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    Default Seems Steve Williams doesn't like Phil anymore then the rest of us!


    This is some classic shtick! And if the rumors are true no one else on the PGA Tour likes Phil Mickelson because he can be a jerk. Remember before Tiger hit the scene Phil was "the Natural." Had to be hard on Phil that Tiger obliterated his hard worked image and Tiger manages to just dust Phil in head to head competition.

    Tiger's caddy is pretty mouthy for a guy who carries a bag - Devil Ball Gol... - Golf - Yahoo! Sports

    And at least Williams is man enough to stand by his comments:

    After the article ran, the Star-Times sought out Williams for clarification. He owned up to his comments, and offered up this gem: "I don't particularly like the guy myself. He pays me no respect at all and hence I don't pay him any respect."
    To you Mr. Williams I toast you!

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    Got to disagree.

    Williams has been a s***sack from day one.

    Granted, people shouldn't be roaming the golf course with cameras. but if he pulled anything out of my hands, he'd be missing some teeth. It's appropriate to point someone out to the marshals and ask they be removed, but physically going after them is over the line. The PGA should have suspended his a** for those (multiple) instances.

    He apparently thinks everyone should genuflect to him just because he carries Tiger's bag. An ape could carry the bag. He doesn't execute the shots; hell, I could step off the yardages.

    He was a nobody amongst the tour's caddy ranks before Woods fired Fluff, and was apparently picking his nose within hailing distance to get the gig.

    Someday soon, he's going to shoot his mouth off and say something that'll force Woods to cut his losses and dump him.

    Maybe he'll end up on the Hooter's Tour or, better yet, some mini-tour in Podunk...

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