I posted something like this on a Dodgers forum about 5 months ago...

A lot of Dodger fans don't know the true reason Peter O'Malley sold the Dodgers to FOX in 1997.

L.A. lost the Raiders after the 1994-1995 season to Oakland because Al Davis wasn't making enough money to 'commit to excellence' in aging L.A. Coliseum.

Peter O'Malley, after a request from L.A. city officials, worked on bringing NFL back to L.A. from 1995 to 1997, leaving the day-to-day running of the Dodger organization to former executive vice president Fred Claire.

However, in 1997, the City of Los Angeles decided it was best for them to renovate the L.A. Coliseum. So the L.A. city officials told O'Malley to drop the proposal to build a stadium in 1997.

Later, O'Malley found out he was not the only person L.A. city officials asked to work on a stadium proposal to bring a NFL team back to L.A.
R.D. Hubbard, CEO of Hollywood Park was also asked by L.A. City Officials to work on a stadium proposal to put a stadium there.

Feeling betrayed by the city officials that him and his father worked with since coming to Los Angeles in 1958, O'Malley decided to sell the team to FOX in 1997.
That was not the only reason, but the other reason is irrelevent here.

Since then, FOX sold the Dodgers to Frank McCourt in 2004.

In 2005, Frank McCourt talked to NFL officials about building a 65,000 seat stadium in Dodger Stadium parking lot, a secret plan named "Five Ton Gorilla."

However, McCourt's detailed documents were stolen and were faxed to Boston Harold.

After Boston Harold published an article about Frank McCourt's detailed plan to build a 65,000 seat stadium in Dodger Stadium parking lot, L.A. city officials including Antonio Villaraigosa said they felt betrayed by McCourt as they were still favoring L.A. Coliseum as the future site of NFL stadium.

In 2007, after sabotaging many plans from 1995 to 2007 in favor of renovating the L.A. Coliseum, L.A. finally gave up on renovating the L.A. Coliseum.

Antonio Villaraigosa said "while I remain committed to bringing a professional team to Los Angeles, it is time to read the scoreboard,” Villaraigosa said in a statement Wednesday. “The Coliseum is no longer a viable option for the NFL.”

Since Antonio Villaraigosa officially said L.A. Coliseum is no longer a viable option for the NLF, many things have happned.

Since then, Ed Roski announced his plan to build a stadium in the City of Industry, which is not getting any support from the NFL nor the city of Los Angeles.

Since then, McCourt have announced "The Next 50" plan to renovate the Dodger Stadium. At the press conference, "He declined to comment on whether he would pursue additional projects on the rest of the site, and refused to say whether he would rule out residential development or the addition of an NFL stadium."

In March 2009, Jamie McCourt was named CEO of the Dodgers.
Frank McCourt assumed the title "Owner & Chairman," which means he gave all organizational power to Jamie McCourt and he, no longer, is running the Dodgers on day-to-day basis.

Does this situation look familiar to what O'Malley did from 1995 to 1997?

What's Frank McCourt doing right now? Could he be working on a stadium proposal to bring a football team back to Los Angeles?

Only time will tell.....