Went to Firebird Raceway which is about 15 miles from me for a night of nighttime drag racing. Stands were packed with about 8,000 people for a great evening of racing.

I stood most of the time on a hill about 400 feet from the start line and wore earplugs (damn those things are loud). Lots of kids in the crowd as well, but many were not wearing any type of hearing protection. The nitro drags were great, including a race decided by .011 of a second.

They saved the best for last of course, first a backhoe fitted with a 580 Cu in engine that pulled a 85 mph 1/4 mile. Then a wheelie dragster that looked like an old stagecoach that did the entire 1/4 mile on 2 wheels. Finally a jet drag race, watching the engines fire up and then hearing them spool up and taking off was awesome.

Overall a fun night of excitement, only thing that sucked is that the last race was at 10:30 and I didn't get home until midnight.