Itís hardly a stretch to suggest that Kimbo Slice is the Mike Tyson of the 21st century. Tyson became a cultural phenomenon in the 1980s with his intimidating visage, powerful punches and almost weekly appearances on ESPN.

Slice shares the same intimidating look and powerful punching, but his vehicle to stardom was the Internet video-sharing site, YouTube.

And while Slice struggles to be taken seriously as a mixed martial artist, calls are increasing for the pulverizing punchers of past and present to meet in a cage. Sliceís promoter, Gary Shaw, said heís not encouraging such talk, given that Tyson is retired and hasnít fought in three years.

But Shaw said he owes it to Slice to consider the bout if Tyson, who appears to weigh nearly 300 pounds and hasnít had a win in more than five years, would agree to it.

ďCall it a freak show or a circus or whatever you want, but it would be the most-watched pay-per-view event ever,Ē Shaw said.

Thereís little doubt of Sliceís importance to Elite XC, the mixed martial arts promotional company that Shaw runs.