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Thread: Saga-the RTS MMO

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    Default Saga-the RTS MMO

    Saga is an Empire building MMO where players develop their nations from a list of six factions:

    Humans and Giants

    Dark Elves
    Orcs and Ogres

    PVE:Yes with COOP!
    PVP:Yes your outlying territories can be raided and you can raid, or PVP skirmishes are popular!
    Auction house:Yes
    In-game mail:Yes
    In-game help channel with online staff assistance:Yes

    You will be able to form up to 5 nations, 1 active per account at a time, you can have 2 registered accounts total. Your nation will work while you are offline and when you return their labors will be in your nation's coffers! You will be given a base army which is fine for starting out, but the real fun comes from creating your armies as you wish. You can do this with your profits from your nation's labor, you can buy booster packs of troops which show up in game as troops NOT cards, or you can trade with other players!

    Troop types range from Heroes to Dragons and many more, with special abilities, and items you can equip and obtain through PVE questing. If a quest is tough you can bring a friend to help you and you enter the map COOP with the armies you have built. You can also repeat quests, so if you find a a quest that gives you a lot of lumber, or is easy to train your troops in you can do it over and over again.

    Regardless of which version you start with you only need to download the 560MB compressed file ONE time!

    There is a FREE registered version available (maybe limited time offer?) so don't worry about the pricetag of $19.99:
    Saga Tactics - ALPHA

    Since you save $20 with the registered version, if you want to give back to the Development team that made this game, you can use that $20 to get troops, booster packs, resources, etc. Some good prices here(check in-game AH FIRST):

    However, you might want to start with the trial version:

    You can play as long as you want on the trial and try out different strategies. I would recommend using a backup email address for the trial, as you will probably want to use your main email for the full registered version. I heard there is a way to setup just your primary email but as I am new to the game I cannot advise further on this.

    This game takes the base building of RTSes like C&C, SC, Warcraft series, incorporates it into a Warhammer Fantasy Battle Setting (where you choose which troops you want to field) and the collectible fun (of troops NOT cards in-game) in a game like Magic:the Gathering and blends them all into the social setting of an MMO.

    Let me know if you like it, an LGK guild could go far in this game.
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