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    Default U.S. 2 - 1 Honduras World Cup Qualifier

    My buddy and I were lucky enough to attend the game yesterday. Best sporting event I've ever been to by far! Over 24 hours later and I'm still hoarse from all the singing/ yelling/ chanting. Here's some of the pics we took-

    We had awesome seats- 13th row behind our bench.

    The teams take the field

    The Honduran support was massive. Didn't have much to cheer about after that early goal though...

    After the match, we got to go down to the pitch because Ben is an official U.S. supporter and he answered an email from quickly enough to get us in. All in all, I'd say 60 or so of us got to go down to the pitch and walk around. I even managed to snatch a piece of the turf to take home to my Pops as an early Father's Day present (he's a massive Bears fan). I'm on the left.

    Us on the U.S. bench

    After the match, we got smashed and were hanging out with all these soccer fans from all over the place. Around midnight, a lot of the U.S. fans had turned in, but the Hondurans were more than happy to hang out, talk soccer, and drink with us. They shared the chips they'd brought with them from home with us and tried to get us to sing Gringos es putas. We may be hicks from the mid-west, but we're not stupido. Great people, gracious losers too. I can't tell you how many dudes wearing white and blue stopped us after the match to say, "Good game."

    We're both Newcastle United fans, and were quite drunk at this point, so finding this Newkie ad was momentous at the time.

    As far as the match itself, I thought we looked more like an actual team than even in the Mexico game. There were some mistakes obviously (I felt so bad for Dempsey when he gave up the ball that lead to the first goal), but everyone played really well overall. Bocanegra stole the show with the Superman goal, obviously, but everyone had an above average to great game. Donovan's PK was wicked, and Tim Howard is THE MAN. When he picked up the armband as Bocanegra was going off injured, I knew we were going to be fine. Such a positive leader type player. Almost makes me want to root for Everton next season.

    The only player on our squad I wasn't really impressed with was Altidore, but he's still young- he'll get it. First touch of a rapist though, to be honest. He's got to learn how to take a long ball pass if he's going to keep playing striker.

    It's the first time I've ever rooted for the U.S.A. live somewhere- soccer or otherwise. What a fantastic experience.
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