You're slippin cruz.

Some really good games this weekend.

Cal @ Oregon. [ABC] Should be really entertaining (unless you like defense). This is the game I'm most looking forward to this week.

WVU @ South Florida. [ESPN2] The Mountaineers are going to be looking for payback after last year. The Big East is finally a somewhat entertaining conference.

MSU @ Wisc. [ABC] Battle of the 4-0's. Both teams have played light schedules so this should be a good test for each school.

Auburn @ Florida. [ESPN] Doesn't mean as much this year with UA having a down season but there is something about these schools that make it watchable.

Not so important but if you like offense...

BYU @ New Mexico. [CSTV] Both teams score a lot. Neither team plays defense. This game could go a long way to decide the MWC title.

Irrelevant to all of you but me...

Cincinatti @ SDSU. I've never seen my school beat a ranked team in football. Since I'll be attending the game I just hope they keep it close. Will be entertaining as both teams can put up some points.