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    Default A must read article on OJ Mayo and USC

    Ex-Mayo confidant says he gave USC star gifts...

    The article by the investigative reporter:

    OTL probe


    [ame=""]Outside The Lines: O.J. Mayo Extra - ESPN Video[/ame]

    [ame=""]O.J. Mayo And Others React To OTL's Investigation - ESPN Video[/ame]

    And here's Pat Forde's comment:

    ESPN - USC, Tim Floyd have no excuse for turning a blind eye - Columnist

    All I can say is, "DUH!" That, and "It's about time someone blew that whistle."

    The NCAA needs a fix, 'cause it's goin' down...

    And I'm not going to pile onto USC here, because as far as cheating in college sports goes, it's not all-or-none but more of a matter of degrees, but as I follow this story around the internets, the one thing Trojan fans seem to cling to is that USC didn't know, so they can't be held responsible. To which I found this elegant response:

    The NCAA and USC have had problems with Guillory in the past. In 2000, Trojans guard Jeff Trepagnier was one of two college players suspended by the NCAA, in part because of benefits Guillory supplied when he was working as a runner for a Las Vegas sports agency. Former Fresno State guard Tito Maddox -- the other player suspended -- told "Outside the Lines" that Guillory provided him with plane tickets, money and other benefits, and that Guillory "finds kids and sends them to agents he's dealing with."
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