I have never been a fan of Norv and with a late season collapse on top of the usual early season flop it's time for him to go. I wasn't a big fan of Marty because of his late season and playoff failure. At least with marty though he had his team ready to play all the time, accountable for their actions and mentally prepared. Norv on the other hand is directly opposite of this.

At the same time I think the Spanos family needs to look at moving AJ along, because I dont think he is that great when it comes to player development/selection. He had the one draft with Manning/Rivers and the resulting moves....that is it. Since then his moves have been questionable and haven't resulted in anything more than playoff appearances but still no SB.

AJ is also a hurdle I think when it comes to possible coaching candidates willing to come to SD. With him in place you have to become AJ's lackey and 'yes' man, or you won't survive. See Marty S for reference.

SD as an organization as a whole is at a crossroads. The team itself is in need of significant changes on the field. They have holes in their line-up on both sides of the ball. They have an on going stadium crisis that needs to be resolved.

For starters I am hoping for another Bolts loss next week, that will result in Norv getting the axe. This would be the first step.