Here are some good matchups.

Virgina Tech VS. LSU

LSU was much more impressive in their debut while Tech struggled a bit against a pretty good Eastern Carolina squad.

Nice matchup between a good LSU rushing attack(a bruiser in Hester, uber talent in Keiland Williams) against a great linebacker corps that VaTech has with Xavier Abid.

LSU is the clear favorite here, being at home. Virginia Tech has a good offense but they struggled in their last outing and the Tigers always have great defenses.

TCU VS Texas

Didn't see the Texas game, but I heard they struggled. Still, chances are they will put away TCU.

Oregon VS Michigan

Pretty pivotal game for Michigan. They struggled with that running QB Appalachian State had and Dixon is definitely an athlete. Carr will need his team to look impressive to get off the hot seat a tad.

Miami Vs. Oklahoma

Good match up of traditional powers.

Notre Dame Vs. Penn State

Similar to the Michigan game, Weis going to need a good showing to get the pressure off of him. It wouldn't be a good idea to go into the Michigan game 0-2.

Any other games you guys are looking forward to? We're getting Colorado in Tempe. Not sure how good they are, but its a test for this ASU team that just smoked SJSU.

Also for my fellow degenerate gamblers, I'll look through some lines tommorow in class and post up my planned bets.

Lath, wondering what your planning on doing this weekend. Also where do you guys make your bets? I've been on sportsinteraction for while, but I'm always looking at other options.

Of course, I could just get a bookie.....