Finished this game last night at right around 15 hours game time. Very fun game. A lot like Batman:AC in that it is free roam across Manhattan but lacks the polish that Batman has. Single player only.

Story is a direct sequel to the movie with big movie death spoilers around 1 boss in. It fits really well post-movie, but uses none of the Hollywood movie talent.

Graphics are good, but not Batman quality. Rogues Gallery of 5 or so appear as mini-bosses/events, sort of like Batman, but less integrated into the story. Moves list is decent, but I found you could always do X against enemy Z and knock them out pretty quick and repeat to clear a room. Level progression is good and balanced and you can acquire moves and tech under 2 different tabs.

Side quests using your camera to get XP for shots is decent. Rescuing 100 inmates/sick people or helping the police dozens of times gets repetitive.

Overall a solid 8.5/10. Do not pay $60 for it, but wait for that under $40 range in a few weeks.