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    Quote Originally Posted by jbruin152 View Post
    LOL @ UCLA.

    That's all I got. My usual recipe is just to get blitzed out my mind after bad losses. This happened last year vs. UW also.

    If anyone is left on the KD bandwagon, please stand up.
    -UCLA really played like they were tired of being a Top 25 team this week. I don't blame KD. Simply put, Ben Olsen is a horrible short-pass quarterback. He can throw it far very well. That is it. He's not mobile. He doesn't look like he knows where he's going at all with the offense he's in. Ever. On top of that, the defense has been figured out to be 100% bark and no bite. The defensive tackles come real fast off the snap, and can screw up a quarterback if he's concerned about getting hit. However getting actual pressure is a different story.

    -I have a feeling that the USC game might've been closer had it not been for the 40 minute injury break, taking out the crowd much more than any of USC's positive plays. I've been there. That crowd is rediculous. It doesn't even possibly transfer over on TV how crazy that place is.

    -Also credit Bill Callahan for realizing the short passing strategy and focusing on the strengths of your quarterback was working a little too well and focusing the majority of his plays while they were trying to build their momentum to an inept running game.

    -Also credit the Nebraska linebackers for biting on the same lateral movement six times in a row and allowing USC offense to simply run three plays all game with great success.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irisher View Post
    What's your take on Olson at this point? I'm apt to go with Cowan as soon as he's ready.
    No kidding. But I'm not a Cowan fan either. I would like to see Forcier be ready to step up by next year but I assume he won't get action until 2009, and Nick Crissman will challenge him then.

    5-star QB my ass.

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