Blog Archive Kobe & Vanessa- The DIRTY Smell Test **UPDATE**

The word on the street is from the Dirty, a wannabe TMZ, Kobe Bryant is/was having an affair with former Laker cheerleader Vanessa Curry. Very odd situation, being that none of the photographs rumored have yet to be posted (or ever will), and the link to Vanessa's profile on the Laker Girl section of the Lakers' website has been removed.As of the playoffs, she has resigned as a Laker girl.
Laker Girl Link

I was listening to AM 570 and the word is the Dirty received a cease and desist order from the Lakers' lawyers (not Kobe's) so that must mean something is going on, being that they refuse to take the link down.

So if this link that i posted is shut down by thsi morning, go ahead and look up "Kobe bryant" and "Vanessa Curry" in the same sentence.

If you ask me, this is a load of crap. Just another website trying to make a name for themselves. Or maybe the webmaster is a Spurs/Celtics fan. If this comes to light that this is a really bad rumor, someone is going to get their ass sued out the country. And if this comes our true, then well Kobe, you had yor chances. What a distraction.