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Thread: Radar34 is back!

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    Talking Radar34 is back!

    So it's probably been about 5 years since I've been to and it is so different! The system didn't even recognize me :( But anyway, I thought I would be good to reintroduce myself...

    Hi! I'm Meaghan and I'm 22. I eat, sleep, breathe, and bleed LA Forum Blue. I was born a kings fan and began playing hockey when I was 6 with the boys and played all 4 years with Men's team (I'm a goalie). My absence to was because I was getting my BA in psychology. My return is due to having moved into shark territory to work on my MA in Sport Psychology. It has been so hard living away from my team!!! Thank god for Center Ice! But still I take so much s*** from these sharks fans I play pick-up with. I even have one guy who thinks he can "convert" me...I tell him he is wasting his time as well as mine. Sharks fans by the way lack class. I went to see the kings play when they were up in the tank and I was so shocked to find that I was one of a dozen kings fans there (it was ridiculous). And of course the passion for the kings runs deep so I cheered my lil' heart out for them, only antagonizing my situation.

    So it is fantastic to be apart of the king community even though I am 500 miles away. GO KINGS GO!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. if anyone has any sport psychology questions, feel free to ask me (it's great practice)

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    Welcome back!

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