Ken Shamrock Tests Positive

posted by Thomas Caldwell

MMA Spot's Thomas Caldwell has just learned that 'The Worlds Most Dangerous Man' Ken Shamrock has tested positive for three different types of anabolic steroids. The positive test comes after Shamrock's first win in five years, when he defeated little known Ross Clifton at War Gods: “Valentine’s Eve Massacre,” which took place in Fresno, CA, on Feb. 13.

The banned performance enhancers found in Shamrockss system were Norandrosterone, Noretiocholanolone, and Stanozolol.

Shamrock has been fined $2,500 and will almost certainly face a lengthy suspension if the violation of policy is upheld. Recent violations in California have carried a standard twelve month suspension. The CSAC has yet to make a comment on the matter and more than likely won't until make one on this matter until they know if Shamrock will appeal the ruling.

Shamrock was scheduled to fight Bobby Lashley, a former WWE superstar that made is pro debute this past December, in the Roy Jones Jr. promoted "March Badness" event to be held in Florida, on March 21.

Stay tuned to MMA Spot as this story develops further.

Posted at 03-11-2009
Was going to put this in the MMA thread, but I figured the way things are going in sports now a days, we should just have a "Steroids Thread".

Im surprised he has three different types in his body. Its almost like he didnt care or didnt think he was gonna get tested.