News & Press on Los Angeles Stadium

John Semcken III from Majestic Realty Co. say's there is a 50/50 chance there will be a NFL football team in Los Angeles next year (2010). He say's it's 100% there will be a team in LA by 2011. If so, they will temporarily play in the Rose Bowl or Coliseum until the stadium is finished. As soon as AEG (Ed Roski) has a deal with a team to move to LA, ground breaks for the new stadium.

There are seven possibilities of teams to come to LA:

- Jacksonville Jaguars
- Buffalo Bills
- Minnesota Vikings
- St. Louis Rams
- Oakland Raiders
- San Francisco 49ers
- San Diego Chargers

Also, "they" and I guess even the NFL wants TWO teams to play there.

Here are a couple of the rules that were put in by/for the residents surround the stadium:

- Up to 30 Sell outs.
- Up to 15 events with 25,000 people or less.

The stadium can hold up to 75,000 people.