So... Tron: Evolution (on the 360).

Decent game. Great movie tie-in. Finished it in around 8 hours, so it would be a good rental for anyone who saw the movie. It's a must-play for Tron/Tron:Legacy fans and the story takes place prior to the new movie.

Graphics are fantastic. Play style is like a disc-based Prince of Persia, with some light cycle and tank stages thrown-in. Checkpoints are all over the place, so for those poorly executed wall-jumps, you won't be spawned that far away when you derez (usually).

Online multiplayer is a bit weird in that once you finish the game, you are around 20 levels higher than most other 'programs' so you should wipe the floor with them. All XP earned from single and multiplayer is combined, and you can buy various upgrades with your XP.

Matches are from 1-10 people, and game types are disk-based (team or solo), or bike-based: CTF-like capture the power node, and carry the bit (oddball in Halo).

My overall grade would be an 8 out of 10.