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The one thing that makes me question this is the catcher. Like if the catcher is calling for (and expecting) down & away and Maddux is calling up & in (for example), that would seem to pose a bit of a problem, no?
There is no doubt that the catcher had to be watching Maddux call the pitches as well. It's not hard to have a simple pitch calling sequence from the dugout. Many teams do that at all different levels.

The thing I question most is early in the article it talked about Maddux being able to change from a fast ball grip to a change grip in the middle of his windup based on the hitter's stance and location. That would f-up the catcher more than anything. I guess that is why Maddux had his own personal catchers every where he is so they can work on those types of adjustments. It would suck as a catcher expecting the curveball you just called and then get a fastball. That is the recipe for past balls galore.