If anyone wants to try it, looks like this beta weekend is open to anyone who registers:


"Everyone who has ever registered for The Secret World beta will get access to this final Beta Weekend. This is also true for anyone who has not registered yet but still registers by Friday, June 22nd."

This is a pay to play MMO, starting at $14.99 a month, but if you want to test it, there is no better time as this is the last beta!

Good luck all, and hope to see you in Funcom's Modern-day horror MMO! If you enjoy HP Lovecraft's work or the horror genre in general you might want to check this out! It is Mature-rated, so be ready for profanity, violence and possibly sexual content, may not want the kids around for this one.

P.S. Because of the nature of the quests in this game, it is advisable to NOT post spoilers in general chat. If you want to help someone please send them a tell, and if you have a question it's fine to say "Can someone help with XXX quest PST?" If you prefer to avoid general chat, you can press B to bring up your in-game browser.