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Thread: Best Buy terminates your warranty after you use it, weak!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TooCool View Post
    I brought a 2-year plan warranty plan with Best Buy for my Xbox 360 back in September 2007.

    It died a few weeks ago and I had to mail it in, because apparently the bar code on the receipt didn't match the console itself. Even though the bar code matched the 360 box. But whatever, so they made me mail it in... and I finally got my store credit + tax back.

    It came out to $378.68. So I went in to get a new system again, and it turns out I had to spend another 60 bucks to buy the 2 year warranty because they terminate it after you use it.

    Isn't that retarded? = I guess that's how they make their money too... bleh. In this situation though, it's not a Best Buy thing... but a Microsoft thing with their crappy Xbox360s. Still, I thought it was convenient. Guess not, after having to shell out another 60 bucks on this unreliable yet fun system.
    M$ had extended the included warranty to 1 year (for ALL issues) prior to you buying one back in September 2007, so, technically, you gave Best Buy $60 for something that was already under warranty.

    Don't get me wrong, with a 360, I wouldn't buy one without an extended warranty.

    Quote Originally Posted by wasabinuki View Post
    That sucks, but the 360 comes with a 3 year warranty now anyway.
    That's only for RRoD occurrences. | System Use - Xbox 360 Warranty and Service Enhancements

    Quote Originally Posted by Xbox 360 Warranty Extension
    Any Xbox 360 customer who experiences a general hardware failure indicated by three flashing red lights will now be covered by a three year warranty from date of purchase. All other existing Xbox 360 warranty policies remain in place.
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    Has everyone learned a lesson...Buy PS3!

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    Son of Earl


    mine got the red eye of death went and exchanged it got back 50$ cause of the price change and still had my warranty form best buy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Son of Earl View Post
    mine got the red eye of death went and exchanged it got back 50$ cause of the price change and still had my warranty form best buy.
    Awesome! I figure my 360 might get the RRoD again, eventually. With the price drop, I can get 50 bucks back too

    Then again, with the same 350 dollar price tag, the 20 GB hard drive is now going to be 60 GB.
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