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Thread: I am Stunned That This Could Happen in Profesional Football.

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    Default I am Stunned That This Could Happen in Profesional Football.

    The integrity of the sport was put on the line tonight and the results are a complete failure. To call the pass at the end of the Seahawk vs. Packers game as a offensive reception in the first place was beyond belief. Then to review it and confirm it as a reception and touchdown just left me with no words to describe what just happened.

    It wasn't even just this one call but it happened not only throughout the game but this whole past weekend was a complete disappointment by all of the men in stripes officiating the NFL. Every single game not only had just a few bad calls but calls that were so blatantly either non calls or wrong calls it was a shame to even watch the game. Now the officiating has gotten so bad that it has affected the final outcome of a game.
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