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    Default Gaelic Football and Hurling Seasons Started

    For those interested, go Wiki or YouTube it, it's a tricky set of sports to explain though we'll probably end up with more hurling fans since it's like hockey XD

    Season's for both GAA sports started last week and things are looking business as usual for most teams

    Cork's going through ANOTHER player's strike and Kilkenny and Tyrone are looking to carry on their ass-kicking in respective sports of hurling and Gaelic football

    Personally, I'm a fan of both sports, and got a collection of GAA jersies and hopefully we can have more fans here

    32 counties, and everything's going as usual, up the Dubs for football, and The Rebels (Cork) and Deesiders (Limerick) in hurling

    I'm a Limerick fan as my girlfriend comes from the county, one of those things and I like the jersey to be honest

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    Hurlings insane. I don't follow, but saw some in the UK. Insane.

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