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Let me preface this by saying that the Jets historically like to surprise us with how they pick, so it's safe to say that nothing is set in stone.
Of course, who can forget the Jets draft moments. Even if you wanted to forget, ESPN always shows a montage of Jets highlights(maybe lowlights) during the broadcast. They are always one of the wild cards especially when they draft this high and have so many needs.

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With that said, they won't be drafting a quarterback. Clemens is the guy, end of story.
Sounds about right, I think they'll give Clemens at least 2 seasons. The guy is talented and unlike Pennington can throw effective passes beyond 20 yards. What about Pennington, do they just cut him and save money?

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Now a premier RB would be interesting if he were available to us at the draft. I say interesting because we just traded for Thomas Jones, who hasn't exactly been lights out, but I would pin that more on our offensive line.
Yea, running backs over 30 don't have the greatest track record. I think if McFadden is available the Jets might have to jump on him. Your right about offensive line play. What gets over looked in all the Adrian Peterson stuff is that he plays behind a great run blocking oline.

=TBrown33Mangold has been great since he's been here, but D'Brick...well, I hate to use the word bust ...but he hasn't been fantastic. He's still a bit undersized and he has shown some flashes (he dominated Jason Taylor this year). But even with D'Brickashaw on top of his game, the Jets OLine is still a far cry from great. I don't know that even a real good RB can perform with the OLine we have.
One thing I noticed with D'Brickashaw is he does really well against the finesse speed rushers but struggles against the phyiscal DEs. He isn't a very big dude that's for sure but he's got quick feet and he's athletic. A guy can always get bigger, weight wise at least. I think he'll be a solid starter for awhile. I don't think there's a big need to draft an Olineman high, veteran free agent signing would make sense.

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But really, I think our number 1 most pressing need is a D-Lineman, specifically, a nice big nose tackle to make things happen in a 3-4 defensive scheme. Robertson (who can also be considered bustworthy) has proved he's not capable of filling that role in a 3-4, and before the Pitt game, we were dead last in the NFL in sacks. The D-Line needs to be improved big time.
Robertson must be a frustrating player. Against Pittsburgh he looked like a monster. Seemed like he was in the backfield all game long. Thinking about it, that was probably the only memorable game he's ever played in a Jet uniform.

It seems like the Jets D will go through a big overhaul this off-season. A lot of the 4-3 cover 2 guys Herm had will be axed. Vilma comes to mind for example.

Sounds like the guy you want is Glenn Dorsey. He won't be a big time sack guy playing DT in a 3-4, but he'll get a consistent push on the QB from the inside. I think once Mangini gets some of those tweener 3-4 OLBs to rush the passer they should be better. Here's a scouting report on Dorsey from ESPN. I believe this was written up prior to this season.

Strengths: A one-gap defensive tackle prospect with very good quickness. Anticipates the snap well, explodes out of his stance and generally will win one-on-one battles with his initial quickness. He has the burst to get through the line of scrimmage and consistently penetrate. Displays good upper-body power and the ability to knock linemen back on their heels with initial pop. He shows good closing burst to the passer and ball carrier. Does a fine job of locating the ball once he's in the backfield and flashes good change-of-direction skills for his position. Shows a good spin move when attempting to fight off the double team. Plays with an excellent motor and should only improve with more game experience.

Weaknesses: Lacks ideal bulk. Does not display the base to anchor versus bigger interior offensive linemen when teams run at him. He needs to improve his lower-body strength and do a better job of splitting the double-team. Must also learn to use his hands better in order to get off of blocks quicker. He needs to be on the move to be effective.

Overall: During his first three seasons (2004-'06) Dorsey played in 38 games (17 starts) and recorded 110 total tackles, 14.5 tackles for loss, and six sacks. After splitting time in a rotation behind Claude Wroten and Kyle Williams early in his career, Dorsey experienced a breakout season as a first-year starter in 2006. He is an explosive one-gap defensive tackle with outstanding initial burst and change-of-direction skills for his size. He will fit best in a one-gap scheme that allows him to stay on the move in the NFL. Dorsey could be the top interior defensive linemen selected in the 2008 draft if he continues to improve his lower-body strength and overall technique as a senior.