A few big games this week.

Tennessee Vs. Florida

Tebow's first big game as the Gators starting QB. Luckily for him the game's in the swamp. These games are usually really good so this is the one I'm looking forward to the most. The biggest storyline for me is Tebow. He's finally playing a good team as the man. It'll be interesting to see how he does. Tennessee doesn't have a great defense but it's much better than what Tebow has seen.

Ohio State Vs. Washington

First big test for Washington too. They've looked good thus far but now they get a big boy(Boise is NOT a powerhouse). That Locker has looked pretty awesome, kind of like the poor man's Tebow.

Notre Dame Vs. Michigan

Someone's O has gotta go. 2 true freshman going at it since Henne is out with an undisclosed injury. Or he could be out because he sucks. How about all those Michigan guys who came back for their Senior Year and now their title hopes are just dashed.

Arkansas Vs. Alabama

Big game for Saban. Bama's D has looked great but against 2 cupcakes. Now they face two of the best RBs in the nation.

USC Vs Nebraska

Nebraska has looked shaky, USC didn't look like the #1 team in the nation against Idaho but they've had 2 weeks to prepare for this one. Sam Keller hasn't had the greatest success against SC in the past either.