If the tweet by LA Galaxy support group Angel City Brigade is correct, starting this week, the PA announcer will not announce the last names of the players, leaving it to the fans.

I thought it was interesting, because the practice was suggested on LGK to use for the Kings.

FWIW, I do call out the last names of the players at Staples Center when they are introduced and upon first announcement of each goal. There are some others who continue to do so as well, but, clearly this has not caught on among the Kings fans. We'll see how it fares at the Galaxy match this Sunday.

Considering I just found out about it by accident, I think many of the fans in attendance will be unaware, and it will mainly be the Angel City Brigade and/or the Riot Squad doing all the yelling.

Also, I only spotted this on the acbrigade Twitter account via the lagalaxy.com Web site, and, though my search has not been thorough, I have not seen verification of this on either the ACB or LARS Forums.

In any event, I'll be ready to join in if this comes to fruition.