Happy New Year to all my wrestling friends here on LGK. I guess it's time for a new thread and I'll start it off with a Smackdown review from New Year's Eve!

Friday Night Smackdown Review - 12/31/10

Outstanding episode of Smackdown to close 2010. I figured that this episode would be a throwaway one since hardly anyone will be watching but I was wrong. This was entertaining throughout, especially the main event!

Dolph Ziggler, Vickie Guerrero, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, and Teddy Long Segment

Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero kicked off Smackdown by talking about what John Cena did to Vickie Guerrero last week. They showed footage of Cena trying to give Vickie the AA Finisher. I loved what Vickie said here because she said, "I do not have an attitude, and it certainly didn't need an adjustment."

Basically, what Cena did to Vickie gave her vertigo. Dolph Ziggler explained to the fans what the symptoms are from vertigo. (By the way, this totally made me think of Tom Preissing.)

Kofi Kingston came out showed footage of Vickie climbing the ladder at TLC and he said she had no problems with her vertigo then. What Kofi said made ZERO sense here considering Vickie Guerrero said she has vertigo because of Cena and not what happened at TLC 2 weeks ago.

Kofi said he wanted a rematch for the Intercontinental Championship because Ziggler didn't "deserve to be a champ". Out comes the two time all American American Jack Swagger.

Swagger says that he is a former World Heavyweight Champ and that he should have the IC Title around his waist. I believe Dolph said he would love to have a match tonight but he has a New Year's Eve party to get to.

Teddy Long then came out and booked a Triple Threat IC Title match for the main event.

Big Show vs Dashing Cody Rhodes

This feud apparently started at TLC when Show (as Santa) stripped Cody down to his underwear... Dashing Cody Rhodes also attacked Hornswoggle last week as an act of revenge, thus setting up this match.

Cody took a beating here from Big Show. He also suffered a big stink face attack from Big Show for a long 4 count at the turnbuckle.

Big Show signaled to the crowd for a knockout punch and Dashing Cody Rhodes left the ring and headed to the back for a count-out loss.

Final Result: Big Show by count-out.

Drew McIntyre vs Trent Barreta

Wow! A Trent Barreta sighting on Smackdown. The commentators mentioned that Kaval got squashed by Drew last week. This match was interesting. Trent Barreta looks to be somewhat showcased here as he didn't get squashed.

What really annoyed me during this match was how Michael Cole and Josh Mathews behaved. They gave ZERO credit to Trent. Matt Striker kept trying to hype up Trent saying he's got potential and how he can be exciting... but Cole and Mathews pretty much said things like, "Who cares?" and "He won't get anywhere in this company".

Weird huh? Face commentators bashing on a face while the heel commentator tries to put over the face.

Anyway, Drew was knocked outside the ring and Trent Barreta flew over the top rope trying to hit Drew but he ducked, which resulted in a really nasty bump for Trent. The ref quickly called for the bell and Drew McIntyre won by "knockout".

Final Result: Drew McIntyre by knockout.

After the match, Drew McIntyre gave Trent Barreta the Future Shock DDT outside the ring and said Happy New Year. Nice and evil, I like!

Edge (World Heavyweight Champion) & Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio & Kane

Edge came out kind of old school here with the sunglasses and the trench coat. Pretty cool, I hope he keeps it!

The match was okay for what it's worth. It lasted about 10 minutes and the end came when Alberto Del Rio got hit with the 619 and a Spear.

Final Result: Edge & Rey Mysterio by pinfall.

Natalya (Divas Champion) & Beth Phoenix vs LayCool

Pretty darn good Divas match and it lasted a good 8+ minutes. Not much to say here, it was back and forth but the finish came when Beth Phoenix hit Michelle McCool with the Glam Slam.

Final Result: Natalya & Beth Phoenix by pinfall.

Backstage segments of the Holla Holla Holla-day New Years Eve Party

These segments were HILARIOUS. Lots of Chavo and it was fun. My only gripe was that there were a lot of wrestlers backstage that had no lines. This would have been perfect to showcase some of the lesser talents and have their personalities shown to the audience.

Segment 1 - Rosa Mendes was feeding cheese to Hornswoggle and telling him what a great year it's been for her. What great year? Then Conor O'Brian comes in and freaks out Rosa. Alberto Del Rio scolds his NXT rookie and told him to leave Rosa and that "thing" (Hornswoggle) alone.

Teddy Long then asked if any Superstar had any resolutions for 2011 and Drew McIntyre stepped up. He said he has two resolutions. #1 - He will be champion in 2011. #2 - He'll try to be a better person (while looking at Kelly Kelly.)

Chavo then came up holding champagne acting all drunk. He called people ignorant and was telling people off until Teddy Long told him that he was drinking non-alcoholic champagne. Everyone looked pissed at Chavo and he said "Happy New Year?"

Segment 2 - Chavo was talking to the eagle and he was telling him that no one understands him at all. The eagle offered Chavo a hug and they hugged it out. Hilarious inside joke here since Chavo is the eagle. Teddy Long was about to make his New Year's Resolutions when LayCool came. They said they didn't need to make resolutions because they're flawless.

They just said that they didn't lose the table's match because they were both too skinny to go through it. Natalya was the one that had to jump on them to break it. Natalya and Beth Phoenix came and insulted them and the 4 divas bickered back and forth until Teddy Long told them to settle it in the ring tonight. After that, Teddy said "that was a close one Mr. Eagle" to the Eagle and he nodded.

Segment 3 - Chavo said, "This party is lame" to Kaitlyn and she agreed. Chavo said he knows how to lighten up the party and grabbed a balloon. He sucked the helium from it and said, "Hi, I'm Chavo Guerrero" in his regular voice. Kaitlyn told him that there's no helium in the balloons and Chavo got pissed and walked away.

Chris Masters flexed shirtless and asked Hornswoggle what he got. Hornswoggle did what Chris Masters did and then Kaitlyn walked off with Hornswoggle... to which Masters said, "REALLY?" That was really funny.

Then Big Show talked to Kelly Kelly. Big Show said he knows he is Kelly Kelly's BFF (since when?) and that if she wants to go out with Drew McIntyre then she should be careful. Kelly Kelly thanks Show for looking out for her and then Dashing Cody Rhodes said this is not a party when Big Show tried to break his face.

Big Show got mad and wanted to fight but Teddy Long stopped it. He said every year this happens...a fight always breaks out. But not this year. He then announced two huge matches to kick off 2011 for Smackdown next week. Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio in a 2 out of 3 falls match and Kane vs Edge for the World Heavyweight Title in a Last Man Standing match.

Segment 4 - Teddy congratulated everyone a successful 2010. He said everyone matured and he's glad that this is the 1st party that didn't end in a fight. Chavo stepped up again and said, "This is the lamest party he's ever been to". Big Show offered Chavo a drink and Chavo said, "Finally! I've been waiting all night."

Big Show then poured a bowl of punch all over Chavo and Hornswoggle laughed. Chavo got mad and slammed Hornswoggle's face on a cake and then all hell broke loose. Everyone threw food at Chavo and left. Chavo then said "Now this is what I call a party!" to end the segment.

I thoroughly enjoyed these segments. They were fun to watch!

Triple Threat Intercontinental Championship Match: Dolph Ziggler (Intercontinental Champion) w/Vickie Guerrero vs Kofi Kingston vs Jack Swagger

Great main event and the focus was on the IC Title for a change.

Dolph and Jack teamed up and worked over Kofi for the most part early in the match. The match had lots of nearfalls and counters. Basically everything you can ask for!

They went 15+ minutes and it was entertaining from beginning to end. The end came when Kofi Kingston hit Jack Swagger with the Trouble in Paradise finisher. Dolph then quickly rolled up Kofi and grabbed a handful of tights to retain the IC Title.

Final Result: Dolph Ziggler by pinfall.


Looking forward to RAW tonight. I'll be at Staples for Kings/Blackhawks... so I'll miss RAW live. Hopefully someone has the episode up somewhere and I can catch it commercial free later at night.