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i recently got an Xbox 360 after not having purchased a console since the first week of the PS1's American release.

after consulting with several people here and a few friends who include a tester, a couple of "Live" gamer freaks, and an employee at Activision, they all urged me to have at it with the 360... i'm not very adept at 1st person shooters and stuff (but i AM interested in them), so they though it'd be a good bang for my buck and will really occupy my time well while i learn.

besides, i heard that the Madden game just outright destroys... and was told that the 360 was really beginning to replace the Sega to Sony to -- for sports games in general.

You made the right choice. Although I haven't played Madden 08 I also heard that it was amazing. The games I think you should have on your list...

Call of Duty 2,3 & especially 4
NHL 08
Forza 2
Gears of War
Rainbow Six Vegas
Halo 3
Oblivion Elder Scrolls
Assassin's Creed

That's 11 games that I have either gone through or at least played a little of and I couldn't recommend them more. Some of them can be had really cheap. In fact you can probably pick up copies of Call of Duty 2 & 3, Rainbow Six Vegas, Obvlivion for a combined $100 or less. Those 4 games are all fantastic and will get you off to a great and economical start.

If you just want to dive into the best of the best then without question I'd go for Gears of War, Call of Duty 4 and Bioshock. Hands down the 3 best shooters available on the 360 and despite all being shooters they are all a unique gaming experience.