Sure, most members hate all things Sharks here at LGK, including their broadcast team. But I'm going to tip my hat to Drew Remenda for the way he's handled his recent dismissal. Within the linked article is this, which I thought was a pretty sound outlook . . . .

Still, he's determined not to fuel the fires with any trace of bitterness, in part because he wants this to be a learning experience for his 17-year-old twin sons, Davis and Donovan, and their older sister, Jordan.

"I wanted to show my kids that things are going to happen in life that may not seem fair, may not be what you think should happen to you," Remenda said. "It's how do you respond to it? You can be bitter, you can be upset, you can stomp around and have a temper tantrum. Or you can handle it in a way that's positive that allows you to keep your dignity."

Sharks: Remenda not bitter over dismissal - San Jose Mercury News

I wish him the best of luck.