Interesting article in Boston Sports Examiner.

Hockey has 2 of them.

10) The NHL’s restricted trapezoid: Just when we all thought the NHL got it right and abolished the awful two-line pass rule, they dropped this one on us. The so-called “Brodeur Rule” penalizes goaltenders with great puck handling ability.

9) NCAA basketball’s possession arrow: Another rule that penalizes good defense appears in college basketball. When the ball is tied up the referee awards the ball to whatever team has the possession arrow. Instead of giving each team a fighting chance, they alternate possessions. If a defender is able to tie up the ball and his team does not have the arrow the ball goes right back to the offense, making them play defense yet again. Half the time there is no penalty for an offensive pleyer getting careless and allowing a defender to tie up the ball.

8) NCAA football’s “down without contact”: In a 2003 playoff game, the Colts Marvin Harrison caught a 20-yard pass from Peyton Manning and went to the ground. While he was down, no one touched Harrison, so he got up and turned it into a 50-yard touchdown.

7) NFL’s unnecessary roughness: Let me make one thing clear. I am not condoning dirty hits in any way. Plays like Jared Allen’s hits on Texans QB Matt Schaub should draw a flag, fine, and suspension. My issue here is with the over-enforcement of these rules.

6) Soccer shootouts: This one is absolutely baffling. If a soccer game is tied after 90 minutes of regulation they go to “extra time,” as they call it. If the game is still tied after the added time what do they do? Play until someone scores? No, that would make sense.

5) NFL Blackout rules: This one is a little different from the rest. It is the only one to make the list that doesn’t have an effect on the way the game is played. Instead it dictates who can watch the games

4) NFL overtime: The NFL is back on the list, and is the only league to make two appearances in the top five. This time it is for their much criticized overtime period.

3) NCAA Football overtime: While the NFL’s overtime clearly has its problems, there is one overtime system that is much worse than what the pros use. At least the NFL continues play under normal circumstances, unlike the NCAA.

2) NHL Shootout: It is no secret that the NHL has been having its problems recently. Scoring was low, television ratings were down, and they were not resigned by ESPN.

In 2005-06 the league decided they needed to give scoring a boost and get the casual fan to come back to the game, especially the American fan. So what did the NHL do to attract these American fans? They made their game more like soccer. Makes sense, doesn’t it? They added an element of the one sport that is less popular in the United States

1) MLB All-Star Game determines home field advantage for the World Series: This time, it counts! Too bad it really shouldn’t.