross ‏@AGrossRecord 47s
    Arniel says Falk remains in lineup based on his play vs. Habs and his size since Rangers are playing the Kings.
    -Makes sense to keep Falk in. Kings are big and tough. He played well last night also.

    -Some of you need to promise me that if the rangers don't win this one you all won't freak out and say this is a bad hockey team. LGR

    -LA Kings have been banged up lately and have had a high concentration of games this past week.
    They have one line tonight that is just wicked
    Brown - Kopi - J Williams
    Other than Richards the rest of the forward lineup they're icing is just not that deep.
    NYR depth really needs to step up tonight. Gotta pressure their points like they did against Subban/Markov

    first period:

    -Boyle's hurt

    -This start is ehhh.

    -I'm tired of these damn goalies coming out of the crease to cover the puck.
    -It's a penalty; I would be fine with calling that more stringently.

    -scrivens doesnt look good at all

    -The Kings TV guys seem to be calling the game from Central Park, which is weird. They were talking about the game in front of the outdoor ice rink, went to commercial and then the puck was dropped, so they couldn't have gotten back. Is this because of the renovation? Have all visiting broadcast teams been unable to use the visitor's booth this season?
    -At no time did the renovation force broadcast teams out of the building. Not sure what they are doing.

    -This goalie is all over the place. The Rangers need to take advantage of the opportunities he'll give them

    -Scrivens looks shaky and the Rangers got legs

    -Scrivens looks very shaky. The boys definitely picked it up as well. This is a winnable game.

    mitchell for interference:

    -I sorta like this 4th line. Miller draws a penalty with his speed. PP time!

    -That's a little bit of a soft call, but I'll take it.

    -Good call for us. Miller fell down on his own lets take advantage here.

    -Scrivens looks so confused.

    -scrivens looks awful

    -Wow they look good

    -They look good but they simply can't keep missing those glorious opportunities.

    -Rangers powerplay is finally looking legit this year.

    -PP was awesome, Kings PK saved two for sure goals though.

    -Dorsett's blast on Stoll was sweet.

    -The hit on Voynov just skirted the line. I've seen lesser hits called charges before...

    -Boring game, holy crap.

    -Is Scrivens drunk? Just randomly falling down?

    -No goals yet, better waive everyone

    -The Kings are so boring

    -Dan what the **** was that.

    -Brutal turnover by Girardi there.

    -Girardi does this every frickin game!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Someone tell me what's going on with Girardi this season?

    -Scrivens has stopped every shot despite never actually staying in the crease lol.
    -i kinda want to see what nash would do to him in a shootout/penalty shot
    -Scrivens would instantly become permanantly cross-eyed.

    -Thought they deserved better than 0-0.
    and Girardi ...... really?

    -Solid period.

    -Scrivens looks terrible keep it up we should get a few

    -Dictating the game. Need to score a few here to keep control.

    -"They're a big hockey team. They play like a big hockey team."

    -Boring period

    -Rangers hockey so ****ing boring, not exactly a goal fest

    second period:

    -Dorsett is a puck magnet.

    -And again, no whistle when our player is injured...

    -still pissed that gelinas got that whistle yet dorsett gets nothing

    -What's with all this boring talk? Big hits, good scoring opportunities for both teams... what do people expect? Both teams are good - it's not going to be a circus.

    mister best-nickname-on-the-team scores!:

    -Damn it.

    -Stralman =.=

    -oh Christ...

    -Sigh. ****.

    -...just turned the game on, and we get scored on. should i not watch?
    -Also cancel your cable subscription.
    -TV out the window

    -dun dun dun duuuuuuunnnn

    -Eh, freak goal. Not a result of being outplayed exactly.

    -Oh god damnit

    -Shutout incoming.

    -Crap, what happened?
    I just tuned back in and saw Hank slumping in disbelief

    -Funny no one says anything about mcdonagh's give away

    -Way to build off the first period Rangers.
    ****ing morons.
    Girardi having an awful game.

    -our defensemen are sleepwalking

    -We look really sluggish. The back to back is catching up to us.

    -Please someone stop the bleeding.

    -can we trade Brian Boyle with Del Zotto. maybe the Rangers can get something more useful back in a trade

    -Boyle takes a penalty every game it seems.

    this play absolutely broke their fans. there were like three pages of this "SHOOOOOOOOOOOOT":

    -Zuke what the ****

    -Shoot zucc shoot are u kidding me ****

    -Come the **** on, Zucc.

    -Zucc that was dumb man.


    -Zuccs you gotta shoot that little buddy

    -Jesus christ, did Zucc decide to take THIS match to stop shooting

    -What if Zuccarello just shot the puck?
    History will be made.

    -Could have bet my life that this game was Monday.

    -They look like **** in this period.


    -that line got dominated

    -Did Torts sneak back in behind the bench? Awful.

    -Get it out you ****ing idiots!!!!!

    -Wow the Kings were Swarming....nice save Hank !!!

    -Tide has definitely turned this period

    -Hockey is a game of momentum. One chintzy deflection has proved that so far tonight.

    -i honestly feel like the best way to score goals on hank is to take soft perimeter shots and hope for a deflection. he stops just about everything else.

    -The stick checking tonight is maddening.
    I know LA is bigger. But u still have to make them earn it.

    -Getting abused physically here tonight, yikes.

    the kings decide it's time for PK practice:

    -Please score on this PP.

    -Need to at least regain some momentum on this PP, although a goal would obviously be preferable.

    -This team looks seriously awful, holy ****.

    -This is so pathetic.
    Rangers. Meet west coast team.

    -this PP

    -Gift of a 5 on 3, take advantage. Win a ****ing faceoff.

    -Lady luck
    Make the most of it

    -Wow, lots of white sweaters out there

    -WAY too many men.
    PLEASE score.

    -Come on you fools

    -Does Sutter remind anyone else of a muppet? He just stands there barely moving, awkwardly. And every so often makes an awkward movement
    No facial movement either
    -This idea is not novel.

    -we are doing everything wayyyyy to slow

    -My bloods boiling right now

    -Need more shots into people's shinpads. Where's MDZ when you really need his skillset?

    -How many chances are we going to get here. Come on.

    -Rangers you lucky s.o.b.s, take advantage of these god damn PPs.

    -This is serious luck right here. ANOTHER LA penalty.

    Power Play infinity.

    Kings begging us to take this game

    -failed on the first 5 on 3, now get another chance on the 5 on 3, gotta win the faceoff and shoot shoot shoot on net!!!

    -Why don't we try moving around instead of standing in place throwing the puck around. Looked like a PP under Torts.

    -Stop passing behind the net on a 5 on 3 ...**** !!

    -There's no words for how bad this is. Holy ****.

    -Bench everyone

    -I don't think the Rangers can handle back-to-back games, they look awfully tired.

    -scrivens coming a mile out of the crease to dive on the puck is starting to bother me

    -Scrivens is really starting to pass me off

    -Remember when people were laughing about the Devils getting shut out? And I said don't jinx it? Yeah, pathetic period so far.

    -AV looks like he wishes he still had the Sedins to send out on the PP !!

    -Not good at all.
    There is no reason we can't beat the Kings here.

    -I can't even begin to understand WTF is going through their minds while u p a man
    Think the kings are pumped now???

    -Back up goalie for Kings? Shut out incoming.

    -everyone calm the **** down

    -Scrivens is just eating up every puck. It's maddening.

    -Kings over the last 5 minutes have done everything but put the puck in there own net to put the Rangers on the board and still they got nothing.

    -A lot of game left I don't see us getting shut out

    -i love stralmans hip checks

    -All I could see was Brown's legs going up an over
    Nice hit, Stralman

    -Kings are a difficult team to play against. I really can't find any issues with the Rangers tonight except that they aren't shooting the puck. But the Kings are in the shooting lanes so not much is there.
    Look how fast the Kings transition.

    -They need to shooot!!!!!!!! Someone remind them Tort is gone!
    -Why try and score and goal when you can do the team thing instead and get an assist?

    -Shoot the puck = Get cancer

    -The Kings are a boring team. All that skill and they do nothing creative. They remind me of the old Devils.

    -It really annoys me when the refs blow the whistle for icing before someone reaches the dot

    -Rangers strategy this game
    Period 1 : shoot
    Period 2 : pass
    Period 3 : shoot and pass?

    -Wtf brassard? 2 on 2. And u dump it???
    Carry the ****ing puck?

    -That period sucked, but there's still one more.
    PLEASE be better next period.

    -Very frustrating period. Lrn2sh00t guys.

    -We're by far the better team here. A loss would be blamed on their own stupidity
    -What are you watching? Kings dominated that period, their centers are absolutely destroying ours. Kings are gonna play it even tighter in the third, they better step it up.
    -I'm watching our players make countless dumb, bad and unnecessary passes, instead of scoring

    -Worst period in a long long time. At least they're only down 1-0.

    -This has been the most entertaining game of the year for me so far.

    -The Kings won't forecheck in the 3rd. They'll sit back. They need to make soft dump ins and press the he'll out of them.
    Scrivens isn't giving up any rebounds so they gotta make life tougher on him

    -I hope they find their second wind between periods. Kings making them work for everything they get

    third period:

    -Come out flying here in the 3rd, very winnable game if we just go back to playing like we did in the 1st.

    -Nice opening, getting a better feeling

    -9.7% PP efficiency at home. Yargh.

    -Way too much dispy doo spinerama drop pass floaty ballet *********.
    Get the puck tot he net!

    -Its ok to shoooooot

    -brad playing like he's getting paid a million a turnover smh
    -I cant wait until the buyout..

    -Still lol'ing at someone accidentally calling Anton, Starman. Need to make that a thing.


    -Getting demolished on faceoffs here. It's like the Devils game all over again... but worse.

    -are we even trying to win a faceoff anymore?

    -Nice hit by Brown

    -Staal looks slow slow slow.

    -Pouliot with another useless play.

    -Nice shot Pooper.

    -This team doesn't seem to have the skill or toughness to play a game like this.

    -Girardi needs to do something stupid so I can blame this on him.

    -Time to finally score a PP goal.

    -Flowerplay time

    -Please just score. I don't care how.

    -For the love of god just ****ing shoot

    -Richards having a horrible game

    -Richards has been disgraceful tonight.

    -Love the icing on the PP. Good strategy

    -Just can't solve their backup excuses incoming.

    -The Rangers can't do **** this game. Just awful.

    -Staal has been Tortirized

    -you would think we are losing 9-0 by reading this thread

    -We need Quick in net to help us.

    -have we even won a face off

    -I'm mainly pissed at the powerplay tonight honestly. Two straight 5 on 3s and looked awful

    -This is just like painful to watch




    -Awesome effort!!!

    They did it!

    -omg yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaasss

    -Oh mother of God please be a goal!


    -oh what the **** is this now

    -God damn it, that's not a goal.



    -he kicked it in.
    false alarm everybody

    -Clearly no goal

    -Definitely kicked in.

    -Team is just other worldly levels of cursed.

    -Just salt on the wound
    Way to celebrate like u won the cup when u know u obviously kicked it in
    Dumb really dumb

    -That about as obvious a kick motion as you'll ever see. Wish it was good but I can't imagine it is.

    -Knew it was too good to be true

    -Crease, is this really the best game you've seen this season? The Kings play some boring boring hockey. No flow at all. I can't understand people that think that physicality is more important than skill, just amazing to me. The Kings have skill, don't get me wrong, but there's no flow at all to this game. Awful ****ing game. Teams like the Kings are killing hockey.
    -Well, this is a good primer game for the Rangers playoff chances; your gonna see a whole lot more of that in the post season.

    -**** this game, we can't buy a goal for ****. Now a kicking motion....

    -Question though,if its kicked and hits a kings player that should be good no? It looked like it hit Scrivens on the way in

    -If you want more goals in this league, allow the puck to go in off anything, including distinct kicking motions.

    -our C play has been absolutely brutal tonight. dominating like nothing ive seen before at the dot. never available for a breakout pass. no offensive zone possession.

    -Another loss to a backup goaltender.

    -Terrible ****ing game. Terrible. I can't stand teams like the Kings. They're killing hockey.

    -Kings play some boring ass hockey.

    -A lot of really good hockey being played in California.

    -A game we deserved to win..smh
    How we do as bad as we do against backup goalies is almost astonishing at this point.

    -2 of last 3 games refs ****ed us majorly. Not even worth watching this sport until it's fixed.
    -Do you know the rules of hockey?
    -How was this game the refs fault? I'd love to hear it..
    -They handed us PP after PP and yet we couldn't convert. The Moore goal was as obviously a kicking motion as it gets.

    -Faceoffs won:
    Kings 40
    Rangers 23
    Kings had the puck, we did not.

    -The Kings played real well. I didn't think we were terrible, they just played a better game and we over thought some plays too much and couldn't capitalize on our chances.

    -There's no ****ing credit to give here. Scrivens is a **** goalie. And any other team would've had 3 on him in that first period alone. Ugh.
    -... he has 3 shutouts in 5 starts.

    -Moore clearly kicked it in, but some consistency would be nice. Kicked in goals count literally half the time. At least.

    -The team played well. Still gotta give credit to Scrivens. He played a solid game. Looked shaky with the puck five feet from him, but the D bailed him out. LA's a great team.

    -Lundqvist pissed. Well he should be, giving up on a puck farted into our net.

    -(by the way, this really angry person posted three rants. i don't normally quote the same person over and over and over but he was just too damn entertaining to miss): Does anyone remember one good save by Scrivens this game? Just one? Easiest shutout in the history of the NHL. I seriously can't remember one good save. The save on the wraparound by Moore? That was pretty routine too. Awful game. The Kings play some awful awful hockey. It's possible to play well defensively and not play boring soul crushing hockey. They're a ****ing disgrace.

    -Kings play some boring ass hockey.
    -Enough with this nonsense. We played "boring hockey" for two seasons. You do what you have to in order to win. Also, the Kings were at the end of a tough road trip and probably were on their last reserves of energy.

    -Effective game by the Kings but that game set hockey back 100 years. I can't believe anyone thought this was a good game, much less by the Rangers.
    Can someone remind me of one good chance in this game. I seriously can't remember one good chance. I mean one that actually got to Scrivens.
    -Have you never seen a game between two teams that are coming off of a rough schedule?
    Kings are at the end of an other-coast road trip. Rangers played last night in Montreal and got home early this morning. Throw in the fact that both these team are fantastic defensively, and I don't understand why the "mellowness" of this game is such a surprise to so many people.
    -It wasn't a 5-4 game???? That's not hockey!!!
    Widen the nets about two feet and shut everyone up

    -I've always found that hockey games increase a lot in entertainment value when your team wins no matter what the score. If there is such a thing even an ugly win can be fun and losses even encouraging ones tend to be disappointing.

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    2. Post Game Talk: LA Kings at New York Rangers 11-17-13 - HFBoards

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIG JOE View Post
    i don't know why but this reply has me cackling.
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    Man, somebody call the waaaahmbulance.

    "the kings are killing hockey" LOLOLOL

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    Too good, "dude"! Thanks for doing this.

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    Hmm, they don't seem to be that fond of Scrivens. Preposterous!

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    Thank you thank you thank you

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    Rangers had 5 power plays and 1 for the Kings. And somehow the reffs are to blame for thier loss.

    Love that logic.

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    -Kings play some boring ass hockey.
    This is a new fan rant to me. I have never considered any team to play "boring" before.
    I assume "exciting" hockey must be pioneered right now in the East... Good luck in the future with that Ranger Fans.
    -Scrivens looks so confused.

    -scrivens looks awful
    I think one of their fans summed it up best with:
    -... he has 3 shutouts in 5 starts.
    Great as always RCC! Interesting and strange all at the same time....
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