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Thread: what they're saying: sharks edition

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    Talking what they're saying: sharks edition

    i love jonathan quick. i love what a competitive, tenacious, and somewhat ornery fighter he is.


    -sharks 3
    kings 1
    nieto, cockmaster, pokey
    brown will troll us

    -Kill kopitar, kill richards, kill quick, kill carter. Payback for hertl time.

    -Revenge for hertl... I hope brown Gets messed up tonight

    -Please, someone pummel Dustin Brown

    -Win the game. Brown won't drop his gloves unless fighting another wimp like Kesler.

    -The Kings love to throw a late hit and then turtle to draw a power play. Jordan Nolan does that and Trevor Lewis does that too. Learning from their captain, no doubt.

    -(i don't know that anything could be much more embarrassing than what happened for the stadium series game tbh): 5-1 Sharks
    Nieto, Marleau, Pavelski, Demers, Hayes
    If we're playing on national TV, I want to embarrass them.

    -I wanted Jumbo to pummel Brown, but then I thought... We lose our 1st line center and they lose a 3rd line grinder... So heck no. Hoping for some Brown on Brown action tonight.
    -We don't need to do that. Just beat them and get over our "fear" of the Kings. Next step is to win in LA,
    Once we got over the Red Wheel and the Canuck, (hopefully the Blues after winning this season) they don't present (real) problems any more.
    I want the LA Kings relegated to this role...
    Just beat them and continue their doldrums.

    -Stalock Starting

    -Go stalock good call Todd

    -Yes! Stalock! I don't know why he's starting but good job TM
    -Tweet says that Todd wants Stalock to get experience against Kings "just in case" he's needed in the playoffs against them.

    -Regardless stalock earned this level of game. Good on him.

    -Alright Stalock, this is a big one. Can't let these gutless pukes win in our building.

    -Pretty much the biggest game of his career thus far. I hope he has another great game and gives us a goalie controversy. We could use one around here.

    -I'll be a very pissed off person if the Sharks don't play physical or get in Dustin Brown's face.
    -Get ready to be pissed off.

    -The Sharks will play physical since they usually do. Brown isn't going to drop his gloves with anyone except maybe Matt Nieto so its kind of moot. If they rout them on national t.v. that'd be sweet.

    oh you silly jinxers:

    -Stalock Shutout Hat Trick SNOG

    -Sharks 3 - Kings 0

    -4-0 Sharks
    Marleau, Thornton, Pavelski, Nieto

    -Beat the Kings.
    Sharks win 3-0
    Pavs X2, Irwin

    -I will be at the game tonight giving Brown the "Pronger" treatment. I am hoping the Sharks destroy the Kings.

    -I'm surprised Randy and Drew are calling the game. I wonder how "biased" they will be given that it's a nationally televised game (I don't think they're that biased... there are certainly a lot worse crews than them.).
    Strader and Engblom were just in LA for the Ducks/Kings game. Why didn't NBCSN assign them to call this game? Oh well, I'm not gonna complain.
    -I think Randy and Drew behave themselves quite well when they're on national games. In fact Drew can lay praise on opponents players almost too thick sometimes.

    -I'm a Canucks fan. Hopefully you show us how to beat these thugs!

    -The only thing that is going to happen is he might get booed.
    -Boos hurt on the inside.
    -Yup, you'll find Brown tucked in a corner with a bottle of Vooodka and some Haagen-dazs

    -If Dustin Brown doesn't get a punch in the face tonight, I will be more disappointed than after our many playoff losses.
    -Prepare to be disappointed then.
    -I'm always prepared to be disappointed when watching the Sharks, i've learned the hard way
    -I heard brown won't be playing he forgot to sleep in his football helmet and cut himself with safety scissors before the game.
    -At least he remembered to wear his floaties when he went swimming though. Has to work on his diving at some point

    -tonight's game plan is simple...just kick their ass

    -Randy and Drew will act like jerks trying to be "neutral"
    There will be a louder SCOOOORE for the Sharks and that's all that matters.

    first period, starting with quick's badass save on kearns:

    -one good shift for each team right away

    -Dammit, Kearns...

    -Oooff what a save.

    -Kearns got robbed

    -Ugh **** you Quick.

    -Oooohoo what a save by Quick

    -Yikes, Quick standing on his head there.

    -Flashbacks to game 7

    -ROBBED holy crap

    -Bodies flying all over.

    -sharks skating and hitting! like it so far

    -Giving Brown the boos. Love it.

    -Settle down boys

    stuart for holding:

    -PK time.

    -well, that's not what we wanted early

    -Wow, what a weak call.
    -If they call that consistently, we should get some calls as well.

    -Good kill so far.

    -Great kill. One shot.

    -Greene with a typical hit right to the face of the attacking player.
    But, it wasn't a "hold" so it's cool.

    -Randy and Drew sound less than enthusiastic.

    -Okay, Randy and Drew, let's jinx this in the first period.

    -What's with trying to jinx Stalock. Stop it Randy and Drew.

    -Missed holding call there, Randy and Drew are trying too hard to be neutral.

    -Let's all bombard Randy on Twitter telling him to be more homer.

    -5 hooks on Joe no one notices.
    -Consistancy, if they consistantly miss hooks on Joe than it's okay...Right?

    -Are we witnessing the emergence of powerforward jumbo
    -i hope so, the refs are gonna let absolute mugging go on, so we need our big bodies to bang.

    -When Nieto carried the puck in and it got deflected out of play Nieto got popped. Has he played since?

    fraser and burns get matching minors for roughing:

    -Hahaha Fraser

    -love it

    -LOL Burns trolling again

    -No Brent. He wears 23, not 24.

    -Brown not obliging Wingels..what a wimp.

    -Bad tradeoff

    -not a good trade for the Sharks
    -Thats exactly what I was thinking. Especially because Burns is deadly on a 4 on 4.

    -Sutter's face looks redder than usual.

    -dont take the bait burnzy

    -Terrible trade. The Sharks are already down a top 6 in Nieto.

    -nieto back got his mouth fixed again

    -Greene hit him right in the face with his fore arm. I would take a shot at he's in the locker room.
    -Good solid hockey play by Greene according to Drew
    -If this wasn't a national broadcast, Drew would not be calling that a good hit.

    -3 shots on goal in15 minutes

    -Nice pace so far.

    -If anything, Drew's homering for the kings now

    -Omg I was sure that was gonna end up in the net

    -Irwin and Boyle out against Kopitar. Not good.

    -Nieto got schooled

    -SJ needs to start hitting them. Getting ridiculous

    -Kings are taking runs at the Sharks. Sharks need to respond

    -this is a physical game

    -Starting to feel like game 1 of a playoff series

    -box score shows Sharks out hitting the Kings 15-9

    -PING! Wowza

    -Not gonna lie, Sharks are lucky to escape that period at 0-0
    -The best scoring chance was for Kearns. So I disagree.

    -Terrible period. Todd should rip them a new one. Totally out played.

    -"feels like a playoff game"
    Let's see SJ can't score with open nets, Check
    Gets totally beat down physically, Check
    Yup. A playoff game for sure.

    -They aren't getting beat physically. They are chasing the puck. That needs to change.
    -Right, Nieto gets wrecked, Thornton gets blown up.
    -And Brown wouldn't fight Wingels. Its one period. The Sharks played sloppy.
    -He fought Kesler and got his ass handed to him. I doubt he drops his gloves.

    -Man, we could really use Raffi Torres' 5 minutes-of-ice-time-before-he-gets-ejected in a game like this
    -Wheel him out for the 2nd and he can spear people with a crutch.
    -Pfft, the league would suspend him before the game for precautionary reasons.

    -LOL wow the Stat people are smoking something good.
    19-9 SJ leads in hits.

    -Everytime Thornton got hooked it counted as a hit for the Sharks.

    second period, starting with regehr's interference penalty:

    -sweeeeeeeet PP time

    -Finally they call it

    -Wow, they actually called interference against the Kings.

    -If they called that everytime LA would be in the penalty box the whole game.

    -Not a great PP.

    -That power play was awful.

    -Pretty good PK by the Kings so far. Not even giving us a chance to set up.

    boyle for holding:

    -Is Boyle drunk?

    -penalty to Boole

    -This is ugly hockey haha.

    -Sweet defense Boyle.

    -Excellent work.

    -The penalty kill has been really good so far.

    thornton for hooking, kopi for roughing:

    -What a joke.

    -another penalty?! Jeeze man

    -Man. We are getting dominated on the faceoffs today.

    -Kopitar dives.

    -refs are ****ing this up

    -Hey a shot!

    -lol thornton pitchforked him

    -This is bad hockey.

    -This game has zero flow to it.
    -Kings hockey to a Tee.
    -Kings are forcing us to play the way they want to.

    -good ol' smiley Darryl

    -Sutter wanted nothing to do with that interview.
    -Does he ever?

    -tooooooo much ****ing passing

    -Shoot it Patty. Too many ****ing passes.

    -Don't know why SJ keeps passing with a shooting lane. Makes no sense when you have 7 shots on goal.

    -Icing, board battle, blocked shot, icing. rinse, repeat.

    -This game sucks.

    -stalock with the shutout record. there's that. :>

    -another post

    -That ping.

    -Hope this is one of the games where we get outshot, outchanced and get a lucky goal to win.

    -Puck hits a post and the announcers just keep talking.

    -Can we get a little zone time?
    -Which zone? We are getting tons of zone time in our own ..

    -Kearns has been our top shooter..not good.

    -Nearly 1/3 of the shots are from Bracken Kearns.

    -welcome to the Kings game on NBCSN starring... Randy & Drew... the LA Kings... and an Ad-stravaganza for NBCSN... and another team

    kopi gets a goal:


    -damn it guys


    -What a move. Wowwwww.

    -That's game.

    -Boring ****ing game, boring ****ing goal by a ****ing zombie

    -Stalock nooooooooooooooo

    -Oh ffs
    Shut up drew about how good the kings are

    -Assist to Burns.

    -That's just a nice play.

    -Greene just punched Marleau in the face in front of the ref.

    -Kearns has been all over it. Greene loves to hit guys who are nowhere near the puck.

    -So why, why the **** did the Sharks not play like this till now. Jeez man. That is what gets me about the team some times.

    mitchell for hooking:

    -Powerless Play time.

    -2 minutes of futile passing coming up here.

    -not a good period

    -What do they have, 9 shots on goal or something?

    -Can't remember the last time I've been this bored watching Sharks/Kings

    -Ugh Boyler with z-e-r-o luck on 2 SJ powerplays
    -I am not even talking about luck today. Kings have hit the post twice so far. We have been outplayed so far and the score reflects it.
    Hoping for a good 3rd period. And the W.

    -Yeah no way does SJ beat LA in a playoff series. This is "playoff" hockey and SJ can't move the puck out of their zone.

    -Cheer up everyone. At least Dustin Brown hasn't injured one of our star forwards yet.

    -Well if we meet LA in the playoffs we're going home.
    -I think things will be a little different once we get Couture back. And Torres. And maybe Hertl. Possibly Burish.
    -Doubt it. Our D can't move a puck on a power play let alone 5 on 5.
    -Yet we are on a 6 game Win streak. This is a 1-0 game in the 2nd period. If you really think things will not be different with us getting those players back I am just going to disagree with you.
    We are playing LA's game right now and they are beating us. We need to make adjustments which we are capable of making.
    -What do the previous 6 games have to do with the Kings totally shutting down the sharks in the neutral zone, and not allowing a pass more than 3ft?
    -I mentioned the previous 6 games to just show that we can win with our style of hockey. We are not playing that right now. We play that and we beat the Kings. We have beat them before and still can.

    -That was just a great play by LA and we were behind it. Good try on the backcheck though. Stalock made the right move going for the poke. Anze just made a great late move.

    -Should I watch the third or go back to studying?
    -The Sharks couldn't generate anything when it was tied. Now LA is going in full shutdown mode. There's no need to stick around for the Sharks 2 SOG in the 3rd.

    -Kings have hit three I think posts. Lucky it's only 1-0. Need a big third.

    third period:

    -Would be great to score here.
    -****, I'd take a shot on goal.

    -This has been such a boring game. Wow. Just terrible.

    -Decent final seconds of the PP.

    -1 SOG = good PP.

    -Kearns is our offense.

    -ok maybe a little momentum now

    voynov, cross checking:

    -PP!! Lets score one here boys.

    -Good job keeping it in and drawing the penalty.

    sharks power play promptly negated by thornton's hooking call:

    -So much for that power play...

    -Thornton is ****ing terrible today.

    -Great penalty, Joe. Wow what a horrible game for him.

    -And that's that.

    -Four posts now for LA.

    -Carter and Kopitar on the ice while we have Boyle and Irwin on D is just scary.

    -I love how this team decides to play like garbage not only on national tv but against a division team like LA.
    -Always happens doesn't it? Player signs contract, player starts playing like ****. Clockwork.
    Also, Drew is trying so hard not to be a homer he sounds like a Kings fan lol.

    -These games against the Kings are some of the most frustrating ones for the Sharks that I've ever seen. It's literally like deja vu every game. Pavelski missing a wide open net and putting it right into Quick's glove, and now Burns does it in this game. Lift the puck a couple more inches and that's in.

    -Drew is making me sick. I may just mute the sound

    -I'm going full secret pro-Kings conspiracy list --
    1 ref
    stat guy
    Boyle's stick
    Kearns' backhand

    -The best thing that can happen IMO is Vancouver passes LA, and Vancouver takes 3rd place in the division. Hopefully Anaheim has their way with them in the first round. I feel the Sharks can do anything this year and compete with any team in the conference, as long as they stay the **** away from LA.
    Sharks can beat Anaheim, Vancouver, Chicago, St Louis, Minnesota, Colorado. Just stay as far away from LA as possible. It's a nightmare matchup.

    -My attitude progression tonight on the subject of Randy & Drew calling a national game:

    -Wow, their D goes for the puck no one ****ing touches him. They break out without a sweat.

    -Dustin Brown being on Team USA makes me sick. So. Damn. Sick.
    -Definitely. Can't stand Captain Cousteau. There's a couple guys I can't stand on that team, Quick being another one. Diving Dustin Brown, Quick, Miller, Callahan, I don't like Pacioretty either.

    -Why the hell is Brown an olympian lmfao
    -Since he won a Stanley Cup on Jonathan Quick's back everyone thinks he's a baller apparently.
    -They needed someone to count to potato.

    -Doughty told his family that they have to figure out their own arrangements to get to Sochi? Sounds like the perfect fodder to start a malicious rumor
    Kings' Doughty: "It's all about me." Abandons family to fend for themselves and flees to Russia.

    -Why don't they play Brown more, no one else will even attempt a body check against their defense. It's so pathetic.
    Dump - they get it - pass it without any contact - it's in the Sharks zone.
    So ****ing sad.

    -Damn it. Gonna get shutout by Quick.

    POW! right in the kisser!:


    -Damn it

    -Ugh, double minor...

    -God i hate that rule

    -Well crud.
    Welcome to the dental party, Anze.

    -It would be nice if Stuart could try not to take out Stalock.
    -I actually don't blame Stuart. Stalock was way out there.

    -Luckily the Kings power play is as bad as San Jose's.

    -wonderful kill! Simply fantastic

    -Okay, they got the kill, now they need the goal.

    -Mitchell's stick gets stuck in Wingels chest
    No penalty

    -Who was that King that just dropped his stick like he was guilty of something?
    -I think he dropped it because Wingels was holding it against his body.

    -How does anyone have a worse PP than the Kings?
    -Have you seen Florida play?

    -****ing Canucks are losing to the Oilers right now too. So much for Vancouver passing LA.

    -Irwin and Stuart are ****ing disasters.

    -Take longer Irwin.

    -How many hooks can one man take? Ask Jumbo.

    -Ok Sharks, make this exciting!

    -its amazing how much holding and interference LA gets away with.

    -time out
    "Okay guys... get the puck to Pavs, then someone push Doughty onto Quick"

    -It's actually five posts for LA Randy. But who is counting? Obviously not you.

    i want a gif of quick's little celebration after that final save:

    -God dammit...

    -Ugly last minute

    -Man that was a save.

    -Quick better ****ing play like that in the Olympics or I'm going to blow a gasket
    -Looks like you'll be pissed #millertime

    -No way does SJ win a playoff game against LA and that style of play.
    Doug needs to get a phone and start making calls.

    -screw off Quick.

    -How many more games against LA this year? These games are beyond frustrating.

    -way to avenge Hertl

    -Well if the LA brass was listening to the broadcast, they might be interested in recruiting LA homers Randy and Drew

    -Well ****. I usually don't mind losing to end a win streak too much, but getting shutout by LA on home ice on national TV gets me real pissed.

    -Well at least the Sharks can beat up weak team like Minnesota!!!!

    -On the bright side, Stalock is looking pretty awesome still. One goal in 3 games. Admittedly, he's been kinda lucky.

    -**** the ****ing kings ****ing punk ass quick
    If the sharks lose to the kings again in the playoffs I'll ****ing cry

    -Didn't know it was possible, but my hatred toward the Kings has reached Ducks level.

    -I know it's been said before, but the kings are really, really boring to watch.

    -Are people serious right now? We'll never get past LA in the playoffs???

    That team can't score to save their lives and they're not missing half of their top six. I'm not worried at all so long as we have home ice.

    -Yet they shut us out and shut our entire offense down. 1 goal is all it takes if they can do that to us.

    -Anaheim needs to implode and allow the Sharks to win the division or Vancouver needs to go on a run and take the 3rd division spot because a 1st round matchup with LA would be bad for both teams. It would be a 7 game series and the winner would be too beat up to go all the way.

    -Just got back. That was probably the most boring game I've ever sat through live.
    That's all, really.

    GDT: Sharks vs. Kings - "Nuke 'Em High Edition" - 7:00 PM - NBCSN, TSN2, KFOX - HFBoards

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    And my day has started, good read thanks.
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    Not enough of these threads lately.

    Thanks BRAH!

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    Great job, "dude"!

    Do any other fans whine about nonexistent non-calls as much as Sharts fans? They think everything should be a penalty. It's kind of embarrassing.

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    Thanks RCC, we;ve missed you.
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    Hope you had a nice vacation, and hope you don't have much time off from these for a while.
    Hockey's original bad boy. The "Cowboy" Howie Young

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    Those sharts fans need to be more creative on those shots off the post...

    Last night I added a new one to the repertoire..."Did that just hit Muzzin in the head???"... Of course I HAD to say it after the loudest ping of the game...
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    Way to go, dude!

    Nice to read one of these again.
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    Ignorant hockey fans....again.

    Can you imagine trying to explain to them WHY Brown would only fight Kessler?
    Or why some penalties get called while others don't?
    Or why it may be a bad idea to jump a player and why that player may not oblige?

    Can you picture the frustration? It would be like talking to some LGKers, but we couldn't even agree on what team we liked more.

    And hey, GOOD FOR LEWIS! He has some how gained the rep of a turtle? When the hell did he become that guy? Awesome.
    Last edited by backofthenet; January 28th, 2014 at 06:29 AM.
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    Yay! Best morning in almost 2 weeks!! Thanks rcc!!

    What's funny to me is how fast the guppy fans turn on their announcers for not being biased enough. ..

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