I play in a keeper league where we get to keep 2 players from our last season roster. The scoring is 1 point for 10 yards for rb/wr, 1 point for 25 yards for qb, 6 points for tds.

As of now I'm keeping Chris Johnson and Greg Jennings, although Matt Forte is also a possibility.

I've been given the first overall pick and I'm stumped as to who I should take. I'm going running back first, mostly because of what is available and the uncertainty of Johnson's status to start the season.

The top 3 running backs that will be available are Maurice Jones-Drew, Darren McFadden, and LeSean McCoy.

I like Jones-Drew, but he always seems an injury concern. The Raiders offense scares me so I don't know if I could trust McFadden or if he can put up the same numbers as last season, plus his eye injury is a concern. And with McCoy, I worry if there is going to be enough offense to go around, although I do like that he catches the ball a lot.

I've also gathered up a lot of draft picks as I was out of it early last season and traded away players for picks. I have picks 1, 11, 20, 21, and 26 to start, if that helps.

So if you were in my spot, who would you pick and why? I appreciate any advice you have.

If anyone else has any other draft questions for your leagues just throw them up in this thread as well. Happy drafting!