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Georgia Frontiere Passes Away

Statement from Georgia’s daughter, Lucia Rodriguez, and son, filmmaker Chip Rosenbloom:

“Our mom was dedicated to being more than the owner of a football team. She loved the Rams’ players, coaches, and staff.
Ha! even her daughter & step-son knew she didn't love the fans.

Seriously, all kidding aside, this is the 2nd best day of being a Rams' fan since she destroyed this once-good-football team and left L.A.

She actually fired one of Carroll's sons? How evil can one be?

I used to love going to Rams games at Anaheim Stadium (much better for football than the Colisuem), and even thru the games they won and good games I saw, one of our most fun times was booing Georgia when she would walk onto the field just before halftime. We usually sat behind the Rams bench and whenever she walked out onto the field, the whole section would stand up and yell at her.

Her evilness was never more apparent than when the Rams finally won the Super Bowl, and the first words out of her mouth on camera was to diss Southern California fans. Wow.

But the ultimate blame for the Rams being in St.L. has to go to Carroll. How do you will your team to your wife when it's her 7TH marriage and your own 4th or 5th? I mean really, what's permanent in this relationship? Why not will the team to your own son? (who your wife would eventually fire)

And the one Rams SB win? It was all due to Trent Green being injured by the Chargers in a pre-season game, so they had to grab Kurt Warner to let it fly. It was by no grand scheme by Georgia and her "staff" that they ever won anything.