Question: Do you know where you’d do it?

LEIWEKE: “I think part of that is going to involve what’s going on with an NFL stadium in the marketplace, and I think that’s going to get sorted through here in the next 365 days. Some would say the Rose Bowl and some would say the Coliseum. We’ve talked to both. They’re aware that we’re sniffing on it, but I also have to throw out the possibility that maybe what we want to do is like what Jerry Jones has done with Cowboy Stadium. It would be fantastic to do that as part of the first year of a new NFL stadium. I think, whether it be Dodger Stadium, Carson, City of Industry or here, we’re going to see some progress on a football team and a football stadium in the near future.’’

I don't know where the interview was held, but I'm assuming it was at Staples Center in Downtown L.A.

If you guys remember, AEG wanted to build a stadium in downtown L.A. around 2001.

In addition, TJ Simers, for the second time, wrote the possibility of the Rams coming back to Los Angeles.