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Thread: Time to say hi!

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    Default Time to say hi!

    Hi all. I've been lurking on these forums for a bit of time and figure it's about time I say hi. I've been watching hockey since I was knee high to a grasshopper, in black and white on the TV of a friend of my parents. My folks would play cards with their friend, but all I really remember about those days was the hockey. And the parrot. Dang squawky pain in the keester. Anyhow, about 15 or so years later, my first marriage took me to Montreal for a few years. You can't live in Canada without truly falling in love with hockey. No, really, you can't, and if you say different, I call shenanigans! Of course, my first foray into fandom was to the Montreal Canadiens.

    After spending some time back in New York (my home state), Virginia, Maryland, Florida and Texas, I found myself in SoCal, in the one state I'd sworn I would never live. I count my initial attendance at Ducks games entirely accidental - I was living in Anaheim. I had a bad attitude due to finding my East coast derriere firmly planted on the "wrong" coast. Then I started watching the Kings games. [cue the heavens-parting music here]

    I quickly realized how much better a team the Kings were, and for that matter, the commentators (love Foxy and Bob!!). That was a few years ago, and I've been a loyal fan ever since. California's become quite a great place to live, and the Kings, well, they ROCK MY WORLD! Apart from watching hockey, I'm more or less a recluse due to health problems. I don't get to many games, and can't afford a jersey, but I do have a DVR and haven't missed a single game this season, and most of last season.

    This past year has kinda sucked, and quite frankly, the Kings have been the one bright spot in an otherwise miserable existence. The fact that they've done so well this year is pure gravy!

    So, anyhow, HI everyone
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