Phelps suffers rare loss amid suit controversy - FOX Sports on MSN

Biedermann relished his win but acknowledged that he had a technological edge.
"The suits make a difference," the 22-year-old German said. "I hope there will be a time when I can beat Michael Phelps without these suits. I hope next year. I hope it's really soon."
Having been in the sport for 12 years earlier in my life, and another 2 coaching, I'm conflicted about this suit thing. Yes, they DO make a difference. I know I used the more hi-tech suits for my big meets back in the day. In a sport where first and second can be decided by .01 of a second, does it become "cheating" to have the hi-tech suit and it's advantages? Is it unfair that some countries have the technology, research and financing for those things while others don't? I think FINA's walking a fine line with the ban. But, I do think it'll be nice to see what things are like with an "even playing field" where every swimmer is given access to the same suits, or is denied that access to keep things equal. It'll be interesting for sure. And it'll be REALLY interesting to see the rematch between Biedermann and Phelps when the ban is in effect.