But, this time I got it and it was my brother-n-law asking me if I wanted his tickets to go to the Angel-Red Sox's game. He had a change of plans and cannot attend the game, what's a man to say. You have to understand a couple things about these tickets. His company has a box and these seats and there both great views. The seat were in the 126 section, about 6 rows up from the Sox's dugout. The it finally hit me. OC fans are not really IN to their team. I admit that I'm not much of a Angels fan, my blood runs Dodger blue. But how could I turn down these seats and this game? I saw it first hand at the Pond/Honda center and now in their staduim. There not loud, and even if they get a chant going, that lasts all but 4 seconds. Good God man,you have a first place team about to sweep the Red Sox and half of the staduim was not even Angels fans. The staduim was a sellout 44K and change. But I would say there was easily 15K Boston fans. Wearing red, wearing green (OK that's were I get pissed, die hard Lakers fans also) Talkin all kinds of **** to the Angels fans. And very few responding ( my other brother n law 5 beers gone was 1 of them). But what is with OC fans? I go to almost every Kings game when they play the quackers at the Honda center and completely sport my colors and hardly anyone talks any kind of ****.

Is life in OC just that more relaxing that it makes us seem all up tight? Or are they more worried about other things than just sports?

Oh by the way, great game!