Holy crap. I'm pissed now.

The Tier 2 games are for Opening Day, Red Sox, Yankees, Dodgers, and 4th of July.

Right Field Pavilion used to be 12 bucks there. Up to 16 bucks now... 21 if it's a "big" game.

I usually sit in the View MVP section, which is 16 bucks before. Now it's 18 bucks each seat. Then you gotta add on the raping fee from TicketMaster.

Anyone know if Ebay Auctions are still available? Since their TicketFast system for all MLB teams seem to be switching to Stubhub, which sucks too... because Stubhub rips you off as well.

I guess with all the Kings games I'm attending, I'll cut back my Angels attendance from 10-20 games a year to like... 3-5. =\