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But, my biggest disappointment was Tiger... Considering how beautifully he hit the ball on Saturday, I thought Sunday would be his day. Unfortunately, after the first hole he looked off all day. Just couldn't hit enough good shots in a row, and couldn't make anything on the greens all week. Like Daugherty said on Saturday, "If Tiger putted like me, he would have had a 64"...

This is two majors in a row where he's had at least a share of the lead at some point on Sunday and his ball striking has let him down... It's either a bad sign, or it will be crazy motivation for him going forward.
On the back 9 at Augusta, I remember clearly a shot of Woods in which he had an expression on his face that I'd never seen before - it was a combination of bewilderment and despair (how could this be happening to me!?). That was the moment I knew he wouldn't win.

Zach Johnson was the one totally in control of his shotmaking and emotions. He gave absolutely no quarter in that final round.

I think Tiger's aura of invincibility has evaporated, both in his own mind and those of his opponents. He still has never come from behind on the final day to win a major, and I think the odds for it happening are getting longer all the time.

Once again, an opponent, Cabrera, got it done, although he gave up a lot more openings to the field than Johnson did in the Masters.

Tiger had his chances; he didn't take advantage of them...