WWE Over the Limit PPV Predictions

Extreme Rules was a pretty decent PPV... up until Lesnar vs Cena. The match itself was good, but Super Cena winning in 2 moves ruined it for me. Nothing new really... *sigh*

Now it's time for a PPV again. Over the Limit. With the way WWE booked this PPV, they'll be lucky if they get 100 buys... Continue reading if you wish and you'll see why this PPV is pointless and a waste of time.

There's only 5 matches on the card... so expect a Ryback and/or Brodus Clay squash match. Also rumored for the PPV is Santino vs Cody Rhodes for bragging rights I guess.

Zack Ryder vs Kane

Looks like pre-show matches are going to be permanent now in hopes for a last minute purchase for people on the fence. Zack Ryder is a decent wrestler with great charisma. WWE creative does not know how to book him at all. What a waste of his popularity. Such a shame. Kane on the other hand has just been around lately. He lost to Orton at Extreme Rules so he has no one to feud with now.

WWE never really gave Zack Ryder a chance to get his revenge on Kane and there is certainly no way he'll get his revenge on a pre-show. Kane will probably win this match in a few minutes.

My Prediction: Kane wins by pinfall via chokeslam.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger w/Vickie Guerrero

What is Dolph Ziggler doing in a Tag Team Championship match you ask? Why it's because WWE doesn't know how to use him properly either. Ziggler should be fighting for the WWE Title, but instead he's stuck in the midcards again along with Swagger. These four will definitely put on a good match, but there is no point of the title changing hands. Also, Primo and Epico are still waiting in the wings because they haven't used their rematch clause yet. I'm guessing Swagger takes the fall here just because WWE likes to make him look like a goof.

My Prediction: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth retains the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Beth Phoenix vs Layla (Divas Champion)

Layla defeated Nikki Bella at Extreme Rules to win the Divas Title. Welcome back Layla. Now the only problem with Layla is... WHY should people cheer for her? Just because she's fighting against Beth Phoenix? There's absolutely no storyline here either. Kharma is waiting for creative to think of something for her as well but since there's nothing... she never shows up.

Since Layla just returned last month after being out a year, do you have her drop the title for no reason? You tell me. I think this will be a rehash of Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix last year. Beth will dominate the match and then Layla will win with a rollup or something.

My Prediction: Layla retains the Divas Championship by pinfall.

Fatal Four Way World Heavyweight Championship Match: Sheamus (World Heavyweight Champion) vs Alberto Del Rio vs Chris Jericho vs Randy Orton

Originally, this was suppose to be Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio. Unfortunately, with a lack of story and creativity... WWE decided to throw Jericho and Orton into the mix. At least a Fatal Four Way will somewhat help this match be a little more interesting.

This one is a toss up really. I figure Sheamus would easily retain against Del Rio but because they added Jericho and Orton, I see either of them winning. The main focus on Smackdown seem to be Sheamus and Orton trying to one-up each other, completely forgetting about Alberto Del Rio and Chris Jericho. Now since Alberto Del Rio doesn't stand a chance in hell of winning, I'm going to lean towards Jericho sneaking a win.

Besides, Jericho is due for a title win. He came back only to lose to Punk for 3-4 PPVs in a row.

My Prediction: Chris Jericho wins the World Heavyweight Championship by pinfall.

WWE Championship Match: CM Punk (WWE Champion) vs Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan won the beat the clock challenge after Extreme Rules to become the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship. Good for him. Now this match is the *ONLY* match I care to watch. I'm hoping WWE will give them at least 25 minutes for this one and it should be fun. I know CM Punk would personally have no problem dropping the title to Daniel Bryan but we all know Vince won't allow that.

Either way, I'm expecting a fun match just on a wrestling basis.

My Prediction: CM Punk retains the WWE Championship by pinfall.

John Cena vs John Laurinaitis
If John Laurinaitis loses, he is officially terminated.

Oh dear lord... this is the main event. x100

The stipulation in this match is that no one can interfere or else they'll be fired. So that means Mr. Laurinaitis can get no help from Lord Tensai, Brock Lesnar, or anyone else.

But the story here is really John Laurinaitis being the typical heel GM who abuses his power. He fired Big Show for making fun of him and no matter how much Big Show begged, he still got fired. So it's pretty obvious what is going to happen here. Big Show will return and make the crowd think he's going to get revenge on Laurinaitis and beat the crap out of him. But then Big Show will attack John Cena and cost him the match.

It adds up easily. Big Show helps Laurinaitis to get his job back... and because of Laurinaitis is fired, Big Show wouldn't be able to get re-hired. Makes sense. I don't know what else they're really going to do to kill time on the PPV. But please keep this short WWE.

My Prediction: John Laurinaitis by pinfall after Big Show hits the WMD on Cena.