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Thread: what they're saying: stanley cup edition

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    Talking what they're saying: stanley cup edition

    what a game this was. the double overtime nearly killed me, but i can't imagine a more exciting way for the kings to have won their second cup. let that sink in. SECOND cup.

    props to the rangers for a tighter series than the 4-1 result may suggest. they played hard but just came across a kings team that i don't think was going to be denied by anybody. i really can't imagine a more difficult road to the cup than what these guys had to do. i'd have been impressed as hell by ANY team that was able to pull off this run, but the fact that it was my favorite team just... wow. i can already see myself driving my grandchildren nuts with stories of the '13-14 kings. this was legendary and i'm so grateful i was around to experience it all.

    now onto the rangers fans. by now i think you guys know what to expect. it had to be brutal to watch this series play out on the losing side, and it's pretty understandable how upset they are. i can only imagine the crazy stuff lgk would provide had this gone the other way (but of course it never would have because our team is dope). but still, the level of ref-blaming is ridiculous.


    -I believed after Game 3, and I continue to believe now…

    -Third to last GDT. Bittersweet.

    -And on the fifth day, God said "Let there be comebacks".
    And there was.

    -Last game the Kings played their best and the Rangers their worst. You have to imagine this game can only be better. Henrik will still need to be Henrik.

    -Hopefully we see a little better of a performance from Girardi, looks like the man has been playing injured. Kings will be trying to take advantage of that. Shut down their shots like in game 3 and capitalize on the chances we get and this will be headed back to the Garden. Lets go boys.

    -Tonight is Henrik Lundqvist's 666th NHL game, on Friday the 13th.
    -+Full Moon
    -I'm not making any deal with the Devil for a 'Cup win, but if the Rangers want to, that's cool.

    -We were down 3-1 against the Pens, but got it done. So why not do it again?
    -The difference is the other team. The Pens were a good team, but not great. The Kings are great. Theyll need some help. Hopefully taking the flight out after the game and getting in at 3-4 am LA time yesterday will hurt them a little.

    -I'm scared. When we win this game, I'm going to be so emotionally invested in this series, only to fall flat in game 6. Typical Jets/Ranger fan life.
    -They will tonight and gm 6... and blow a 2 goal lead in gm 7.

    -Gonna be real tough. You know LA wants to win at home.

    -I just hope to god they don't shell it in the third again. My heart can't take that strategy much more.

    -Time for a Lundqvist shutout.

    -Win or tie each period.
    Start with the first period. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING else matters.

    -“@PLeonardNYDN: Doughty won't guarantee win but does say: "There's no way we're gonna play a bad game tonight ... We want this so badly." #StanleyCupFinal


    -I know they have to have certain things ready once a team is one game away, but still... grrrr

    -Can't afford a nervous and slow first period. That favors LA. They need to come out on fire, nothing to lose, forecheck like crazy and get the first goal early.
    Hank needs to be godly again. He's the reason any of us are clinging to hope. He's capable of stealing this series.

    -Gotta survive the first 10 minutes. Its going to be an onslaught by the Kings. Hopefully the Kings want it so bad that they start overplaying and the Rangers capitalize because of it.

    -kings will be nervous. we need to take advantage of too much adrenaline pulsing thru the kings veins. pressure is all on the kings. they will be pressing. hank needs to get in their heads.
    -I don't think the Kings will be the least bit nervous, unless they are down late. They are a workmanlike group.

    you can always count on doughty for a good quote:

    -@AGrossRecord (Andrew Gross)
    "Drew Doughty described tonight's Game 5 as a 'must-win' for the Kings. Adds Kings want to win tonight more than the Rangers."

    -I think today was finally the most brutally honest thing the Kings have said in the media all series long. Doughty said they've played a lot of games, they recognize they need to win this game - the more games that they play the more it piles on.

    -Lol Doughty exonerating fans everywhere misusing the phrase "must win."

    -(yes, a fat face and two cups): Doughty has a fat face.

    -(a clown with two cups): Doughty is a clown.

    -Doughboy talks too much. Wreck him pls.

    -Speaking of clowns.....He looks like Russell Brand.
    -Wish the Rangers had some clowns like him.

    -(an ******* with two cups): Great player for sure, but he's an *******.

    -Doughty's quotes are benign. Context: he said he wants the team to approach tonight's game as a game 7, as if it's a 'must win'. Nothing to see here.....

    -He also said his team wants to win more than the Rangers.
    Bulletin Board material for the opposing team is always a stupid idea.

    SUCH a chip on their shoulders. mcdonagh vs. doughty, the debate nobody is having but rangers fans. PS- you know what they DON'T have in common? doughty has two cups:

    Doughty's height, weight, and date of birth: 6'1", 213 lb, 12/8/89
    McDonagh's height, weight, and date of birth: 6'1", 213 lb, 6/13/89
    Doughty's last three seasons: 95 points in 203 games
    McDonagh's last three seasons: 94 points in 206 games
    Doughty this postseason: 17 points in 25 games
    McDonagh this postseason: 16 points in 24 games

    Doughty shoots right, which is rarer, but McDonagh's cap hit is $2.3 million lower and each is signed for the next five seasons.

    -Wow, that's insane.
    You'd think Doughty was bigger, stronger, faster, with more points and a lower cap hit the way they talk about him...

    "But he plays in a defensive system! He could put up a 100 points if he wasn't!"

    McD>= Doughty.

    -McDonagh is arguably the most underrated player in the NHL, and he's rated quite highly.

    -Just people constantly underrating Ranger players.
    McD is after all in the Eastern conference. If he was in the West he'd have 0 points and be a -37. 2nd D unit on the oilers.

    -I hope McD scores a hatty while styling on Doughty.

    -I would bet doughty's toi is a lot higher than McD as well. The other game they were talking about sutter playing him close to 30 minutes ala chelios

    -McDonagh's TOI for the series: 124:40
    Doughty's TOI for the series: 123:90

    b...but Doughty!

    -Hank stole one the other night. As hard as the Kings come tonight, it will need to Grand Larceny. Hopefully the rest of the team can get it's game back on track to where it was in games one and two.
    The main reason we are playing tonight is luck as Hank pointed out. Luck and ice shavings.
    Twice pucks slipped under Hanks pads and headed for the goal line. Twice those pucks were stopped as the loose ice in front of them built up and stopped them crossing over.
    Truly the definition of puck luck.

    -I hope Hank gets into LA's head tonite. Am I the only one who believes that It didn't happen after game 4?
    The Kings could have had 4 to 5 goals in game 4 but the Rangers had puck luck. The Rangers need to step up their game and Hank needs to make cleaner saves or the Summer recess starts tomorrow;

    -Need that first goal
    -And second. And third. And fourth....

    -Those zebras will be watched carefully. I swear if they screw this up again.....

    -You know what the Kings don't want to do? Come back to NYC for game six.
    Make those ****ers come back to NYC.

    -Come out physical like game 4 and let them know it's not going to be easy.

    -Good luck tonight, bring it back to New York. Would love to see the Kings sweat a little.

    -Like someone said in another thread. To win this Cup, we will have to pull off the greatest comeback in the history of the sport. Let's do it!

    -if these nbc a$$hats, if i hear one more time from them that we got lucky in game 4. wtf happened the other 3, why dont they mention how unlucky we were in those and how lucky the kings were to not be down 2-1 after three games.

    -Lol but of course ONLY the Rangers have gotten puck luck...

    -(sad birthdays all around. sorry 'bout it): McD's birthday My birthday. Let's go Rangers

    -We got EXTREMELY lucky in game 4.
    I think that's actually a good thing and we will play better tonight. Bring it back boys!


    -One shift at a time.

    -Getting more anxious by the minute.... This isn't going to be good for my heart, or my liver for that matter.

    -(yeah he does. but a nerd with two cups. you know what never gets old? mentioning the two cups.): lol Doughty sounds like such a nerd.

    -We're due for a win here...we came sooo close in gms 1 and 2

    met pia at the game. she's a sweetheart and basically needs to be around to sing the anthem forever. you know why? two cups!:

    -Omg don't curr about the national anthem ugh

    -Pia? Are her parents that dumb thats the best they could come up with? PIA?
    LOL @ putting the kings girl directly infront of lundqvist.

    -International recording artist. I literally only know her for singing this anthem.

    -The LA Kings have this beautiful girl singing the anthem. We have an old man who lost his voice in 1952.

    -Thanks Pia, see you Wednesday...

    first period:

    -omg they won the opening faceoff for once

    -I actually have butterflies over this game.

    -Two face off wins. Good start there.

    -Crowd is awake. Quiet them down.

    nash takes a hooking penalty 1:44 into the game. they were so tangled up they looked like they were ice dancing, to be honest:

    -Dammit all to hell.

    -Are you serious?

    -Dammit Nash, efffff.

    -really? you gonna start like that Nash?

    -How stupid can you be.


    -If they call that on us, I expect to see that called on Los Angels since they have refused to call that stuff on them all series. It's a good call, but how many times are they going to ignore the Kings doing similar ****?

    -Nash you ****. Most blatant hooking ever.

    -Rick Nash I think I loathe you

    -Wow, what a lucky save.

    -Nice stop Hank

    -PK good early. Nothing changed there.

    -Zuke almost lit someone up lol.

    -Kopitar is everywhere.

    -lol Kopitar juked Zucc.

    -lol Muzzin trying to sell that

    mr. reliable™ gets the first goal of the game:

    -**** this

    -damn it, clear the front

    -So ridiculous.

    -Gotta clear that garbage out.

    -well ****.
    Bad communication between Moore and MSL

    -Pathetic ****ing idiots.

    -This does not bode well.


    -how does no one look for the puck?

    -**** me....

    -So Stoll's stick between Hanks legs had nothing to do with that goal right? Hes jamming him well before the puck goes in.

    -(sorry, that level of awesome cannot be taught): Rick Nash, observe Justin Williams. That is a playoff performer right there.

    -Goalie interference? Stoll jabbing hack pushing him into the net add Williams scores
    -There was no goalie interference.That goal is the result of Dom Moore not keeping his head up and taking the man instead of the puck.

    brown for holding:

    -Powerplay. Please get something going.

    -Any chance our PP can do anything except suck?

    -ugh, what a chance....

    -No Brad pls

    -Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Richie!

    -If Richards is on this powerplay I'm going to need a new tv before the start of the second period.

    -This PP is crucial. Don't waste it ding dongs!

    -If there was ever a time for Richards to redeem himself....

    -1 for 17...unacceptable.
    Buff that up here.

    -Richards JUST missed.

    -Hit the ****ing net you ****ing *******s!

    -Can Richards hit the ****ing net?

    -Miss the net. out of the zone. How many times we see that

    -Great pressure. Nash JUST missed a goal.

    -Keep buzzing.

    -Holy smokes we've had some chances early

    -Great shift.
    Of course we get a ****ing TV timeout.

    -Looks like we're back to not getting a single ****ing thing our way.

    -Well at least our passing looks way better, guys taking time to make a play instead of just launching prayers to the front.

    -gonna be one of those nights.......all their chances in
    none of ours in.

    -Here's a novel idea...How about a DIFFERENT TRIGGERMAN?

    -why is it always so easy for them to convert their chances yet we need about 8 cast iron opportunities to score?

    -They're getting good looks, just need to bury one soon, and get the crowd out of it. These people are fair-weather to the highest degree, any little bit of adversity and they cave.

    -Every wasted chance is a step closer to falling too far behind. I feel like they need to capitalize on every mistake the Kings make to win this.

    -Sutter seems like such a tool. Always curt and dismissive.
    -He's just been hit in the head a lot.

    -Lundqvist is really having a hard time with rebound control this game.

    -Williams is criminally overrated.

    -Stepan's overall skill set is so unbelievably overrated its hard to believe he plays at this level.

    -Staal, can you not ****ing ice it for once?

    -Quick looks in the zone, Lundqvist looks a bit shaky. But it's still early.

    -If we can't get more than 4 SOG in a period, we've got 0 chance.

    -The Kings play some smothering interference/obstruction hockey that is tough to watch.

    -Ice is garbage.

    -That was actually a very decent shot.

    -Aaaaaaand nobody there

    -GO TO THE NET!!!
    Rebounds are there.
    Everyone wants to wonder why the Kings have so much "luck"? They're always cycling to the net. What is Kreider doing hanging out there? Keep driving to the net!

    -This team is so scared to go to the net.
    -Quick must spray the area in front of the blue paint with skunk juice or something.

    -And you can't say Williams is overrated. The guy is a clutch playoff performer.

    -3 on 2 and you dump it in and get beat to the puck.
    My nerves...

    poo gets the goalie interference call. funny enough, rangers fans don't seem to think it's a fair call:

    -Jesus ****ing Christ

    -lol here we go again.

    -Are you ****ing kdiding me?
    He's at the top of his crease, are you suppose dto not drive the net?
    This is some ****ing ********

    -Pouliot has to be the dumbest mother****er in the league.

    -He's out of the crease. WHAT THE **** DO YOU WANT HIM TO DO?

    -What a joke of a call.

    -Stay in your ****ing crease

    -Pouliot you are a ****.

    -Quick always leaves his ****ing crease. It's hard to crash the net where if you breathe on him I falls like he's been shot.

    -He's out of the crease. If he's going to be so far out, man the **** up and take a hit. Goalies don't deserve to be protected so far out of the net.

    -"I'd like to thank the Academy ..." - J. Quick

    -Goalie interference can only be called against the rangers
    Quick came out, but Pouliot should know better by now. Goalies always get the benefit of the doubt.

    -Yeah not sure where Poo is supposed to go. Quick is almost out of the crease.

    -(oh yeah, then your team would be winning for sure): Could have had Carcillo in.

    -Pouliot takes an offensive zone penalty every game, enough excuses. He's just a moron of a hockey player.

    -GREAT play by Step.

    doughty called for cross checking:

    -Thanks Doughty.

    -lets see them justify this penalty by the almight drew doughty

    -I know he was out of the crease. They will still always call that.
    -Well they missed a pretty big one in our own crease Game 2.

    -Thought they played a decent period. Sucks to be down the one.

    -Good period but I don't get any sense of urgency at all.
    Missing the net 10 times doesn't help.

    -not terrible i guess, but we aren't winning this game like this...

    -God I don't think I hate a team more than LA after watching this series after all their fluke goals, gift calls and constant dead puck era obstruction.
    -I don't hate THEM, but I'm really starting to hate the so-called experts who aren't seeing the gift calls, obstruction, and just plain luck the Kings have had throughout the playoffs. AND, the same experts try to say after the couple breaks the Rangers got in Game 4 that everything is even.
    The bad thing is that if the Kings do win the Cup, we're going straight into another dead puck era as everyone will "legally obstruct and interfere".

    -Difference is the Kings find ways to score and the Rangers do the exact opposite.
    -The Kings adjust, and they can score however they need to. We apparently can't do either.

    -Notice when the Kings have the lead they don't give up numerous odd man rushes and breakaways.
    -Yup, they hold, grab and obstruct down the entire length of the ice.

    -So, if Quick was at the hash marks an Poo bumps him, is it goalie interference? Trying to gauge what constitutes as GI.

    -Sucks...again, poo makes the same play the kings made in game 2 to score a goal and yet its a penalty

    -Our PP actually looked competent. I think we played well just need to get pucks to the net and get ready for those rebounds. And start hitting back. We got manhandled out there.

    -I'm sick to death hearing about Justin ****ing Williams. He's reached folk hero status.

    -So tired of this performance by Rick Nash. 7.8 mil, 0 points in the finals. You don't pay a good forechecker and defensive player 7.8 mil. I get that he's been doing that, it's time to find the back of the net.

    -So annoyed between the game 2 non call and these tools on nbc not even bringing up the interference on the first goal here, instead just kiss Williams ass like he made some great play there... at least address it and show what happened.

    -In fairness, on the Brown penalty MSL got away with interference and on the Doughty penalty Stepan slashed him three times. So, it's inconsistent all around.
    Trying to stay upbeat. Afraid LA will go into lockdown mode. We need to tie it ASAP.

    -How does LA only have 7 shots when they had 4 on the sequence where they scored?
    -Because they didn't play well in the first period. It might be hard to believe considering how far up the Kings ass all these announcers and analysts are, but the Kings had a bad period. The goal wasn't even a nice goal. It was a pretty ****** goal, but I guess they all count the same. The Rangers need a goal. Doesn't matter if its an ugly one or a great one.

    -The Kings collapse down to quick and form a wall. Need to elevate the ****ing puck.

    -Jesus Daryl Sutter is the Green goblin

    second period:

    -Richards isn't on the powerplay to start the period?

    -PP shots are overrated anyway...

    -Whoever is in charge of the powerplay should be fired. This is embarrassing.

    -They don't want to seem to want it; that's the fundamental problem.
    -Or the Kings are simply just better
    -They're not; they just never give up or slow down!
    -Yeah, surely it can't be because LA is better...

    -Yeah, I'm pretty sure they all want it. They've worked their entire lives to be in this position.
    Unfortunately, both teams tend to want it, so "wanting it" isn't really enough. You also have to be the better team.

    -Oh look, Kreider ****s up ANOTHER good Stepan play.

    -When Kreider is disengaged, he's ****ing DISENGAGED. Sad to see.

    -Jesus christ they can't ****ing generate anything.

    -(by "this team" you mean the rangers, right?): This team get's away with so much interference it's unbelievable...

    -boards play has been terrible all series. this is where the Kings size comes into play, they win every battle along the boards.

    -The Kings are playing like they want to put an end to this series this game. The Rangers just don't seem like they want to deal with winning 3 in a row. It's either that, or the Kings are just that much better that there's nothing the Rangers can do about it.

    -Rangers aren't playing badly. I don't see what some of you see
    -They're not, but is that good enough to win?

    -Gotta start getting a forecheck and getting shots on goal. LA has just completely shut us down for the last 50+ minutes.

    -Msl can't maintain possession against the kings... Looks like a child playing men

    -**** we are never scoring.

    -Where did they find this ****ing Quick guy.

    -Rangers are literally one step behind all night, especially around the net, which means they aren't fighting off the Kings or they're just lazy.

    -Rangers just hand the puck to LA in the neutral zone.

    -We want it.
    But the Kings want it MUCH more.
    -And they have the talent to go with it.

    -We need to increase intensity. Kings are bringing it.

    -Rangers dominate - Kings still have a chance.
    Kings dominate - Game Over

    -Rangers needed to win those games when they had a two goal lead.

    -Where's the forecheck?
    -Lot's of it, but the Kings are the only ones doing it.

    -LA's defense is great. Hank is keeping us in it.

    -The Rangers get into the zone and it's one person. The Kings get into the zone and it's 3+ guys. Where the hell are our forwards???

    -That is the kind of play that makes me hate Nash. You can't panic with the puck like that.

    -We can't get anything going at all, they're not letting us. They're defense is suffocating our offense, and there seems to be nothing we can do about it.

    -The team is scared of getting hit. Painfully obvious.

    -1 shot through 10 mins of the 2nd period. We're making it so easy for the Kings to play defense...I think we're the team that's out of gas.

    -I am afraid that if Vigneault waits for the Kings to make a mistake that leads to a high-percentage scoring chance, he's going to be waiting a few months.

    -8 shots on goal.
    -8 shots on goal is ****ing pathetic.
    -Kings have a lot to do with that. It's not for a lack of want.

    -Why is there never a man in front of the net?????
    -Because that's where you get hit.

    -The Rangers just look helpless.

    -It's Ok, I psych'd myself out earlier today. Not winning today. No big deal, I'm watching hockey in June.

    -We can't score into a soccer net.

    -Nice play by Mitchell. Mother ****.

    -Mitchell saved a goal.

    -That's what we have to keep doing. The rebounds are there.

    -This has become maddening.

    -Yoink! LA steals another puck...

    king goes off for high sticking:

    -Looks like a PP, oh boy.

    -Please capitalize on this---pls!!

    -C'mon!! One time on the pp!!

    -This is it

    -Need a Powerplay goal here, this is a crucial special teams moment

    -I'm normally not that guy to overreact early in the game, but I think this PP is the season here.

    -It's like Lundqvist vs the Kings. We need to start playing like we have most of the post season. This isn't the time to run out of gas.

    -We've been a tough team that's come back all year. Let's do it one more time! Keep skating and shoot the puck!

    -Next team to score wins this, imo.

    -We spend half the pp just trying to control the puck

    -lol Sweet passing guys.

    -Why the **** is Richards out there?

    kreider ties the game:

    -**** yeah Kreider!!!!!!



    -YES!!!!!! We have broken through!





    -There it is!
    Let's ****ing goooooooooooooo

    -omg someone other than Richard taking a shot...WHAT A ****ING NOVEL IDEA...

    -What a pass!!!

    -A PP goal? I'm shocked!

    -The was a Gretzky like pass by mcD!

    -OK we got a game.

    -Pile it on, go harder now and pot a couple more.

    -McD has the same amount of points as Doughty. Too bad he lacks the "game breaking" ability that Doughty and Subban possess!

    -Woke up my entire neighborhood with that goal. Literally.

    -They need a lead going into the 3rd. I don't think they win if it's tied or they're behind. You know the Kings will come hard.

    -Yeah ok Clifford.

    -Hank ****ing HUGE there.

    -holy ****, close

    -JMoore got owned by a player with size... this is what happens when you play underweight Johnny. Hit the gym yuppie.

    -Offensively, Nash is one of the most selfish players I've seen with the puck in a long long time.

    moore for hooking. refs trying to screw the rangers, obviously:

    -What the ****?!

    -Oh come on.

    -And of course.

    huge kill here

    -What in the **** was that?!

    -Wow....what a WEAK call.

    -Horrible call. At the very least it should be two minutes on each. Really ****ing soft.

    -Refs don't have an agenda right?
    Where the **** is the penalty?

    -Bs call

    -What a ******** call!!!!!!!

    -That is an extremely soft call for the Stanley Cup Final.

    -Wtf. These refs can go play in traffic.

    -Of all the calls to make, lol.

    -Kyle Clifford drives to the net better than Nash does.

    -Man, Hank is doing everything to keep this team in there. Best Ranger goalie ever.

    -The fix is in, ref waiting 5 seconds to blow the whistle when Lundqvist covers it

    this was annoying:

    -Boyle omg



    -WHAT A ****ING MOVE BY BOYLE!!!!! Omg!!!!!!!

    -Is this real life?!

    -Brian. ****ing. Boyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW.

    -holy **** that did not jsut happen

    -Was that Boyle or Lemieux?

    -What a shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Great ****ing play!

    -Doughty > McDonagh right guys?

    -best boyle goal of his career

    -Wow. Boyle undressed Doughty and Quick.

    -I can't believe what I just saw.

    -Boyler is going to make a lot of money next year.

    -Kings are gonna come hard now

    -Great period.

    -Staples Center got very quiet no more Rangers suck chants

    -(whatever you need to tell yourself dude): Watching this game really infuriates me because the Kings had no business leading this series.

    -We're leading after 2?

    -Those first two games could haunt us forever.

    -Everyone has to relax.
    Kings are going to come out with everything they have in the 3rd. We can't sit back like we've done in every series. We NEED to attack and score. Give Hank some insurance. One lucky bounce their way and its tied.
    Take the initiative and ATTACK.

    -Kings always have good 3rd periods. Got to keep as much pressure on as possible.

    -Kings are gonna score in the 3rd, you just know it.
    Rangers gotta come out to play. Pot another. Or two. Or ten.

    -You guys have to remember, the ref will try to screw us in 3rd period.

    -Time for Hank God Mode to take over. LGR!

    -Doughty caught flat footed by Brian Boyle.
    Wonder what Don Cherry thinks of his golden boy on that play.
    Love this team.

    -Hank is going to have to out Hank himself in the third.

    -That's the way to deal with a bad call. **** you refs

    -The stuff of legend.
    Kings feel the heat. Lets make them unravel.

    they're seriously obsessed:

    -I'm not even gonna say it on the main boards cause they'll just laugh instead of engaging in an actual debate...
    ...but anyone else watch the two of them very closely in this series and still think McDonagh is every bit as good as Doughty?
    -He's better than Doughty.

    -Neither Doughty nor Kopitar is the reason for the Kings being up in this series.
    -Kopitar has done jack. Doughty's been a little better, but still not THAT impressive. Very good, but not amazing.

    -2 golds one cup. Best defender on those teams so nope
    -Canada's Olympic lineup > USA's by a mile
    LA Kings lineup > Rangers by a mile
    McD has been the better player this series and the better player in the playoffs since game 5 in Pittsburgh.

    -Doughty is better than McDonagh but there is no gap anymore.
    Doughty has streches of disappearing in the regular season both defensively and offensively.
    That's why he doesn't win Norris trophies.
    In the league six seasons and he has one postseason (2nd team) all star.
    Doughty's postseason play vaults him above most. That's a big one, but that's about it.
    -Doughty epitomizes the Kings themselves.
    -They're both very good defenseman, about even.

    -Boyle just went Gretzky on Quick. What a play and what a finish.

    -Keep going topshelf on this Quick guy and we could see more goals.

    -Brian Boyle found a lane 1 on 1 with Drew Doughty and went top shelf on Johnathan Quick. Let that sink in for a minute.

    -Foot on their throats. Don't let them get momentum to start the period.

    -I got excited when Boyle scored...then I realized the Rangers have to hold a lead for an entire third period. Anyone got some extra Advil to spare?

    -If this third period is anywhere near the mess we saw in game 4, it's not gonna be good.

    -I'm not worried about the boys, They know what needs to be done. I'm worried about these clowns in zebra colors fixing the game again.

    -I think Justin Williams has honestly been the best player for the Kings this series.
    -I think so to. In fact, if the Kings win tonight he would be my pick for the Smythe.

    -Its unrealistic to expect your goalie to stop everything. Kings are too talented. One deflection, or screen and its in the net.
    Team in front of him NEEDS to score insurance goals. To deflate the crowd, the opposing team and allow some room for error against Hank.

    -The Kings have more composure in this regard than the Rangers' other three playoff opponents combined. The Rangers have to play the game like they're not in a safe place.

    -I hope as much of this team stays together going into next season as is humanly possible regardless of what happens tonight. Sometimes the collective is better than the individuals.

    -Shut. Them. Down.

    -That was legit one of my favorite moments ever, no matter what the result of this game is.
    I almost want to just shut it off and go to bed and pretend that goal won us the cup. HOF Boyle

    third period:

    -(more like 54:43 minutes of pure agony, but who's counting?): 20 minutes or pure agony coming up.

    -What the ****? How is that icing? Not only was Nash in the lead at the hash, but he touched the puck first.

    -How can that be icing when the defenseman just stood there and watched it glide by?

    -The Kings (in all likelihood) will throw everything they've got this period. The Rangers cannot have another horrendous 3rd period like in games 1 and 4.

    -Like how Doughty made zero effort to play that puck on another ******** icing.

    -No interference there?!

    -LMAO at that ****ing tool who collapses onto Hank.
    But Poo tapping Quick is a penalty.

    -**** you Gaborik.

    -Why can Henrik get bowled over and no penalty?

    -Horrible turnover, Moore

    -There is hair on my couch that I have ripped out of my head.

    -Need an insurance goal here. Big time.

    -No charge on Clifford? WTF LOL

    -Anyone who thinks the NHL wants a close series is kidding themselves.
    They want LA.

    -Dive more, Mitchell

    -Kings have 4 guys below the circles in the offensive-zone

    -Jeez, I know we've got the lead but trying to establish a forecheck probably wouldn't kill us
    -It's amazing our 3rd period record going in with a lead is so good, because they always do this.

    -LA's defense is pinching hard. Rangers should get chances.

    -too passive on those loose pucks.

    -This is going to be a longggggg period.

    -AV just wants to sit on the lead. smh
    -I don't see that. The Kings are all out pinching right now.

    -Dont sit on the lead. LA will score

    -lets get a goal off this icing here

    -huge opportunity here

    -It's comical how awful they look.
    After a really good 2nd nonetheless.

    -There won't be snow there to bail them out if they keep playing like this.

    -Bad period 12 shots on net is cringe worthy. Relying too much on henrik.

    -We are too passive again why are we letting them push the pace. We have to continue to try to make plays and activate the defense not to just get in lanes and clear it

    -This turtle shell defense is not doing us any favors.

    -Im dead

    -Holy ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -holy ****, my heart just stopped

    -What a HORRIBLE icing, Nash

    -Are they going to wait till it's tied for them to start playing aggressively?

    -Nash, why would you ice it there. Call a ****in TO.

    -My heart skipped a beat or 4..

    -time out 1 time Alain

    -omg they are keeping 3 down low around the net to guard 1 guy. pressure the points you turtling mother****ers

    -i think i just pooped.....

    -This team...
    This is not going to end well.

    -That whole play because Girardi almost had another ****ing stupid turnover to Mike Richards.

    -Are we on the PK?

    -Such a stupid hockey team.
    What the hell went on in the locker room between periods? Damn idiots can't even skate.

    -The LA SHARKS are circling. Goal inc any second.

    -Excuse me fellas I just had a heart attack.

    -Lot of bad it's in our zone.

    -If the Kings play every period like their 3rds they beat us 5-0 every game at worst.


    -AV get your teams **** together.

    -Win a mother****ing face off already. My god.

    -About to legit crap my pants

    -Heart can't take this "hold on" defense again.

    and this is the point where the refs handed the kings the stanley cup. or, you know, zuccarello for tripping:

    -Are you kidding?

    -Annnd we're shotless this period.
    EDIT: And a trip too. Great.


    -Snowball effect.

    -cant sustain this **** for 12 mins

    -Dear lord. Dammit.

    -Tripping on the RANGERS?

    -Once again the Rangers are their own worst enemy

    -Easy call there.

    -lol nice dive

    -Matter of time.
    Kill it. For the love of god.

    -Another **** call.

    -Well we"re playing like we're on the PK anyway so

    -This team has the collective IQ of a ****ing banana. Never seen such a ****show.

    -Hold me

    -so i see a rangers player go flying and we get called??

    -Atrocious call. Again.

    -****ing Muzzin knee'd Zuc and WE get called. Wow.

    -Absolutely *********ATROCIOUS CALL


    -And of course they score on that. **** this garbage reffing.

    -Tie game

    -We deserved that

    -Doughty tripped Zucc. This is BS

    -Muzzin sticks his leg out and we get a penalty unreal.

    -Refs blow
    And surprise surprise

    Tortured fanbase.

    -ugh! ofc Gaborik

    -This isn't right

    -Plexiglass man.

    -idiots, our team is full of idiots
    YOu can't win the cup if you can't hold a lead

    -NHL with a****ing gift.

    -I hate everything.

    -This is rigged. **** you nhl.

    -zebras again.

    -lol I can't even.

    -Once again we get ****ed with a BS call.

    -What a crap call ......AGAIN

    -Great hands by gaborik. Poor hank

    -How can ANYONE ON THE PLANET cheer for this piece of trash LA team with with 4 extra players on the ice every game.

    -the fix is in. 2 brutal phantom penalties against the Rangers

    -Join dat Celly Refs.
    All on you.

    Literally HOW can you even THINK you can call a triple on MZA there? That's absolutely unbelievable. Absolutely un****ingbelievable.

    -Horrid horrid dive but Stralman getting outmuscled twice and AVs refusal to press the puck has cost them the lead.

    -Why are we just sitting back? It's so ridiculous. For a guy that keeps getting love, Stralman has allowed guys to hang around all day in the crease.

    -Pure insanity they call that a tripping penalty.
    Get it back and rip their ****ing hearts out.

    -Refs are killing this game. And I`m not talking this game. I`m talking the game of HOCKEY.

    -Kings deserve it no two ways about it we have sat back in this period and thought Hank would do it himself

    -So is LA paying the refs or is it the league? Just wondering where the money baths are coming from.

    -It's not bad enough for these pieces of **** that it should be a 2-2 series?
    I guess they're sick of doing their job so badly and wanna go home early. NO EXCUSE for that garbage.

    -League wants the cup out tonight
    -How can anyone think the league wouldn't want the Rangers to win this game?

    -LA has already won the game.
    We're just not at their level.

    -Were done, can't do anything but ice the puck and scramble in our own zone.

    -We just continually get ****ed by the refs

    -I told you guys!!!!! This league is nothing but a sham.

    -not even mad. it's how this whole postseason has been. completely disassociated from the whole mess.

    -And another icing lol

    -Maybe the most frustrating period of hockey I've ever watched.

    -More icings. Lol

    -its pretty clear the NHL wnats the kings to win. they pretty much handed them game 2 and now tonight

    -The only thing the Kings deserve is to have to play a ****ing GAME SIX.
    Refs stole game 2 and they're trying to steal this one, too.

    -Its sad that this is really that fixed. How do you call that penalty in an elimination game when you let soooo much else go. The league wants this over tonight, its painfully obvious.

    -Continuation of Game 4 I see: 7 shots to 1.

    -They're clearly following a hollywood script where we will just get ****ed when we deserve to win. what else is new with the league right?
    I will never respect this clown show of a team.

    -kings are so revved right now and we are with our heads cut off

    -hahahhaha this is ******* stupid. We cant do anything.....

    -stop icing the puck

    -Rangers deserve to lose.

    -These icings though ..

    -Icing icing icing, lol ****ing they've got nothing.

    -Another horribly botched icing call. Hagelin is in the lead and would've been the first to touch the puck.

    -do we think icings count as goals or something?

    -Refs didn't help but really who didn't think that was coming regardless. Frigging AV and the shell defense ********

    -Just waiting for Kings to score

    -I'm not even mad at the refs at this point. When you dominate play like the Kings have this period things will happen and you are going to get calls. We don't deserve anything playing like this, they are better.

    -Is it just me or is the crowd louder than the garden was last game?

    -I hate the Kings so much. Not to mention their "fans."

    -Gotta weather the storm here.
    -Weather the storm and do what????
    They can't score. They can't control the puck. Hank is doomed being hung out to dry.

    -We're literally letting them do whatever the hell they want and just taking it...C'mon find a way to find another goal, Rangers!

    -penalties aside, the kings are the way better team in the 3rd once again

    -Were literally in quicksand. Cant skate for ****. The team is done for, was a great run this year. I wont be watching them receive the Cup though, that much I know.

    -Also, while the officiating has not been good this series and there have been some glaring missed calls or bad calls, I doubt the league would want LA to win this game. If anything, they'd want the Rangers to win. But the refs just suck, as they always do.

    -How they can play such a terrible period after the 2nd idk... Sigh

    -Complete screw job by the refs. Every single close call is going against us.
    This series should be at least 2-2 right now. I hate losing games this way.

    -AV is being out coached. Stop sitting on leads.

    -Honestly...**** Gaborik. He wants to produce meaningless goals with us but come up clutch in the post season with another team. **** him

    -this stupid team thought they didn't need to score again with a 2-1 lead elimiation game against the kings.
    i am so ****ing angry right now

    -The refs gave la game 2, and they're in the process of giving them game 5.
    This **** was rigged from the start.

    -We need to ****ing go this **** isn't over

    -Seriously, we know this team is consistently getting ****ed by the refs.
    I'm just jaded to it.
    Congrats to the Kings and their inbred fans on their 2nd stanley cup.

    -How many times have we failed to clear the zone in this period? Are we in double digits yet?

    -Honestly, we're one surge away from winning this game. Get it together boys.

    -down 1-10 in shots.... sad ****... fghting for playoff life and 1 shot

    -Kings look fresh as daisies, we look like we're skating in cement

    -Kings are not done scoring tonight, hope we score more though

    -Just a matter of time before the Kings win this, we literally cannot skate anymore. Its unbelievable.


    -This Finals reminds me of the last time when the Kings played the Devils, the refs were helping out the Kings as much as possible. I don't get it. They aren't a Canadian team. Is the NHL trying to build the market in a city where millions aren't even here legally? That usually doesn't bode well for getting a well paying job and going to games.

    -Richards is a ****ing senior citizen out there.

    -we are so soft in 3rd periods

    -Girardi with TWO STRAIGHT giveaways. He's absolutely the ****ing worst.

    -Jesus ****ing Christ Girardi.

    -Go home girardi

    -Turnover city at the moment..

    -Absolute ****show. Girardi is a steaming pile of ****.

    -We are playing like we don't deserve to be here.

    -Girardi almost assisted on 2 Kings goals in about 5 seconds.

    -We're gassed. We're completely gassed. Everyone but Lundqvist is gassed.

    -Rangers not looking like a team that deserves this one, unfortunately

    -Hank is pissed

    -Henrik is furious.

    -I won't even be mad when it happens. Just so blatantly dominated

    -Girardi is either severely injured or severely brain dead.

    -Too many games this playoffs. The Kings still have legs, we dont its that simple. Its literally a matter of time before the Kings win this.

    -Team is gassed. sad to see after this year

    -Refs 2 Kings 2 Rangers 1

    -The thing is, despite how we've been getting outplayed, we're still winning with 5 to go if not for that absolute sham of a call.

    -What a team we'd be if the game only lasted 40...

    -God the Rangers need to bury one. C'mon Nash do ur job man!

    -Hard to be judgmental about guys that have played 105+ games this year. Everyone is tired and Girardi eats a lot of minutes. We're still in it.

    -cmon refs. you got one more lousy call in you yet. you can do it.

    -Has any Ranger thought to carry it into the zone?

    -It's such a shame all the money and names on this team and Boyle is leading the way.
    -Thats what you get when you sign/ trade for players who don't give a ****

    -Poor Henrik playing his guts out.

    -They're not gassed. lol. They certainly didn't look gassed at the beginning of the period.
    The Kings dominate anytime they get a bit of momentum.

    -(you poor, unfortunate souls): If we're going to lose, please make it happen now. If we're going to win, please make it happen now.

    -I feel bad for mcdonagh who has to deal with bonehead girardi as his partner.

    -i don't think i'd hold it against him if hank sought out sather and did a patrick roy after this 3rd period showing.

    -Nash is putting on a show for Sather to call up other GM's to take him off our team ala Gainey-esque.

    -Every time Girardi has the puck it's a turnover.

    -Huge icing

    -Uh, please, PLEASE, no OT.

    -How was that hit on Nash not a penalty?

    -When was the last time Nash had a scoring chance?

    -MSL has been useless this series stay on your feet jesus christ

    -Nash is SO ****ING SOFT. He got knocked off the puck by Voynov like he wasn't even there. Slava ****ing Voynov.
    -I'm 5'5" and I could knock the guy over, Jesus H. Christ...

    -If this goes to OT, we should win it, right? We're bound to win an OT game at some point in this series

    -Refs are making me pretty much not want to watch any more hockey after this season

    -Kosari is getting paid off

    -get Torts on skype for the team talk.

    -Faceoff should be in the kings zone. These refs deserve to be fired out of a cannon.

    -Jesus ****ing Christ.

    -Disgraceful third period.


    -Freakin ot

    -Here we go...We all know how this ends

    -OT. We're due right?

    -OT is good. We can just worry about scoring a damn goal instead of defending the lead after.

    -Series should be 3-2 right now if the games were called right.
    Kings dominated the Rangers in 3 3rd periods, so I'd be fine with 3-2 Kings going back to the Garden tomorrow.
    But the fact that the Kings are in a position to win this series after seeing the refs monumentally **** this team makes me sick to my ****ing stomach.

    -Kings do a great job of bringing the pressure and never giving up, but the missed call in game 2 and Zucc penalty are going to haunt me for a long, long time

    -Rangers better be watchful because the refs will grant the Kings a PP.

    -There's no way we can win this in OT.
    Out OT periods are worse than our third periods. Plus they'll probably call yet another ******** penalty on us.

    -I don't care how bad the 3rd period was. This is the 2nd game we'd win if not for the refs. This league is a ****ing joke. Seriously, I hope it ****ing goes under.

    -AV and the Rangers are getting completely worn down by the much more physical team.
    Where is the speed?
    We need to end this early because the later it goes, I believe the Kings will win it.

    -One thing is pretty damn sure, no triple OT here

    -Yeah a goal will most likely come quick.
    Hope its for the Rangers but can't see it. Kings are smothering us.

    -So, is the NHL going to fix this so Justin Williams scores again in OT?
    This league is so ****ing corrupt, it's not even funny.

    -IF the Rangers are going to lose, i hope they take Doughty or Quick down real hard. Theyve been playing way too comfortable this series.

    -Welp whos ready to watch the Kings win and then shut the game off immediately after. I know I am. **** watching those ********** carry the Cup around.

    -AV getting massively outcoached.
    His tactics against Montreal haven't worked this series.
    He's yet to find a way to beat the Kings forecheck and slow dump ins.
    And the slow line changes. Jesus.

    -I can't believe the Kings got ANOTHER bs penalty call to lead to a tying goal. Holy crap, how many times can we get ****ed in one series? Muzzin thinks Zucc is gonna be by him for a break so he sticks out his leg and initiates the trip on Zucc, but Muzzin flops up in the air and gets the call?

    -Yeah clearly the plan was to sit back and wait for a bull**** penalty call. Great analysis NBC. Morons.

    -Who scores for LA to win the game? Williams? Kozari?

    -Its been fun boys and girls.
    Really curious how much this is going to hurt when it happens. You know its coming but still....

    -Glad that NBC is at least calling out the refs for the gift penalty that tied the game for the Kings.
    -When Jonesy and Milbury are saying the refs are bad, and the call was wrong, it's probably not just delusional Ranger fans anymore.

    -Make up call time.
    -Not if the refs think they made the right call there.

    -Gotta love the delusional Kings fans. This Stanley Cup will have an invisible asterisk next to it if they win. Sorta like Steelers beating the Seahawks in the SB.

    -There is no conspiracy.
    It's just awful refereeing that has unfortunately harmed the Rangers more than it has harmed the Kings.

    -I think if that call isn't made the does not start to sit on there heels. They started the period ok, but after that call and subsequent goal they sat back. Still believe the refs have cost the Rangers two games. Don't think they fold in game two and I think they have a good shot at winning this one if the refs don't make that call.

    -I think the poor third periods is more a result of the Kings wearing us down through two and us not capitalizing on our chances to take a several goal lead.

    -McDonagh GWG because **** it it's his birthday why not.
    I really hope to see an overload offense because that's the only way I see this team scoring.


    -who's ready for one minute or less of overtime?

    -Conspiracy nuts:
    the NHL is after one thing and one thing only. That's money. Helping the Kings doesn't help that when the Rangers are pulling down $9m in revenue with each home game.

    -We suck with the long change so that doesn't bode well for us

    extra torture:

    -richards you are the worst.

    -i hate us

    -We got nothing.

    -Lundqvist can make 50 more saves and they will stilll lose.

    -Whatever happens, I still love you to death, Lundqvist.

    -(sabres fan): You guys all throwing up or what? I'm nervous for you guys.

    -if we lose henke will probably kill a few rangers

    -They can't get the puck out of their zone.

    -We cant keep up. No pressure. Just end it Williams.

    the refs and the league try to make the kings win the game by putting the rangers on a power play during overtime:


    -Make up call.

    -Please please please please please.

    -This is the time

    -This is it, game right here.

    -Holy ****.
    This is our chance.

    -Oh thank god.

    -Biggest PP of the year gentlemen.

    -How does that call have to come from the neutral zone?? Stop watching the puck, stripes.

    -Stepan misses more empty nets than anyone that I've ever seen.

    -I'm surprised the penalty was not on the Rangers

    -I'm breathing like King Kong over here.

    -oh god, rangers passivity on those loose pucks, make you go ugh.

    -And the Rangers miss a chance to end the game.. just like in games 1 and 2.. those both ended poorly

    -Rick Nash was incredible that shift





    -Cruel. Just so ****ing cruel.

    -Oh what a bummer.

    -C'mon! POST! FU POST!

    -We never get any ****ing breaks holy ****.

    -Richards you suck. This is madness

    -Richards shoot it

    -Richards are you ****ing kidding me omfg are you for real@!>!@?@?@

    -Did anyone check the replay on that to make sure it wasnt in and out. No whistle yet, but it was too fast for me to see it.
    Edit just saw it, sooo close.

    -i ****ing hate richards so much i'm gonna cry. this is crazy AV, you crazy.

    -This is just cruel.

    -Is the period over yet? I need to breathe.

    -The Rangers are leaving it all out there.

    -My insides hurt

    -Glad to get a whistle. Poo is gassed.

    -So when do the Kings commit an egregious turnover that we score on?

    -Lemme ask u guys something. Is the Rangers plan of attack to bore the Kings into making a mistake then score the GWG?

    -at least we're going out fighting

    -Literally starting to feel chest pains/dizzyness... fuuu

    -Just. Get. A. Goal. Please.

    -Please don't endanger your health by watching.

    -The Breakout pass trying to spring someone has not worked since game one you ****ing moron Girardi.

    -Girardi you're pathetic.

    -did STL get tripped?


    -Wow. Hank just got torched. Thank GOD for the post, there. What a shot.
    Unbelievably hard wrist shot. Wow.

    -Holy PIPE

    -Oh dear lord

    -What's Girardi's Corsi today? -2000?

    -Girardi let Toffoli step right out of the corner.

    -What a save!!!

    -Hank YO YO YO

    -World class goalie action at both ends...

    -I'm laughing and crying at the same time.

    -Actually, nevermind. That hit the post.

    -Is doughty ever off the ice?


    -poor hank

    -Wow another stupid icing

    -rofl, great this is horrible.

    -These icings, man. RIP

    -Guess this season is basically over, ****

    -Ah god here it comes

    -Really wish hank could have held that

    -Thank God that went out

    -Holy ****ing **** how did they survive that.

    -This is like shooting practice.

    -get the **** out of out zone
    arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrkjglgfjfgogkdflkjgfkdg uigfdygui fdhv

    -Give Hank the Conn Smythe.

    -Well we survived that wave

    -Looks like an L.A PP

    -BTW put a fork on Nash. He looks done.

    -Not ready to shave that beard just yet - I'd rather shut the whole building up..

    -I want to cut the dead weight off this team. Inexcusable that L.A is more fresh, and that ain't talent.

    -Oh my Goddddddddd


    -How do you not score there

    -I thought that was it.

    -Damn it Damn it Damn it GET IN THE NET!

    -Im literally clenching everything

    -No penalty? Really?!?!

    -Nice slash to the body by Kopitar

    -What a save by Quick


    -anything good on TV tonight?

    -This team just lack finishers. Get rid of the dead weight, slat.

    i had a mini heart attack here:


    -This is not real


    -Kreider is ****ing awful on breakaways.

    -Anyone crying yet

    -Kreider u broke my heart

    -What a freaking OT. Wow.


    -OMG QUICK. WOW. Best period of hockey all year

    -TWO breakaways in OT and you do the exact same thing both times kreider. **** off.
    -What are you talking about? Quick made a great save.

    -I'm not sure I can handle another OT

    -My heart needs this intermission.

    -Our fans are awful everyone bashing Kreider. Quick made a great save. It would be nice if nash and steoan did something

    -That was the best period of goaltending I have ever seen by Hank and quite possibly any goalie ever

    double extra torture:

    -This must be great for neutral fans.

    -A breakaway, a shot off the post. Why are we being tortured?

    -If the Kings win, this is probably the closest 4-1 Final in history.

    -That was an insane 20 minutes of hockey.

    -Henrik Lundqvist 2014 Conn Smythe Winner.

    -I had no idea Quick was THIS good. Still think Hank is #1 but wow

    -Am I reading this correctly? Nash has only 2 shots on goal. IS THIS SOME SICK JOKE?

    -Amazing OT, but holy ****. Too much.

    -My chest literally hurts. This isn't good.

    -I am legitimately having small panic attacks. Like I don't feel good anymore.

    -Win it in Double OT!

    -When it's Boston - Chicago, it's entertaining. When the Rangers are involved, it's like having a tooth drilled.

    -Fear not elimination, guys. Just enjoy this because we're one of the best teams in the league putting on a show for the ages.

    -**** it, after that OT win or lose Im proud as **** of the boys. They pushed back, thats all I can ask for. Theyve played a TON of hockey this year.

    -I would like to see Kreider try a different move- HF Board
    Yeah ok, why don't you get a breakaway in OT in the Stanley cup final and see how you do
    -Our fans are incapable of giving Quick credit

    -Here we go............again.

    -cardiologists on standby

    -oh God, here we go again.

    -Too much anxiety to enjoy hockey right now

    -THey're gassed.

    -I've been holding my breath so much I look like a smurf

    -Zuccarello got mugged by Carter.

    -My girlfriend just texted me...
    "It's no longer Friday the 13th here in NY, but its still Friday the 13th in L.A...."
    No more bad luck for the Rangers.
    Hope she's right.

    -Doughty that's pathetic

    refs making sure the rangers have ZERO opportunities to get back in the game by giving them their second power play during overtime:


    -Oh man

    -Huge PP. End this now.

    -Come on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Ohhhh please get it here.

    -Oh wow I cant take this

    -Please. Please. Please. End this.

    -I'm shaking

    -oooh.... powerplay... dont squander this...pretty please...

    -Goal, pls goal pls pls pls score omg score.

    -2nd PP chance. Do or die IMO

    -Damn, that was a nice first minute of the PP. Wow. Lots of pressure.

    -every time richards shoots it kills possession in the zone...

    -Why is brad richards still on the powerplay?

    -Sooooo anxious.

    -God this is an incredible game

    -Another post..SMFH

    -Damn it!!

    -I hate LA fans. They dont start watchign their team until May

    -I want to die.

    -I can't take this anymore.

    -You gotta be ****ing kidding me

    -absolutly mind blowing!

    -2 missed slashing calls, how am I not surpriced?

    -That was our chance

    -Rick Nash you CANT BE SERIOUS

    -I thought that was it.



    -ROFL ROFL sooooo ****ing snake bit.

    -Nash is a lost cause.

    -He would have scored if he didn't get his stick on it.

    -LOL, this team cannot score in OT even if their life depended on it.

    -I can't take this. I just can not take this any more.
    What the hell do they have to do to score? IT HIT VOYVOYS STICK...

    -Just another insane deflection

    -unbelievable.. but that was a great deflection, not Nash's fault there

    -That was going to be a goal. Voynov got his stick on it.

    -LA KIngs = luckiest team in NHL

    -The Kings are infuriatingly good with their sticks.
    -Yep all series. Ridiculous.

    -We're due! Keep getting after boys!

    -This game is crazy.

    everyone looked like they were about to keel over and die at any second. players and audience alike:

    -Both teams look tired at this point.

    -This is going to get brutal fast.

    -I can't take it anymore.

    -Doughty completely gassed

    -Kings are screwed going forward if we pull this out. They're gassed out.

    -How is Williams always open?

    -everyone is gassed

    alec "jazz hands" martinez scores 14:43 into the second overtime and the kings win their second stanley cup in three seasons:


    -Bummer. Oh well. What a game.


    -Well ****
    Rip 13/14 nyr



    -I literally want to die right now.


    -I feel for Hank

    Hank couldn't have done anymore

    -Honestly, they played those OTs really well. Too bad we couldn't win one.

    -So many chances to win. Well, good season folks.

    -Can't beat the refs and the best team in the league in a 7 game series.
    Here's to next season.

    -That one hurt...glad we could make it more exciting for kings fan tho lol

    -A bit of re-tooling and this team will win a Cup.

    -Rip 13/14 nyr

    -I feel so bad for Hank.

    -Epic game with a bad ending.

    -eff this team. eff Girardi, Richards, Nash, and Staal. eff Vigneault for playing turtle in the third.

    -F anyone who says the East sucks...
    Thanks 2014 NY Rangers

    -The worst part is that it should still be 2-1

    -Well, was a helluva ride. Thanks to you all for making it a lot more fun watching. See ya in a couple of weeks for draft/free agent talk.

    -We had no ****ing luck at all in OT this series.

    -Hell of a run and a season.
    No complaints from me.
    Well done to LA.

    -Still ****ing pissed our season ended on a ******** tripping call.

    -And the NHL gets their wish.
    I refuse to believe the LA Kings are that much better than the New York Rangers.

    -We deserved a better fate, well done boys. That wasn't an easy cup for the Kings.

    -This doesn't hurt like I thought it would.

    -Kings lead for a grand total of 40:01 in the entire series. Unbelievable. Sure, there were plenty of times that the Rangers were being outplayed, but they didn't deserve to lose in 5 or even lose.

    -At least it was Martinez and not that D-Bag Doughty or Williams. Or Gabby.

    -My heart is broken....
    I had some hope and they played the best they could. I'm not upset at the effort... we just weren't good enough.

    -This hurts a lot more than I thought it would

    -This year's Kings are an absolute juggernaut and I think we played them a lot closer than 5 games looks. Still, you can subscribe to whatever narrative you want, we were worse than them. That's okay. They're really good.

    -Kings deserved to win but the way it happened sucks

    -The ECF loss to devils in 2012 was worse than this. At least we lost to a better team

    -Really a great run. Two bad calls sting, but the truth is that LA was the better team.

    -HAHAHAHA they gave third star to Girardi! Kings must be trolling.


    1. GDT: SCF #5 - 06/13/14 | New York Rangers @ Los Angeles Kings | 8:00 - NBC, CBC - HFBoards
    2. GDT: SCF #5 - 06/13/14 | Rangers @ Kings - Part II - HFBoards
    3. GDT: SCF #5 - 06/13/14 | Rangers @ Kings - Part III - HFBoards
    4. Post Game Talk: What A Run: Thank you, 2013-14 New York Rangers - HFBoards
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    roses are red,

    violets are blue,

    When Rosey is writing,

    it's hard to believe but it's true!

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    More like the Sour Apple Edition...
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcc View Post
    i had to do one last one. this is the place holder. look for it tomorrow.
    Yeah! Do it Dude!

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    Thanks dude

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    *checks time*

    But it's already tomorrow.
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    Thanks rcc, you are awesome girl! Can't wait to read it
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    I guess I'll sit here and watch these bounce around until you have it posted.

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    You're too good to us!
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    I guess you are still partying like I am, thanks in advance!

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